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Ardrey Kell High School Reviews

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The school provided a well rounded learning experience, where it allowed me to learn and connect with other students in the school.
Overall, it's very hit or miss. There are some amazing teachers who do an excellent job teaching their student, others are incompassionate and will not work with you to achieve your goals. Admin is the same way, every individual experience is incredibly unique.
The teachers are very helpful and they will make time to make sure you are doing well. They do a wonderful job of preparing you for college and they help you find resources that you need. The counselors will also help go over any classes that you are missing or what would help you get onto a certain path.
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This school is highly recommended by everyone as it does promote excellence. The class size is large but it is not a deterring factor.
Teachers are really nice and actually helpful. They assign homework but not too much to make you stressed. Students are really nice and are helpful.
Ardrey Kell High School was a fantastic high school. As an asian minority, it helped me feel at home with all the other students. Everyone was very accepting and making friends was very easy. The academics were the best of the best and the staff and faculty went over and beyond to help students out.
Ardrey Kell High School is by far the best school I have been to. The academics are great along with very competitive sports program. The band of this is the best in NC. The school has a lot of diversity and they mix together to make the Knights.
A really good school with great academics. It is really competitive and that can bother some people who aren't used to the pressure. Teachers actually care about the wellbeing of students and are always available for help. Not a lot of diversity though so that can be bothersome to some who like to see diversity in school.
I have one son that has graduated, one a freshman, and one a senior all at Ardrey Kell. It has been and continues to be the best school experience I could have imagined from a public school. The administration is top notch.
My experience at Ardrey Kell has been nothing short of eventful. When I first came to the school, I was initially overwhelmed by how large the school was and how many people attended the school compared to my middle school. But as soon as I became used to the atmosphere, I found that opportunity was plentiful and easily accessible. There were clubs that covered areas such as engineering, business, science, and technology which gave students like me the chance at competing locally and nationally to showcase our vast array of skills. I found that my teachers exemplified a great deal of passion for their craft, and even wanted feedback for what they could improve on, which is why my school has elite academic performance. I take great pride in my school, and hopefully the students after take as much from AK as I did.
It’s just like any other high school for me. I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. I’ll be happy to graduate and go to college.
Very good school, one of the top public schools in North Carolina. However, the school is very large with over 3,000 students. Although the school is big, you will have no problem making friends due to the population size of the school
Education level is excellent. I have made amazing friends over the last four years and all from different places with different cultures. All I would suggest is to make another building just for freshmen because there are too many people at school.
The classes are very hard but I enjoy attending this school. I like how big it is and how many extracurriculars there are.
As an AK student it always felt safe every time I went to school. The teachers are all supportive and with great knowledge of understanding. The school is always clean and safe. The arts department is one of the best in the nation.
Many of the teachers were amazing but administration was completely unfair and dysfunctional. Overall, I feel that the courses offered were very limited as our school is so overpopulated. Students are not allowed to double up in math until senior year, are not allowed to double up in science until junior year, and more. I feel like this limits the amount of courses you can take pertaining to the subjects you like. The courses at Ardrey Kell are also not very rigorous, resulting in students not being prepared for college. For example, I now attend Johns Hopkins University and definitely do not feel prepared.
Ardrey Kell high school is one of the best school in NC. It has kind and helpful teachers and staff. The students are very friendly and so is the staff. The school has many extracurricular activities whether you like playing sports, music, or want to pursue your academic interests. Love it!
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The diversity of the students is large. Even though socioeconomically it is full of more privileged people, everyone comes together in the end to provide an overall safe and good experience at school.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Ardrey Kell High School because of the camaraderie amongst some of the faculty and the peers. I was able to find my niche at the school and found peers who followed a similar path. I do wish there was a little more diversity, but as the demographics of the surrounding areas continue to change, I'm sure the school will as well.
An awesome school focused on student success. Would like to see more AP courses and choice to take as many as the student want. Freedom to take outside school courses though the subject is being taught in school, because not all kids get what they want from the course list, hence restricted from taking the same course from outside.
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