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This school has every type of person attending. It's a good and bad thing, of course. I don't have much experience as I'm only attending as a senior for one hour of the day, but I've been pleased with my experience of the administration protecting me from somebody who was harassing me. They made sure once I reported it that measures were taken and that I was watched and communicated with. The counselors were much more understanding than the ones I encountered at Plainview High School, where they didn't seem to care for their students as much and only cared about your grades and their rep. There's more crime at Ardmore which isn't great at all though. Though my safety was taken into consideration, it was because I'm a snitch because I only care about me.
Ardmore High School is a great school. It is a very diverse school, full of all kinds of students that come from different backgrounds, incomes, etc. The offer different types of clubs for students such as FFA, International club, Math club, Science club, etc. The actual school looks excellent, with enough parking for everyone. The library is vast with a great selection of books to use.
I like the diversity and faculty at Ardmore High. We could definitely improve our resourves, since there's always room for improvement.
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Ardmore High School is an amazing school. It doesn't deserve the bad rep. I moved there as a sophomore, and I've stayed throughout my senior year. There are many great teachers that inspired me and I don't regret spending my years there. The speech and debate team is amazing.
Regardless of some negative reviews on Ardmore City Schools, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I say that due to the teachers I have had over the years and how much being at Ardmore City Schools has impacted me and made me the person I am today. The teachers I have had at Ardmore High School were very loving and helping in every way. They did anything they could for me without asking for anything in return. My way of returning the favor was being the best student they knew I could be. They were patient, kind and always were available to any student that wanted to participate in class. The principals and staff also grew on me as I attended school. Now that I am an Ardmore High School Alumni, now attending the University of Central Oklahoma, whatever I do now is to show that their hard work and time didn't go unrecognized and wasted. I want to make them proud and I continue to do that as I venture on into adulthood.
The school overall is not too bad; the teachers are there for the students, but I would like to see a change in the curriculum. There needs to be more one to one involvement between teachers and students.
At Ardmore High School there are great clubs and activities to be apart of. Although I would like to see teacher and student interaction change most teachers hardly know their students.
I feel totally safe here at Ardmore. Our policemen do an excellent job at protecting are school and making sure everyone inside is safe.
I feel like we could have a wider variety of extracurricular activities here at Ardmore but for the most part the ones we do have are okay
In my opinion some teachers here are wonderful teachers! A select few go above and beyond to get to know their students and what their students like and dislike. It just seems like every since Ardmore's budget cuts the quality of teachers and teaching skills has gone down.
Ardmore High School Is an ok school, in my opinion teachers could work a little harder for the students to get the right education they need and also they could care a bit more.
This school has a lot of issues with it's faculty, but the student body as a whole is great.
There are a few teachers who actually do great job with teaching and you can tell they try hard. However, the majority of teacher are either lazy or just plain clueless.
we do have a lot of the main cultural diversities in this school
its becoming worst, its getting to the point where when you hear suspicious inter calls that you have to be on alert sometimes
The extracurricular s are pretty great, many of the goals are that they achieve at a successful level so that they can proceed to go to college
There are many opportunities to get involved in this school, its great. At times, you dont really get notified. the school spirit for our sports can be better.
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Many of the teachers' in this school were there first year teaching, it was difficult to understand exactly what there agenda was, it was unorganized. I did have a few teachers who been in the education system for more than 10 years. They were my favorite, they knew how to get their point across. for example when they wanted to go into depth with important historical people, they would show videos of history to give a better visual. They would make great jokes but there intentions at the end of the day is that we understand what they taught us.
While the school does lock doors, there is a guard shack that has been unused.
Not a lot of funding for extracurricular activities, and staffing has gone south. The programs today are not the programs that once were.
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