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Teachers show interest in the subjects that they teach. There is a sense of community that makes everybody feel welcome at the school. Academics is a main priority but they have many other things to offer for free time.
people are very sheltered but nice i guess. teachers are good, but some are better than others. its a small school so you get to know everyone easily.
Academics are definitely rigorous, but the competition pushes you to do better.
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Most people are very accepting of however you choose to live your life.
There are so many clubs you can be a part of, and most people take advantage of them.
The school is a tight-knit community that pushes all its students to be as excellent as they can possibly be.
Teachers here utilize a variety of different teaching styles. If a teacher uses methods that aren't right for your learning style, there will always be another teacher with a different method.
Very passionate teachers, feel prepared for college
Not the best not the worst
We have a somewhat diverse population, but it's mainly white, jewish students or Indian students. We have students of different cultures, but its not as strong
Extremely competitive academics. Many students take about 2 AP classes a year with the addition of college prep courses and honors classes. Most students spent 4-6 hours on homework a night. Popular classes include, forensics, criminal justice, AP Psych, and film production
All of the doors are locked and the teachers have ID cards on them at all times. The school has multiple drills to practice fire safety as well as intruder saftey
It has high educational standards, with a lot of activities for students. The students are very competitive but many go on to high ranked colleges. Ardsley students tend to do a lot at the high school. Most participate in more than one sport and more than one club. The students are a bit preppy and spoiled, but most students in the area are
Security guards helpful feel pretty safe
I am in science research and it is the best
Really great academics but also very competitive.
Always available and approachable, most have a genuine passion for the subject they teach and are more interested in the ideas a student has to offer instead of their grade point average. Classroom are always intimate.
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Even though Ardsley High School has taken many steps to increase school security, more needs to be done to insure complete safety of the students who attend this school. Even though faculty members are required to carry ID, and that doors are well locked, the lack of physically security within the school creates a large loophole with regards to creating a very safe school. Many parents and members of the Ardsley community do not see crime as a threat to themselves and to students at the High School, which also creates an issue in which people are not fully acceptive to adding greater security measures within the facility. Yet, there are cameras, needs of ID, and occasionally the presence of protective security personal.
Ardsley High School offers many after school clubs and activities. From wanting to learn about diverse cultures, all the way to wanting to understand business concepts, Ardsley is known for having so many opportunities for students to be able to learn more then just what is being taught inside of the classroom. If a student feels as if their is a club that needs to be introduced to the school, he or she has great access to the resources that is needed in order to start that club. Overall, the clubs that are offered truly express the diversity of the students who attend Ardsley schools.
Overall, my high school experience has had a positive experience in my life. I believe that due to Ardsley's small population, being part of a small school has taught me a lot about myself. There are only so many kids that have the same common interests as you do when there are only around 150 kids in your grade. Having said that, in order to strive in a small school setting, you have to have a very open personality which will result in obtaining as many friends and acquaintances as possible. I can proudly say that I have created as many friends and bonds with students as I possibly could at Ardsley High School Having this said, I also learned that not everyone is accepting of who you are, and of the background that you come from. This is something that I have also accepted as an individual. The most important thing that I have learned through my 12 years in Ardsley is that you have to be accepting of yourself, and to not change yourself in order to be accepted by other. Because of this, I would most certainly attend Ardsley High School again if I could do it all over again, so that I can re-learn the very important pieces of information which has been taught to me inside and outside of the classroom.
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