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My overall high school experience was good. I liked how I was around a lot of different people and cultures, because my school is so diverse. I appreciated most of my teachers, because they did help out a lot.
I would consider my overall high school experience to be eyeopening. At Argo Community High School I have encountered a lot of new things and people. I went in thinking that high school would be freedom. At Argo there is limited freedom, which kept the school safe. The counselors and teachers have given me a lot of lessons and some have helped me apply to college and were always there to give advice.
one of the top academic schools in the nation, staff is 110% interested in making sure you pass. they will do whatever it takes to make sure you graduate. our grad rate is extremely high and students are friendly and diverse
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I like how the school has alot of different types of subjects. It help students gets the help we need when failing a class or almost failing a class. they have after school help a RTI period. Also students can get help during their lunch hour.
Its great, and the teachers and staff are friendly, students could be nicer, but all around it is nice.
Though people might not say that Argo is the best school, as a senior I can say that I have had a very good experience at this school. Being involved in the activities and sports this school has to offer has also bettered my high school experience. The staff is very friendly and reliable.
My whole high school experience has been amazing at Argo. All of the teachers are wonderful and are willing to help their students. They develop great relationships with their students making them unafraid to ask for help. The new performing arts center is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to the upcoming performances in the building. The activities at Argo are so much fun to be involved in and are what made my high school experience wonderful so far.
i had an amazing time on the swim & water polo teams, only thing i would change is the parking situation.
Argo is a really nice school contrary to what many say about it. The students there are very diverse and the teachers are very open and excepting.
Argo Community High School is an amazing school. The teachers always push students to do their best and are willing to help you with anything and everything. They take time out of their own life to help you improve. The administration is also great. They are so involved in helping the school become a better place. They are always looking out for the students making sure they are doing good. The school is very diverse which prepares the students for when they enter the real life. They experience a different environment and learn how to cooperate with others. Argo is an amazing school and I wish it was recognized more.
I am a parent of two students at Argo High School. My oldest son graduated and attened the Navy. My middle son senior. Argo do not offer college readyness information.
My favorite subject in high school has been mathematics, so far, and I believe that the math department at Argo Community High School is phenomenal. The teachers are super helpful and knowledgeable and it is easy to see that they have a passion for teaching math. I am also involved in athletics, specifically track and field and volleyball. I think these programs need improvement.
I honestly loved this school. It offered so much diversity as well as options for all students to explore.
I absolutely loved my time at Argo. All of my teachers were very helpful and couldn't have done better to help shape myself to the person I am today. Argo does sometimes try to change things for the better of the students, but it could definitely do more to ask the students and advice of the teachers in order to benefit all. The events held meant to unite the students could also use some work to have the students looking forward to attending. The vending machines in the cafeteria could also help by actually being open during lunch periods.
Argo Community High School has a very diverse race of students. That is one of its positive factors. The school has very good teachers that are armed with good advice and a passion for teaching. Some of the things I disliked and feel should be changed is what teachers are teaching the subjects. I strongly feel that some of the teachers that teach advanced placement classes are not meant for that position and the higher-ups need to reevaluate some of these teachers teaching positions.
Argo is a great school. The teachers are very interested in the students lives and school work. They go a extra mile to help us and make us work harder.
I loved going to Argo. I was involved in 3 sports and various clubs. The one thing I really liked about Argo is all of the recourses provided to students if they were falling behind in class or didn't understand what they were learning.
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There are many good things about Argo Community High School and also a few things i disliked. Some things that are good about Argo is that the teachers are friendly and very approachable. The teachers are always there if you need help and take time out of their day to help you succeed in the class. There's always after hours so you could do your homework at school. There are many clubs and organizations for students to join depending what they enjoy. But some things i dislike are minor details like the school lunches and how some of the bathrooms are.
Absolutely loved this high school! I was involved all 4 years and that made my experience the best. All the teachers I had were passionate about their job, loved to work with students, and help them succeed in the future. I have made the best of friends at this school and still keep in touch with my teachers. This school tries its best to provide the students with recourses after they graduate to help hem get into a good college and eventually get a job.
Argo Community High School was a great experience for me. I was able to attend my freshman year and half of my sophomore year and can say that academically it is a very good school. Due to their patience, williningness to teach, and love towards the students, I appreciated many of the teachers. Taking classes at Argo is a fun experience because of the numerous electives a student is able to choose from, thus almost guaranteeing a fit for all students. The no uniform policy was great, for it shows diversity in the way students dress. Changes at Argo should also be considered. Because of its benefits, ROTC should be present in argo for many highschool students to take advantage. There should also be more options to choose from in foreign languages. Sports, clubs, and activities is something for Argo to be proud of with such great couches who have brought triumphs every year. Overall, Argo has done a tremendous job, but it doesn't stop the fact that it can improve a lot more.
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