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Argo Community High School has given me an amazing experience. These last 4 years have been some of the best. The teachers are always willing to help and they’re always there to help. Argo really focuses on making sure every student has a chance to succeed and if they see someone struggling the teachers and staff help get student on the right track. The school environment is also one of the best. There is such a diversity at Argo that you might not get to experience at other schools which is really amazing. It’s also a very comfortable environment to be in weather you stay after school for a sport, activity, or extra help out of school they’re is always someone there to make sure everyone is safe. Another great thing about Argo is that there is a spot for everyone! Weather you’re an athlete, a musician, mathlete or anything else there is something for everyone to enjoy !
My school is my home, it has it's flaws, but all schools do. Some days I spend more than 12 hours at this school in activities and sports and I genuinely enjoy the time I spend here. I've learned valuable lessons here and some of the friends I've made will likely stay with me my whole life.
I loved my time at Argo Community High School. Overall, I wouldn't have changed much besides my own personal involvement in difficult classes and extracurricular activities.
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argo community high school is a very good highschool. It really prepared me for college and I believe it gave me all of the tools I needed in order to succeed. I love the staff. The poms program is a very good program.
I love this school. Great environment, lots of diversity, and everyone in the building is willing to work with you and help you.
Argo has been in my heart ever since my sister went there. I have seen the spirit some of these kids have and its’ astounding to think that some kids would ever hate this school. Argo is diverse and welcoming to anybody. They take time to talk to their kids and make sure they understand what they need to do to succeed in life. The only thing I would change about Argo is the way they manage money. They should make sure not to spend it on useless things like TVs. The students should have more of a role in how things are done at Argo.
Over my years at Argo Community High School I have had outstanding teachers which have always been more than happy to help if they see you struggling. The staff at Argo do all in their power in order to help you succeed whether that be in the mornings before school or after school even during their lunch hour. This past year Argo Community High School added what we call Argo Hour in order to help students who are struggling with certain subjects such as math or literature. However, Argo hour wasn't as successful as everyone hoped due to the overwhelming number of students who needed help with a certain subject which caused the teacher to not be able to help all the students. The school is also very diverse so students get to learn about different cultures and traditions through their friends and classmates.
there’s nothing really special about Argo. It’s just your basic, typical high school in the suburbs.
Argo Community High School is great school overall with the work they have done making to school grounds a wonderful place to work and make new friends while achieving excellence with your grades. They have work hard to make their school great and to make the place safe for all!
What I like about Argo Community High School is that the school has a new art center and it looks gorgeous. What I would like to see change is their bathroom.
Argo could improve in many aspects, the friendliness and overall wellness of the school could be improved, didn’t really push students to be involved. The school really pushed kids to go to the local community college, or to join the military but didn’t push them to do anything else.
Argo is a wonderful mixing pot of students from different backgrounds. You will leave this high school having learned the power of diversity. The teachers are passionate, there are opportunities for advancement, regardless of aptitude.
What I liked about Argo was their classes. They have a wide variety of classes that are entertaining and others that will help you in your future.
Former student. Great High school ,excellent teachers that really care about you and strive to make the school best learning environment. Felt safe there. Sports and after school activities are great and diverse. Students and faculty friendly.
I really enjoy how many of the teachers truly cared about their students. If it weren't for the kindness some of my teachers showed me and the help I received from them, I honestly don't know what I would have done. I'm not referring to just school work either, they were truly helpful in getting through some rough patches in my life.
I like how there are a variety of classes that you are able to take to help you find out what you want to study. The teachers are very good at teaching and they provide the best help that they can and that the courses here at this school really challenges you
Overall, I enjoyed the environment and energy at Argo Community High School. The staff members and coaches were outstanding mentors that taught the students a variety of essential information regarding colleges, scholarships, and etc.

In regard to improvements, I believe the school does not need any. Argo is following an innovative path where its implementing technology in the educational success of students.
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Teachers are average, some go above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable. Although the school is not located in the most affluent area, the overall day to day experience is safe.
My experience at Argo has been good. the teacher are nice... most of them. most of the students are nice people. something i don like is they come up with some of the stupidest rules I've ever seen.
I am an Argo Alumni. Argo is a great school, very diverse which I found to be influential. The academics are good, and the teachers go above and beyond to help you. The area could be a little bit better but the security and staff make sure that students are safe. I believe that administration need to work on how they interact with students as well as start focusing on things to make the school better. I do not believe that this school prepares you enough for college. When I was an incoming freshman I believed that there were a lot of things left out that would've been nice to know before attending college.
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