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Arendell Parrott Academy Reviews

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I have made many memories at Parrott, some good and some bad. However, I have definitely made lasting friendships along the way. Parrott has definitely prepared me for college academically.
The education I have received at Parrott Academy has been incredible. It is like a big family. I am so thankful for all the opportunities Parrott has given me.
I just recently transferred to Parrott and I love it. It has a great learning environment and everyone there is ready to learn!
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Arendell Parrott Academy is a wonderful school with involved teachers and academic rigor guaranteed to prepare any student for their college experience.
I have attended Arendell Parrott Academy since kindergarten, and I'll be graduating in June. This school is like a family. The education system at APA is incredible and very difficult, but it has taught me how to be a great student and work hard to be the best I can be. I know my opportunities through the rest of my life will stem from this amazing education I've received, and I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere better!
Superior level of education, they do a great job preparing students for their future. Wonderful staff that treats students as if they are family. A team sport or club that suits each and all students so that everyone is included. A real family atmosphere.
very competitive and cut-throat
not enough diversity. Too many students flaunt their financial means
In the fall i will begin my 13th school year at Parrott Academy. There is simply no other place like it and im proud to be able to call it my home.
It's great academically...the main issues all have to do with the administration allowing "preferred families'" children get away with anything! Especially BULLYING. It's bad there and everyone ignores the behavior...unless it's from one of the "less preferred" family's children...then, THEY get made examples of and it's so unfair; And it's SO OBVIOUS...especially to the mistreated families.
The teachers are dedicated and eager. However... I don't think they put the hammer down enough, EVEN higher up administration, they don't kill bullying... I'd say I've even witnessed them rewarding one child simply bc her step-dad is on the board....and she had REALLY disgraced APA. They are like that with families who seem to have some sort of connection to the administration and I think that is terribly unfair.
I have never felt unsanitary or unsafe.
Many things to do here are welcoming.
It is a great learning environment.
Teachers are always ready to help.
Parrott Academy has been my home for 13 years and it earned a place dear to my heart. I have met some of the greatest people, whether they're lifelong friends or teachers. Over the years, the sports program has flourished but that means theyve put other programs on the back burner. The Fine Arts program is underappreciated within the school. Their programs have doubled in size within the past 2-3 years yet everyone is still focused on sports. Arendell Parrott Academy is a wonderful school where everyones loves their school but the idea of school spirit reaching every corner is unrealistic. They'd rather build a field house than build a fine arts teacher a real classroom
Wonder school. A well rounded educational environment. The teachers and staff are dedicated to helping the students achieve their very best.
Challanging academics, great sports/club programs, warm staff very qualified teachers
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They truly love the children and treat them as young adults.
It is improving. Athletics have become an important part of school. Very competitive with great equipment, coaching and facilities
Everyone in administration knows each student..very personable, like family.
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