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Ardis G. Egan Junior High School Reviews

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The staff at Egan are highly collaborative. My child was well prepared for Los Altos High School. My child enjoyed their time at Egan.
The worst school where my child has ever been. They broke my child's self-esteem. Eg. PE teachers spoke how bad my child was at some sport (what my child hasn't ever played) and my child heard that. But that wasn't the worst, just one thing in other things. I want my happy, joyful, curios and life-affirming child back! But I can't, they broke my child.
The resources are there if you look for them.
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You can start a club if it doesn't exist.
I was challenged in many classes.
As a non-athlete, I enjoyed PE
I met students from different backgrounds w/diff. interests.
I don't have too much familiarity with it.
Egan prepared me very well for high school.
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