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Overall the school has good a good staff and is a great place to go! The schedule has a built in time where students can go and get extra help from teachers or have a study hall. Also, the teachers and staff are great and super friendly.
Ardrey Kell is a top school in the Charlotte community. The staff, students, and families work together to have a wonderful school atmosphere. One will expect a great challenge, and be prepared for post-school plans.
Ardrey Kell highschool is a good school. Many students say it’s strict for example the dress code or the phone policy the have established. The school is clean and the people who work there take care of it. I do think that our school is diverse but could have a little more diversity. There have not been many school fights but they have occurred. Due recent issue on a staff memeber being fired due to in appropriate parents have been questioning a lot of teachers.
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This school is pretty good. The only bad things that come to mind is that some of the teachers I’ve had don’t seem to like their job or care about their students very much, and there are a lot of students. When I say that there are a lot of students, I mean a LOT. It’s very difficult to get through the hallways most of the time, and because there are so many people it doesn’t feel like a close community.
It's a good school and I've made great friends here but some of the teachers struggle to get the information across to students and it's overcrowded but a good school nonetheless.
Very competitive, and not too diverse. Overcrowding is what comes to mind when thinking about this HS and overly crowded hallways. Other than that, friendly teachers and good athletics. Parents are very supportive and great sense of community.
I had an average experience here. I'm in my senior year & I can definitely say I've had some good memories here but I'm not too sure I'll miss it...
My children have had an excellent experience at AK! There are adequate APs to take and rigorous academic courses.
It’s amazing how well run this school is for its size. Our principal, David Switzerland, is top notch!!!
My twins are well prepared for college next year.
Ardrey Kell High School has provided a solid Foundation & preparation for college and future success. One of the top academic schools in North Carolina.
Ardrey Kell has created a great environment over the years I spent there. Each year I have seen an improvement in the school as a whole. My only wish is that we had a bigger building.
I struggled at first, coming from a middle school that did not necessarily feed into Ardrey Kell. Some policies here are stringent, but understandably so in most cases. I have made incredibly close friends in the past few years and taken extremely rewarding classes.
Ardrey Kell is an okay school overall. This school excels in providing the resources necessary to prepare students for college and includes a numerous amount of clubs and after school activities. However most of the teachers at this school don't seem to care much about individual students and lack the energy that makes students eager to learn.
Ardrey Kell is a very good school. I love the people there. Their always so kind and helpful. They offer tons of extracurricular activities. Some examples are Track, DECA, and KEY club. It's a great environment to be in too. The classes are challenging but fun. However, they are strict. They have a lockout policy, which means that if you're late to a class you won't be allowed to go back in. Which if you think about it, it's technically not a bad thing. It's all just about safety. I had an amazing experience. If you enroll in this school, you won't be disappointed!
I would like to see more teachers in each course so that a student can take other languages (just using that as reference.) and have an option for 1-4 yr option for that course. Right now you may start off in Latin then they have no one to teach Latin 2,3...

I also would like to see more counselors so that they are not overwhelmed as they are now. They do not have time for everyone which is very unfortunate. A student is missing a key ingredient there for college planning. Also would like to have had the same one every year. That way we would know one another. No relationship which lends the counselor to know the student.
Teachers are generally very good, but there are a few that aren't so good. I've enjoyed my time here. Many people are scared of the large student body, but it doesn't bother me. I think having a large student body makes our school better because there are so many sports and clubs available for students. There is always something for you to get involved with.
The education is truly impressive, with competitive test scores and a vast number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, it is difficult to surpass the education you will receive at this school.
The quality of education that is provided in this cool is higher compared to other schools in the area, but it can still exponentially improve. There is no sense of school spirit or love for the school since the student body is so divided. The competition in academics is especially cutthroat in this school which creates a toxic environment. If all these aspects were to improve, Ardrey Kell would be a phenomenal school.
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I'm going into the 10th grade at Ardrey Kell this August so I've only spent one year there but I feel really great about this school. There are only about one or two fights a year which is pretty great since other schools in our county experience them almost every day. I'm involved in the arts programs and even though our principal is more involved with the sports I feel like I learn things I wouldn't have learned on my own, in my art classes. I do wish though that they prepared us for college more, not a whole lot of high schools take the time to teach students what to expect after they graduate. I think this is one of the most important things to be focused on but keeps getting avoided. College, living, adulting, all of this should be covered so kids don't fall and break their necks when trying to fly out of the nest. That's not a concern directly with AK though, more like highschools all over the nation. Overall AK's a pretty solid school.
Ardrey Kell High School is a wonderful public school in North Carolina. Students have access to many resources and are always able to get help or they need it. I think that anyone who goes here can thrive if they put their best foot forward.
What I liked was how the teachers taught; they spent time to get students to understand the material.
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