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Arete Preparatory Academy is a school that really provides the best preparation possible for going into college. The teachers are extremely friendly and are easily approachable for any help that is needed. Tutoring is also available for all students and provides a one on one learning opportunity that most schools do not offer. Because the school is centered around the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness the students society is positively influenced by this. With a smaller community it is also much easier to make friends. One area which I see needs improvement is the sports program. There does not seem to be much participation or competitiveness when it comes to athletics at this school. If this can be improved the sports program will grow more prominent.
I mostly appreciated how the school hires teachers who care deeply about students' education. Also, the class sizes are smaller than those of the average public school.
Arete Preparatory Academy is a challenging school that encourages its students to evolve themselves by tackling critical ideas in great books. The final project of 12th grade, the Senior Thesis, is a very fulfilling process that I enjoyed immensely.
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I attended school here from 6th grade all the way through senior year in high school. My graduating class and I were the last group of students to have been to all three campus location changes. We were there for many of the beginning rules and new teachers and simpler times, you could say. Each time the school moved, the class sizes and grade sizes expanded. We watched it all happen. For such a small public school, these expansions seemed huge. But we learned as we grew with the school that it was for the better, as it strengthened our little community. I knew that this was a place could prepare me for the ups and downs of college. It also helped me learn how important and valuable it is to form academic relationships with your teachers and the administration. I will never forget how great my time was here.
I enjoy the school. The teachers really care about us as students. The sports are fun because, at a large public school, most of us probably wouldn't make the team. Humane letters is just about every highschooler's favorite class. Humane letters is a combination of English, history, and debate. I say debate, but our conversations are more akin to a discussion. The idea of a discussion, is not to win, but to come to a conclusion. It is often that we do not come up with an answer. We are tasked with answering questions such as, what is honor?, or what does it mean to die well?, and many similarly difficult questions to answer.
At Arete Preparatory Academy teachers put students first and go out of their way to help students succeed. There is great emphasis placed on students growing as individuals not only academically but also morally. The school is a close knit community and there is special attention payed by the school to ensure that everyone is seen as equal. Parents are encouraged to be involved and students are encouraged to join sports and clubs and are ensured that they will make the team.
The core academics are the classes given and any clubs or activities are by choice so as to give you the option to find what you love without being forced to decide and regret later that decision. The class is more focused on active participation and learning than being right the first time or not understanding and being silent.
The range of clubs a student can join seem endless and students make more every year. There's musical clubs, artistic clubs, athletic clubs, entertaining clubs, helpful/volunteer clubs, student life clubs, and academic clubs. Any club you can think of, we have and if we don't you can easily start it.
The idea that you can leave a class yet keep the conversation going after a couple of hours and pick up where you left off, and those around you will join in even though they don't know the original question. The community that has been built between all the grades through the mentor program, peer tutoring, and other clubs gives us all great opportunities to be better. We may not have much in size, but we have a great faculty that even before graduation have already become your friends. The joy seen on everyone's face when the teacher gets really excited or the praise given to students on how amazing that quick sketch looks or how powerfully they said that line, that is what I would love to go through all over again.
The teachers show a great passion for not only teaching but also for learning. The humane letters teachers step into the role of a student; joining the (Socratic) discussion when there is a question or idea that needs to be understood better, arguing the point that no one else has, because conversation is king. The math teachers "play" math with the students, letting the students work together to find the answer, to finally prove why that equation they've used since 7 th grade actually works. The teachers show that love for what they do, igniting that passion in their students to want to continue the conversation, to learn more of the unknown, and to love school as much as they can.
We have never been in any sort of danger. We are located in a safe location and the school is very aware of the responsibility of safety.
I love all of my teachers because they care about all of their students and work hard at making sure the curriculum is fair and that everyone gets the education that will prepare us for college.
The community at this school is unlike that of any others and it helps create a great learning environment.
I have grown so much as person while attending this school. While you are here you make so many friends and you get to know not only everyone in your grade but also tons of people in all other grades. I think all my favorite experiences are when I am in Humane Letters class because I love being part of discussions. Especially when they're about a great hearts curriculum book that I am so intrigued and curious about.
Bullying is not tolerated at all at my school. I feel pretty safe at my school, we have our fire drills and lock down drills, and our doors are always locked. Drug use is not allowed either, a few have done it I've heard but never witnessed.
We have a lot of variety in lunches. W can have anything from Panda Express to Fire house subs to Paradise Bakery. We have a pretty good variety of snacks, but none of them are really healthy options. We have lunch in our gym, we don't have a cafeteria but it is always clean and nice.
Some of the teachers do not like to give detentions, they don't think that it is effective. Others are very disciplinary and do stay on top of handling out punishments. But there have been a few circumstances that should have called for a stronger disciplinary action, in other circumstances there has been accurate disciplinary action.
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Our sports teams are not the best, however, all of the athletes try their best to get better and all of the students are very supportive of our athletes. Our facilities, of the ones that we have are really nice.
All of my teachers, especially this year, have all been super patient and kind and supportive of me. They all take extra time to talk with me when I need help. They are all wonderful.
There is a large variety of clubs at Mesa Prep and all of them are welcoming and they aim towards helping the students better themselves. It also requires the students to take on a challenge. And it also creates a friendly community.
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