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In my mind, the most important element in a school is the quality of the teachers and Arete stands far above the rest of the over half a dozen schools I have experienced as a parent. Every single teacher my son has had at Arete not only has been bright, engaging, challenging and incredibly supportive, but uniquely able to teach to each student's specific learning style without compromising the quality of the curriculum. Arete teachers care that their students learn the material in the class, but they also want their students to learn about themselves and each other, encouraging them to explore and experiment with their perspectives, at the same time as opening their minds to other ways of thinking.
One of the best things about Arete is that there is absolutely no bullying. Respect and kindness are part of the culture. The school has a security system so that only students with a key card can enter the premises. Parents and visitors must be buzzed in. They don't have a nurse on staff, but they do have a designated educational therapist to help with any medications, etc. and a staff trained in CPR.
Because the student body is so small, sometimes it is difficult to have enough people to form a club. That being said, if there aren't enough students to form a club, the school and its faculty will encourage and support a student's passion or interest by either setting them up with a mentor/advisor and doing one-on-one work, and/or reaching outside the school to help set the student up to enhance/support their interest.
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Arete Preparatory Academy, a deliberately small high school, is an ideal learning environment for bright, intellectually curious, out-of-the-box thinkers. Great ideas are the basis for the curriculum which is at the same time rigorous and incredibly supportive. The teachers are engaging and challenging, and because of the class size (on average between 4 to 8) they all have a unique ability to support every student's distinct learning style. The school also encourages and focuses on student's strengths, offering advanced classes for those students that want to push themselves in specific areas, as well as offering incredible educational support and accommodations for those students that are challenged in other areas. Three times a year the school puts on a symposium based on a different theme, like "Dangerous Ideas" or "Ideas We Can Live Without" and students spend two weeks researching and writing about their chosen topic, then presenting it to the whole school, including parents. The students at Arete are encouraged to challenge the status quo, stretch and strengthen their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, embrace learning for learning's sake, and respect and support each other.
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