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Ardrey Kell High School Reviews

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The education is truly impressive, with competitive test scores and a vast number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, it is difficult to surpass the education you will receive at this school.
The quality of education that is provided in this cool is higher compared to other schools in the area, but it can still exponentially improve. There is no sense of school spirit or love for the school since the student body is so divided. The competition in academics is especially cutthroat in this school which creates a toxic environment. If all these aspects were to improve, Ardrey Kell would be a phenomenal school.
I'm going into the 10th grade at Ardrey Kell this August so I've only spent one year there but I feel really great about this school. There are only about one or two fights a year which is pretty great since other schools in our county experience them almost every day. I'm involved in the arts programs and even though our principal is more involved with the sports I feel like I learn things I wouldn't have learned on my own, in my art classes. I do wish though that they prepared us for college more, not a whole lot of high schools take the time to teach students what to expect after they graduate. I think this is one of the most important things to be focused on but keeps getting avoided. College, living, adulting, all of this should be covered so kids don't fall and break their necks when trying to fly out of the nest. That's not a concern directly with AK though, more like highschools all over the nation. Overall AK's a pretty solid school.
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Ardrey Kell High School is a wonderful public school in North Carolina. Students have access to many resources and are always able to get help or they need it. I think that anyone who goes here can thrive if they put their best foot forward.
What I liked was how the teachers taught; they spent time to get students to understand the material.
It was an average high school experience. I was a black student athlete at a predominantly white school. I dealt with racism, I had a few friends, I never liked the principle and I had a few favorite teachers. I guess the education is good because I made it to a good college but that's primarily because of me. I would not say that this school prepared me for college because it is totally different, the work is not the same, and college is not hard at all. I didn't even take classes that i'm majoring in because they do not offer classes at this highschool that deal with anything except for the medical field or engineering. It really only got me prepared for general education classes.
I enjoy attending Ardrey Kell. The teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. I have been able to get involved in sports and participate with chorus, as I enjoy singing. I like that Ardrey Kell promotes community service and high academic achievement. My freshman year was very good and I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far. I like my high school.
The school is very large, with 3000+ students. The school is overcrowded, but not unbearable. Safety is a top priority and academics are well supported. The food supplied during lunch is above average, with good variety and taste. With a large campus, walking around is going to be mandatory.
So far, I like Ardrey Kell High school as a rising Junior. The school is large, with a population of 3000+ students, so the school is very competitive. There are a lot of clubs to choose from, so you won't get bored.
There is such a rich diversity of students at Ardrey Kell, not only by race but also a diversity of personalities. They offer many AP courses with strong teachers in AP classes to prepare you for college. However, the teachers in standard and honors classes are okay. There are many resources offered, including internships, job opportunities, chromebooks, and better sports equipment. There are also many clubs and activities, but most clubs meet once in a while and are not very serious. But, sports, theatre, and speech and debate are the only clubs that actually take the club seriously. There isn't much school culture at Ardrey Kell because of the competitive atmosphere. There are the students at the top who work hard. And then there are those students at the bottom who don't care about high school because they lost motivation in doing well. Even though many people comment on the drug problem at Ardrey Kell, it isn't that bad as compared to other high schools.
I loved Ardrey Kell, but like all things it had flaws. I would never go anywhere else other then AK and i believe everyone can have a great experience.
AK is overwhelming at first. The school's culture is very, very set in its ways, and fitting in is difficult if you just moved. However, the teachers are very nice, and helpful. School scores are usually very high. Parents are kind of overbearing, but involvement is high as well. Admin is okay.
Ardey Kell was a good school for me. I have been to 3 High Schools and Ardrey Kell really showed that they cared about me and my education.
Great classes, could be better teachers although some are fantastic. Lots of great opportunities to get involved
I like the diversity of Ardrey Kell High School. There are students from various nationalities and cultures.
Ardrey Kell is an excellent school. The teachers I've had are, for the most part, very passionate and well versed in their jobs. It has a wide range of clubs and after school activities. It is a very clean school and has a lot of resources. My only complaint is that sometimes there is a disconnect between the administration and the students.
I loved the rigorous academics that prepared me for my post-secondary education in nursing. Ardrey Kell High School provided higher-level classes which promoted college-readiness and it definitely helped. However, I did not like the crowdedness of Ardrey Kell. It was hard to get a teacher's help with the number of students in each class. I struggled to get questions answered outside of the class time because the teachers were mostly available by appointment only. This did, however, get me used to being in larger class sizes during college. I also did not like the constant “clique” feeling among students. Ardrey Kell prepared me for college, which was the most important factor.
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It is an academically challenging school, you really have to work hard at the classes you're in. Mostly, the teachers are very good and put in the effort to teach you but there are a few terrible teachers in the bunch. The administration is strict but it keeps the school running smoothly. It has it's flaws but I think it is a great school and I did enjoy my time there.
Ardrey Kell high school isn't a bad school like some people would make it out to be, because they do go to lengths to prepare you for college and the teachers are very helpful. But what needs to change is the atmosphere of the school, the teacher and administrators are overly controlling at inappropriate times, and a lot of ideas for the student body, ideas made by the students get put down so there isn't a lot of creativity in pep rallies, homeroom, etc.
Absolutely love CMS and the principle Mr. Switzer, he really has the best interest of the students in mind at the end of the day and does his part to meet students, parents, and teachers alike with their concerns when those concerns are made aware to him. This school did an amazing job preparing me for college, I transitioned extremely well and felt completely at ease.
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