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My time at Ardrey Kell has been a whirlwind experience. I have learned some much about myself and feel very prepared for college.
Good teachers, bad food except for the sausage biscuits and cheese sticks. Lots of busy work. Big school, can be confusing to find classes at first.
The overall experience I have had at Ardrey Kell has been very good. I always feel safe. Most of the teachers seem to care about their students well being and educational career. I am very lucky to be apart of the Ardrey Kell Community. Its a great day to be a knight!
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I believe that ardrey kell school is a fine institution with that has great teachers that are helpful and informative but there is a serious drug problem at the school
As a senior at Ardrey Kell High, I can speak on behalf of the whole school and say that almost everything has been a great experience! Most of the teachers here are concerned with students well being, and want to well prepare them for college. All staff members also help students to the best of their abilities, and want to provide them with the maximum number of resources possible. I am very grateful I attend such a wonderful school!
Ardrey Kell is a very well-run school that strives to make the best education for it's students. The only things that I wish would be changed is the diversity of the school.
Ardrey kell is a newer highschool with many opportunities. The diversity is very high with many students coming from across the country and world. It is very safe with many friendly security guards. The staff is very active and they like to start a lot of events and projects. The academics are nice because they ready you for college. There are many AP classes that this school has to offer which can let you have the college experience a little bit. AK is a very fast growing school with many students and every year there are more teachers being hired and rarely any leaving. In addition, AK is one of the best pubic schools in the Eastern U.S.
Great teachers and organized Administration. Lots of sports and clubs to join. Lots of AP classes to take with awesome teachers. Top rated theater department. Great school spirit. The school is diverse and inclusive meaning there is something for everyone with a supportive environment. The school fosters community service and a strong emphass on academics. One thing I would change would be to start school at 9:00 a.m. instead of 7:25 a.m. which is too early.
There are many people in the school that are in here that it can be at times be overwhelming, but it's a good environment if you choose carefully on who your friends are. The best thing I can say about this school is that the teachers really do know what they're teaching and how to teach it in a way that makes sense for the students to comprehend and the technology is up to date, with Promethean boards and Chromebooks for almost everyone in the school.
The academic rigor prepares students for college. The AP offerings are impressive. The school is fairly large and thus has its share of issues with peer pressure and fitting in for quiet students.
I enjoyed Ardrey Kell High School for the most part. I had good teachers, but there were few that stood out and you could tell they loved their job and wanted the best for their students. It is still a relatively new school compared to others in the area and there is little school spirit which is sad to see as a student. Our principal David Switzer is the best. He comes off as strict to some but it is only because he cares. The students are extremely diverse. There are so many kids that go to my school and I see new faces every single day. I wish we had a smaller school which would create a sense of community between us.
You are no the smart if you do not take ap classes remember that if you want to go to Ardrey Kell High School. In addition, the school lacks diversity and is filled with prep, even though the athletics here are less than average... Academics excel however, students are not rewarded for their accomplishments. teachers also tend to pick favorites and from my experience even ignore you when you ask a question; this may possibly be because the population at Ak is so high but disregarding someone's existence is plain rude.
I'd like to see more dedicated and longterm teachers employed. Clubs that are underfunded like the newspaper and literary magazine need to be given attention and priority. Office staff could be a little friendlier and we should do more to foster research for STEM students.
Over all a great school. They have very rigorous classes/ programs and very self motivated students who are very competitive. Most teachers are very understanding and good educators. With that said, there are way too many students going there. It's a gigantic school and the building is barely holding the students. If I could change something about the school, I would add more classes/ teachers and a bigger cafeteria so every single student can sit in a chair at a table.
Ardrey Kell High School offers a great learning environment with lots of resources to allow its students to succeed. The school offers many challenging classes including Advanced Placement level, while also offering remedial classes for children who need extra help. With tutoring options before school, after school, and during study hall, there is plenty of opportunity of one-on-one teacher and student involvement, despite the large student population. The school is challenged by a general feeling of entitlement by the student body as it is in a wealthy suburb, and a contempt for administration. However, generally the student body is interested in succeeding in school and following rules in order to have future success. Most of the student body is college bound, and a significant portion takes 1 or more AP classes before they graduate.
Ardrey Kell High School is a great institution for learning. Diversity isn't a strong point at Ardrey Kell due to it being 60% white. Ardrey Kell doe not stress diversity unless something happens and it is brought to their attention. Until recently they have never acknowledged black history month or celebrated it. The athletics at Ardrey Kell High School are alright. The one good thing I can say is that they mastered having good athletes as well as students. I do not feel like Ardrey Kell prepared me for college enough and tried to encourage me to do anything with my life. It seems like I you do not have money they you get left behind.
Ardrey Kell High School is an congenial school. Despite having the amount of diversity in the school, the facilities and administration cares about each student.
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A great school that really focuses on academics and preparing students to achieve greatness. The teachers really care about you, and David Switzer the principal wants everybody to learn and cares far each and every one of his students.
I have gone to Ardrey Kell for the past 3 years and I thoroughly have enjoyed my time here. I feel that the staff and teachers have thoroughly prepared me for secondary education.
Ardrey Kell is a good school but not for me. The academics part of the school is the best in our district but I didn't feel as like I fit in as a person
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