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Love the small town community feel. Campus is spacious and of adequate size. Located in the heart of the county allowing easy access to residents.
Argonaut High School is a very friendly community school. The town is very supportive. The teachers and administrative are very helpful and concerned for the students.
This high school didn't prepare me for college or adult life, I have a lot of difficulties in school; therefore, I needed support and this campus did not give me any support.
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Poor math department strong English good school environment does a mediocre job basically there's nothing special.
The school is wonderful but it would have been better if the school were more focused on academics, rather than just sports.
I love this school. I will miss it. It has given my kids a great experience before heading out to college.
I appreciate the kindness and consideration of every staff member of the facility. The staff helps the students feel as if we are one big family, they go out of their way to make sure that no one is felt left out.Although we don't have a lot of students, the staff make sure to go out of their way to get to know every student. The only thing that would need to change is all the structure of the courses need to be similar, all the classes are so diverse that is hard to have a steady schedule.
Our school is average with it's academics, workload is expectable depending on your choice in classes. Teachers care about us personally, but don't seem to mind what we are learning as long as we pass the class, and the tests. There are a great select few who actually want you to grow intellectually.
We have had a lot of bullying and social acceptance issues at our school. Just this year we had a student commit suicide due to bullying. Being different isn't accepted here by the majority.
There are most definitely a large variety of clubs to choose from at Argonaut, but they never really develop far. It is obvious not much effort is put into the clubs to make them known and make a difference.
This school is great, and we have amazing student spirit. Sadly, our staff isn't the best and seems to care more about just being in control rather than the student's and what is best for us.
A large variety of our teachers are easily walked all over and don't seem to actually care about us learning the material, rather just passing the tests. Although they are very approachable and most of them do a great job at relating to student's on a personal level.
The safety purposes are alright but it could use some improvements.
There really isn't a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities besides sports.
The overall experience at Argonaut was great. Loved it's athletics,clubs,and sprit.
The teachers here are great. They are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the subjects being taught in class. They also send time trying to teach lessons you may not understand even if it is not during class time.
There's a wide variety for everyone to participate
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I love the small school and I have lots of friends
The teachers are excellent and help me grow.
Generally good, though some clubs get more support than others.
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