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Ardey Kell was a good school for me. I have been to 3 High Schools and Ardrey Kell really showed that they cared about me and my education.
Great classes, could be better teachers although some are fantastic. Lots of great opportunities to get involved
I like the diversity of Ardrey Kell High School. There are students from various nationalities and cultures.
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Ardrey Kell is an excellent school. The teachers I've had are, for the most part, very passionate and well versed in their jobs. It has a wide range of clubs and after school activities. It is a very clean school and has a lot of resources. My only complaint is that sometimes there is a disconnect between the administration and the students.
I loved the rigorous academics that prepared me for my post-secondary education in nursing. Ardrey Kell High School provided higher-level classes which promoted college-readiness and it definitely helped. However, I did not like the crowdedness of Ardrey Kell. It was hard to get a teacher's help with the number of students in each class. I struggled to get questions answered outside of the class time because the teachers were mostly available by appointment only. This did, however, get me used to being in larger class sizes during college. I also did not like the constant “clique” feeling among students. Ardrey Kell prepared me for college, which was the most important factor.
It is an academically challenging school, you really have to work hard at the classes you're in. Mostly, the teachers are very good and put in the effort to teach you but there are a few terrible teachers in the bunch. The administration is strict but it keeps the school running smoothly. It has it's flaws but I think it is a great school and I did enjoy my time there.
Ardrey Kell high school isn't a bad school like some people would make it out to be, because they do go to lengths to prepare you for college and the teachers are very helpful. But what needs to change is the atmosphere of the school, the teacher and administrators are overly controlling at inappropriate times, and a lot of ideas for the student body, ideas made by the students get put down so there isn't a lot of creativity in pep rallies, homeroom, etc.
Absolutely love CMS and the principle Mr. Switzer, he really has the best interest of the students in mind at the end of the day and does his part to meet students, parents, and teachers alike with their concerns when those concerns are made aware to him. This school did an amazing job preparing me for college, I transitioned extremely well and felt completely at ease.
After four years at Ardrey Kell, I can say that the principal and teachers truly care about the well-being of their students. The diverse student body may be large, but there are so many opportunities to grow as a student and connect with others. The safe and clean environment along with the abundance of resources and technology is something I will forever be grateful for. There's a place for every student whether that be in sports, debate, music, theater, and more. Overall I had a great experience!
The academics should be taken more seriously. They should prepare students for college better. The teachers are overworked and although some of them genuinely care about the student's doing well. I was fortunate enough to be in honors and AP classes where the environment was all about fostering healthy competition and a desire for learning. But most students in standard classes do not get pushed like they should, and the teachers of those classes will give up. This is more of a critique of the public school system though.
My experience with Ardrey Kell has been a great one. The teachers are nice and willing to help you succeed. There is a lot of diversity with over 3,000 kids, so you can easily find a place to fit in.
This school has amazing academics. Each and every individual cares about your success as well as others. People are open to new ideas and support each other through anything. This school dedicates time to helping students with free tutoring and also has amazing teachers.
The thing I like about Ardrey Kell is the events and activities they do for each grade level. The thing I would change is the diversity.
Ardrey Kell implements a great program with well balanced teachers and great students. When any threats occur, excellent safety measures are taken to ensure student and teacher safety and success. While others may question administration or the teachers, the staff has only the students in mind. It is a great place to learn and I'm happy that I was able to spend my 4 years there rather than any place else.
As a senior at Ardrey Kell, I have had a multitude of opportunities over the past four years because the amazing work done at this school. Ardrey Kell has prepared me well for the rigor of college courses and also it has given me the tools to explore my passions. The school has many great clubs and sports, but also gives you opportunities to find work and volunteering outside of school. Through Ardrey Kell, I have been able to take many AP courses, get a summer internship with the Carolinas Healthcare System, and get accepted into many amazing schools. Other than academics, the students and faculty at Ardrey Kell are very kind and sweet, and are very open to lend a helping hand. Do not be afraid to ask questions and get involved because you will definitely be supported in all endeavors!
lots of the students are racist, some teachers are racist. if you dont already know people before coming, its almost impossible to make friends cause everyone already has their own group and wont let anyone else in, some of the teachers cant teacher, but then it looks good for colleges that you got your education from here.
the school is good but the people in the school i dont like sorry but not sorry also its just to much work and i feel like im locked up in here they lock the doors and u cant just walk out the door it a free country so let me go and how are u going to make me do homework again its a free country and how are u going to get mad when i dont do what u tell me ur not my mom or dad. and some of the teachers say very rude stuff like she said that he wished that i lived on the side of the rode because he thought i was talking when i was helping a child thank u for reading this and i hate this school also i tried to put no stars but it didnt work we should stop going to school and spent time with are family i wish i was born smart so i didnt have to be here dont send your child here they will run away as did i when i was mad i came back an hour later because it was cold but still dont do it at all
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Very crowded, but managed very well. Limited in all arts related classes available, and language classes. Sports are very competitive and difficult for a recreational level individual to succeed in.
The school prepares you well for the expectations and course load of college. Granted, it is quite a competitive environment, but that is what makes it excellent for college preparation. The AP courses available are in large variety and taught by well-qualified faculty. However, one drawback of the competitive environment is the lack of true passion in most involvement in clubs and organizations (most do things to look good on college apps).
Ardrey Kell is an amazing school filled with great academics and teachers. It's courses are much more rigorous than the state exams and that has really helped me with better preparing for college. It's school spirit and pride is very strong, especially during games with our strong student section. Something I hope to see change in the near future is equal distribution in funding within the athletics, arts, and educational departments. AK has an amazing athletics department, but the school prioritizes it more than the arts department. I know being a part of the school's chamber orchestra, we are fully funded by ourselves, and I would like to see the school place equal importance on all departments. After all it's a school and a learning environment. Regardless, leaving AK is going to bittersweet, but I know I will use the experiences from this high school throughout college.
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