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Arenac Eastern Middle and High School Reviews

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We don't have a school nurse, but if anything were to happen, we do have CPR/AED and first aid certified people within our school. We don't have much bullying, if we do.... it probably do to being siblings. I, myself, have never felt unsafe at the school. Do to our location, if police were called, three counties, and Tribal police would come.
We don't really have that many extracurricular programs. We literally have under 160 student k-12. My graduating class consists of ten people. So we don't have many people to do anything after school. I am a part of the Arenac Eastern Drama Department.
In my entire life, I have been to more than three schools. Arenac Eastern Middle/High School welcomed me in on my first day, as if I had always went there. The teachers asked about me, not small talk, but they were truly interested in who I was, what I liked and how I was. They treated everyone the same. Even if you tried to hide in the back of the room they would somehow involve you. The teachers would even sometimes bring in snacks or candy, if everyone passed a big test. When we took our ACT our school actually brought breakfast for our class. They've done that for a while now. If I had the choice, I would come to Arenac Eastern before any other school. Here students are people and our voices are heard, we are listened to. We are known, and we get an education. Our teachers actually care.
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The teachers at Arenac Eastern High School, are very skilled at their jobs. Most of them have been working at the school for over five years. Since our school is so small the teachers all know us, and know about how our home life is. They not only work with us, but the involve us with our surroundings. They not only communicate on all levels based on our ages, and maturity, but they educated us to the best of their ability. The older we get, the more they treat us as adults. The grade everyone pretty much the same. The only time that they would go easy on a student, is if the student has either lost a parent, or went through something very traumatic. Even then we, the students, don't want to disappoint our teachers. And again being such a small school, our teachers know how each of us learns things, so it is rather easy to get through a lesson.
Not nutritious or healthy in any way. Not very good tasting, not much variety throughout the week.
It's a nice atmosphere because everyone knows each other.
I always knew I wanted to go to college, and my parents made sure I went on campus tours. When I visited Grand Valley, the summer before my senior year, I knew right away that I wanted to go there. GV had never done any recruiting there at all, and honestly, after talking to the counselor, they made me feel bad about not staying local. Nonetheless, I went to Grand Valley and I loved it.

Arenac Eastern is a very small school with no diversity, and even though GV isn't super-diverse, I felt really unprepared for that aspect of college.

AE didn't do much for me, classes-wise either, because I never got to take any electives (because there are none) and that has effected my experience in my major.
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