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Argenta-Oreana High School Reviews

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Students are racist and receive little to no punishment for their racist actions. School offers little to no extra curricular activities. Many staff members are unprofessional.
It is a great school in a small town. It is not at all diverse. There are only a few students who are minorities. There are numerous opportunities for students to get college credits while in high school, which is amazing. The teachers are mostly caring. There are not very many classes to choose from though, so there is not much variety unless you do college courses.
What I️ like about my school the most is that it is a smaller school. Smaller schools allow you to really build a connection with your teachers, and your peers. I’ve been going to Argenta since Pre-K, and it has been the best experience. It’s like my second home, and I love my A-O family.
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Be open with your peers and open minded to your teachers and you will go far at AO. Plenty of very welcoming people and faculty. There is no place I would have rather gone.
I have several good things to say about this Highschool. First the teachers for the most part are wonderful and make learning fun. Secondly, the sports programs are slowly gettng better and they feel like you are part of a family not just a team. Some cons about the school is that the way rules and such are enforced could change, and the administration, according to rumors when I was in school, loved to do things in a "shady" manner, but whose to say what is true or not. Overall this school was enjoyable and did prepare me/ helped me get into college and with a scholarship, so I cannot complain!
I love how Argenta is a small town school. Some people hate living in small towns, but I believe they are something special. Being in a small town school allows you to get to know everyone and you get to be in a community that comes together as one and helps out with sporting events, tragedies, and community events. Argenta has great staff members that have always helped me if I had homework questions, or even personal issues. They truly care for anyone that needs help and they do a great job teaching. One thing I would change about my school is the lunches. We have always had terrible school lunches, but I also know that schools can't always help that. Overall Argenta is wonderful and there is not much I would change.
Attending Argenta-Oreana High school was a mediocre experience for me. The class sizes are small, which is great, but it lacks diversity. Also the school lacked the resources to make the students college ready and the counselor was very incompetent
It's average for a school of our size.
We have a decent amount of opportunities for how small we are but they're not well supported.
Not all the sports at the school get equal funding or support. I feel as if the boys sports are favored more. Cross country and track get almost no recognition and they do the best for representing the school half the time. Cross country had to raise money to buy there own uniforms because the school would not pay for them.
There are some teachers at the school that are great and go above and beyond what is needed. Then there are some that do least amount of work possible. There are also some teachers that just put on movies or notes and except us to learn without them teaching at all.
There are no tutors or teachers who want to help students.
Very rarely will you find a teacher who actually cares about their students.
There aren't many extracurricular options available.
The food always sucks and it never fills you up.
The guidance counselor doesn't know what she is talking about and the Superintendent is a joke. Other than that, many students drink and smoke weed/cigarettes. We are a hick school so you will see many boots and flannels and trucks
Finding extracurricular activities are not hard to come by.
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If you are injured; the school nurse is very proficient, and the school is very safe and in the school is in a safe community.
The main athletic focus at this school is Football, Wrestling, Basketball (Guys and Girls), Volleyball, and Girl's Track & Field. The sports are in order from biggest emphasis to smallest emphasis. Above all, community support is excellent!
There is virtually no diversity whatsoever. It's a rural small town school with less than 300 students. Everybody knows everybody and word travels fast. There is almost no racial diversity, the majority of students are white and not very accepting of others with different racial backgrounds. Students are not accepting of anyone that is different, especially of LGBT students. Peer pressure is everywhere because everybody strives to fit in instead of stand out.
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