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What I like about Ardmore High School is how the teachers always wanna help you be the best you can be. They want to make sure you understand what they are teaching. The teachers will help the best they can do you can do your best. If I could change anything about my school I would the discipline policy. There are people at our school that get bullied everyday. Yes the bullies do get punished but when they return back to school they start again. Some teachers are not as strict about the bulling as some are very strict about it. I wanna help as many people that get bullied.
Ardmore High school is a sports school that would rather spent money on a new gym than on much needed repairs and renovations. It has gotten better with the changing of principles I believe. It is a pretty safe school compared to other schools in the district. Drug wise, there are still a few deals going in the bathrooms but it is better than most schools in the district on that as well. There is a lack of diversity in the school as well, white being the predominant race.
The classes are usually laid back but the advanced program has a lot of good teachers that actually care about their students.
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I've enjoyed my time at Ardmore overall. Some of the teachers aren't very enthusiastic about their jobs or the students, but thankfully, they are in the minority. A student will have all the resources to succeed at Ardmore. I chose to go to the Limestone County Career Technical Center for Graphic Design as a sophomore, and I'm very grateful for that opportunity. One thing I would change would be the club and activities involvement in the community and school. I think it would boost morale and enjoyment of coming to school if students were given more things to be involved in. The other thing I would change would be the quality of the school food, but as a senior I think that goal may be harder to achieve. I've made some great memories and long-term friends throughout the years at Ardmore, and I couldn't be more blessed.
In my time at Ardmore High School, the teachers and staff have been very considerate and helpful to all students. Ardmore High School also offers several types of classes and plenty of chances to be involved in athletics. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ardmore, and I am happy to have attended school here.
The food isn’t that good. There is too much bullying that doesn’t get fixed and too many things go on that go unnoticed , or they get chosen to be ignored. Some of the teachers are good though.
The teachers were great and the education was good. The one thing I would love to see change was the food quality.
As a four year Ardmore High school student Ardmore high school has treated me great. I've had help from teachers and couneselors when I ask for help. I've created new friends and met a lot of new people. Ardmore has offered me to be apart of programs such as upward bound, National honor society, health corps, and leaflets. I would like for the academics at Ardmore High School to be more challenging and for the teachers to engage more with the students.
My experience at Ardmore High School was incredible!! I have nothing but love for that school! It along with my parents has shaped me into the young adult that I am! I think the thing I like most about Ardmore is the attention the teachers give you, if they see you struggling or if you just need help they are always there!! Something I hope gets better about Ardmore is, the extra curriculars! We have a lot of them but no one really even knows about half of them. For example I didn’t find out till this year that we had a chess club and apparently we have had it for about 5 years!! All around though Ardmore is a wonderful school.
Ardmore High School was a great school to me. It was definitely not the most diverse school or the best school, but it was the type of school that makes you want to come back. It was not because it serves the best food, has the most lenient rules, or because the work was easy. It was because the lunch ladies always told me to "Have a good day , sweetie," the faculty who always told me to "calm down" before I actually get in trouble, and the teachers who always tried their best to help me. The work themselves were not impossible, but gosh do the teachers know how to pile you up with work. However, I managed to turn all of my work in time because I knew that if my grades look weird, I could always ask the teachers what my mistakes were and improve further. Ardmore is just a very small, loving town. We have the best sport teams. Some of them might not win as much as the other, but we have the best sportsmanship.
Lunch is trash and the other students are very disrespectful. They don't care. We are a d rated school. The teachers aren't very good either. We have few teachers who are passionate about teaching. However, there are some teachers who have inspired me to do the best with what we have. Every year we have weird or tragic incidences. Administration isn't very good either. We have 5 principals and they play favorites and aren't constantly violating school rules by changing them without the board. The students here can get away with things if they play a sport. We are very sports oriented. We also have an amazing drama team but Our fine arts are underfunded. Sports get all the funding even though a lot of the teams aren't good. We aren't allowed to have backpacks,cellphones, or food. We only have 3 minutes in between classes . We don't have text books for most classes and the teachers aren't fair with their grading. The grading system is awful as well. A 91 is a b instead of an A.
Most teachers really teach life lessons and help you learn the material. Some teachers are too lenient or are only there to coach and do not prepare students.
Some teachers do not teach the material given.
I believe health and safety policies at Ardmore High School are average, but I'm sure there is much more the staff can improve. More security precautions can be taken, and although nothing too extreme, such as student identification.
Extracurricular activities at Ardmore High School is very limited. It would be wonderful if there were more after-school programs for the ACT or other academic instruction.
I would definitely re-attend Ardmore High School because of the vision it has, and because of the exemplary model it is for other high schools in the area. The courses are not too challenging, but they are not easy either.
I believe teachers at Ardmore High School are knowledgeable, but some teachers do not put as much effort into teaching as others. All teachers genuinely care about the students, and students can form a mutual respect for everyone at school, including the staff. I do wish there would be more clubs available, but I think since my high school is so small, not much can be done about it.
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Ardmore does well, but has areas they can improve on.
The extracurriculars at Ardmore High School are good, but can improve. Clubs could have more opportunities to get out into the community and get community service hours. Also, having higher standards for some of the clubs and not just letting anyone join to get them out of class. However, sports are a wonderful way for students to get out and participate in their school.
My overall experience has been wonderful. The teachers genuinely care about the students. Athletic events, senior nights, and more are all very exciting to attend.
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