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The school prepares you well for the expectations and course load of college. Granted, it is quite a competitive environment, but that is what makes it excellent for college preparation. The AP courses available are in large variety and taught by well-qualified faculty. However, one drawback of the competitive environment is the lack of true passion in most involvement in clubs and organizations (most do things to look good on college apps).
Ardrey Kell is an amazing school filled with great academics and teachers. It's courses are much more rigorous than the state exams and that has really helped me with better preparing for college. It's school spirit and pride is very strong, especially during games with our strong student section. Something I hope to see change in the near future is equal distribution in funding within the athletics, arts, and educational departments. AK has an amazing athletics department, but the school prioritizes it more than the arts department. I know being a part of the school's chamber orchestra, we are fully funded by ourselves, and I would like to see the school place equal importance on all departments. After all it's a school and a learning environment. Regardless, leaving AK is going to bittersweet, but I know I will use the experiences from this high school throughout college.
Great academics! The staff wants to see you thrive but challenges you to bring your best each day. Very much so does prepare one for college life. There is the occasional drama but it does not cloud the overall feel of the school. The student body is somewhat pretentious but you are bound to find some friends to get through it all with.
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The school could have better teachers. Teaching requires notes and learning through practice and understanding through hands-on experiences. None of these methods are followed through at AK. The school also has some policies that can be made better.
Ardrey Kell is a great high school that facilitates learning and diversity. There are numerous clubs and programs that can get every student involved. Also, there are multiple AP classes offered that help to prepare students for college courses. The teachers are willing to help students before and after school and they also help with clubs.
Large, competitive student body fostered growth. Administration unhelpful and sports overemphasized. Lots of extracurricular opportunity.
Ardrey Kell is an amazing high school and one of the biggest in the state of North Carolina. It’s wide variety of academics and excellent staff create an environment where students are not only getting a great education, but also college ready.
The principle David Switzer knows how to run a School. His faculty on the other hand doesn't. Every time I would walk into the front office the teachers there would always be so rude about it. Even the nurse sometimes is rude because she has too many kids in her office.
I really like this school. All of the teachers and administration staff are extremely friendly. The school offers very many resources that are helpful such as morning tutoring, Knight Time (Remediation during the day or study hall), as well as student services. The staff are very approachable and they will help you find the answer to all of your questions. The student body is very large but filled with spirit and pride for the school. At all school rallies, football/basketball games, you will find the biggest crowds of Kastle Krazies.
I moved to the United States last year and my parents enrolled me in this school after loads of research about CMS. I couldn't have been more grateful for this. AK, as we call it, is a portal to approach plenty of opportunities. My counsellors and teachers are well educated about their jobs. Our education system is very interactive & continuously reinforced. While our academics are on point, our sports teams are one of the best. More than being able to play a sport on a school team, AK coaches create an environment that allows for bonding and learning life skills from peers. Our campus is the largest in our city and our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Amidst all of these facilities, our school spirit is very low. I am constantly making efforts to reach student council so I can implement my plans to improve it.
The students and staff are very welcoming and there are tons of resources for students to take advantage of.
Loved teachers in the APs! The Speech and Debate team is really good, and so is the Model UN team. Really clean.
My time at Ardrey Kell has been a whirlwind experience. I have learned some much about myself and feel very prepared for college.
Good teachers, bad food except for the sausage biscuits and cheese sticks. Lots of busy work. Big school, can be confusing to find classes at first.
The overall experience I have had at Ardrey Kell has been very good. I always feel safe. Most of the teachers seem to care about their students well being and educational career. I am very lucky to be apart of the Ardrey Kell Community. Its a great day to be a knight!
I believe that ardrey kell school is a fine institution with that has great teachers that are helpful and informative but there is a serious drug problem at the school
As a senior at Ardrey Kell High, I can speak on behalf of the whole school and say that almost everything has been a great experience! Most of the teachers here are concerned with students well being, and want to well prepare them for college. All staff members also help students to the best of their abilities, and want to provide them with the maximum number of resources possible. I am very grateful I attend such a wonderful school!
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Ardrey Kell is a very well-run school that strives to make the best education for it's students. The only things that I wish would be changed is the diversity of the school.
Ardrey kell is a newer highschool with many opportunities. The diversity is very high with many students coming from across the country and world. It is very safe with many friendly security guards. The staff is very active and they like to start a lot of events and projects. The academics are nice because they ready you for college. There are many AP classes that this school has to offer which can let you have the college experience a little bit. AK is a very fast growing school with many students and every year there are more teachers being hired and rarely any leaving. In addition, AK is one of the best pubic schools in the Eastern U.S.
Great teachers and organized Administration. Lots of sports and clubs to join. Lots of AP classes to take with awesome teachers. Top rated theater department. Great school spirit. The school is diverse and inclusive meaning there is something for everyone with a supportive environment. The school fosters community service and a strong emphass on academics. One thing I would change would be to start school at 9:00 a.m. instead of 7:25 a.m. which is too early.
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