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There are a handful of activities, and I mean a handful, but they are definitely not plentiful. They put emphasis on performances because that allows them to generate money that they don't spend on the kids!
Safety is of no concern to the administrators there. The children wait outside in the cold unsupervised, in the mornings because they are not allowed into the building until 10 minutes before school starts. Kids walk down the street unsupervised and often results in fights/dangerous behavior. The staff don't even come out the school to make sure that the kids get off safely.
It is hard to gauge parental involvement because the administration shuts them out of the process. It is rooted in corruption. The secretary's children attends the school but she does not live in the area. It wouldn't be a problem but the school has a lot of coverups. Their is so much nepotism going on it is ridiculous. The secretary's husband is the PTA president, the principal's husband is the secretary, only because they failed (intentionally) to inform the parents about the election so only teachers showed up to vote. And the staff ran against parents. It is a sad situation. Only people that are allowed to volunteer, are people that do whatever the principal asks without questions. If you question anything you are shunned, regardless if it is right.
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The teachers and staff are among the worst that I have ever seen. Several active parents have transferred their children to other schools. The principal do not listen to ideas from parents, their is a substantial lack of communication. Parents aren't notified about things until the last minute. Events are extremely unorganized. The same principal has been there for over a decade and is not willing to change and does not like parents who ask any questions or give any feedback. The children have went without water in the school for over 12 years due to lead in the pipes and the issue is still not resolved to date. It is horrible.
There was an activity for EVERY type of student. This school was a shoe-in for multiple personalities and talents.
Bullying is a major problem, as with most elementary schools, but you get help when you need it.
This school was the best elementary school experience I could possibly have. If I could do it all over, I would no questions asked.
The teachers were awesome to me, and I will never forget them.
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