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I enjoyed my experience at AHS. I got along with everyone including administrators and all of the faculty. It offered me great advice and learning experiences that I will cherish forever.
I fully enjoy the days I spend in the walls of Arcola High School. I am blessed to see so much diversity every day.
I think them mean well at my school but don't always show their passion through what they do.
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My view to this is great.
We have three major after school events, marching band, majority of all sport practices, and scholastic bowl.
We aren't big on PTA in our school. They run the various booster clubs for football, band, basketball etc., but beyond that there isn't much parent interaction. Other than attending all of our sporting events, concerts, and meets, we don't see the parents much.
All of our teachers are very friendly, and amazing at their jobs. They always bring technology into our lesson plans in some way or another, and lessons are moderately interesting. Many of the teachers are willing to put in extra time to work with you after school or during their planning periods if you need help. Classroom never get out of control due to the respect that all of the students have for our teachers at Arcola.
The school nurse is located in the elementary section of the school so it's a hassle to walk all the way down there, especially if you don't feel well. All visitors have to come in through the high school office and be used in by the secretary. They also have to be signed in and out.
Coming from a small community we are very tight knit and have known our classmates most of our lives. We all get along for the most part although there is some speration with cliques. We also get a huge amount of support from the community members. Most of us are second or third generations of a family to attend this school so the support for the athletics is HUGE!
Teachers are always willing to stay and help the students as much as they need. They're good about checking their emails over weekends and breaks if you have questions then. The English and Literature classes are engaging and can be really fun if you put the effort in.
This school is an amazing school. I wouldn't wish to go anywhere else.
The excitement this little town has over its achievements is extremely great. The last four years have honestly been great and even though the food is bad, I wouldn't exchange my little town for anything.
Some of the staffer you can tell do not care about the club. When it comes to funding, sports takes top priority.
The teachers have favorites. Some do take a genuine interest in certain students.
We have a diverse school that with different ethnicity's. The students always get involved when ever they can. You may encounter some peer pressure but that is to be expected from any high school really.
Our computers are a little out dated but they get the job done. If the computer labs are already used the school has net books that students are allowed to check out for the hour. Next year our school will also be getting I pads for every student.
Many of our teachers are engaged with the students to teach them and go above and beyond what others might. We have a very good teaching faculty.
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We have about three small gyms and a good sized weight room. They serve their purpose our school is small so it's not require them to be huge.
Arcola has a drama club it has a big play once a year. An FFA club that is very active, a scholastic bowl that is very fun, a great band and plenty of sports teams for everyone.
I love my friends that I have made in high school. I am sure that I will stay in contact with a lot of them even though I am moving away for college. It is a small school so everybody knows each other and it's easy to make friends easily here.
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