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Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School Reviews

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Overall it looks good on the outside but on the inside the culture is poor!! Parents don’t seem to be happy and leadership seems to attack the community on a regular basis. Not impressed. Our first year here and we won’t be returning next year for sure!
Most of the teachers do not have the qualifications needed to obtain a traditional license. Many teachers speak little to no English making communication difficult for English-only parents. The facilities are inadequate--carpeted gym, no library, tiny lunchroom with terrible acoustics, not enough outdoor space. The only 'specials' is P.E. No music, art, technology, library, etc. no athletic programs, drama, music for middle school students.
We have had our daughter there for two years and are thrilled with progress academically and language wise. The teachers are amazingly caring and the new principal (Martha Diaz) couldn’t be better. The board and parent volunteers have worked tirelessly to get a new building for the school and their efforts have finally paid off! We are excited to move into a new facility, estimated for Fall 2018!
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At one point, the Singapore math, Spanish immersion, and general academic excellence more than made up for the lack of music and art classes, sports, and the constraints of the facilities. However, constant upheaval, haphazard teacher hiring, teachers and principal leaving mid-year, lack of teacher training and oversight, and a general lowering of expectations have led to falling test scores and many families have reevaluated and transferred to their neighborhood schools. The building is at this point far too small to accommodate the growing school, access to the small outdoor space is too restrictive for proper recess time, and the cafeteria is too small to accommodate classes for a reasonable lunch time. Most of the online statistics are from 2015, but things have changed since then.
Love this school! My children are flourishing in their education in this environment. My oldest can speak Spanish fluently. The parent community is amazing and like a family. I can't say enough great things about this school.
The community is nearly as good as the education. You can feel the excitement when you pick your kid/s up each day. They are excited to tell you about their day, and you hear other parents getting the update as well.
This type of intense language immersion is not for everyone, but my children have excelled because of the high standards. Not only are they excelling at Spanish, Math, and Science, they are not losing the English portion often lost in immersion schools.
The principal, hired mid year, is the perfect fit for this school. She greets the students, parents and always has a smile on her face. Her leadership has made a bad situation into opportunities for our future.
I am proud to say my kids went to Arco Iris.
My child has been a student for a few years and I plan to have their sibling join them. The school has challenges related to space that are common with a charter school, but the benefits out way the concerns. The staff and teachers are amazing and students not only are strong in Spanish, but Math and English as well. They are also taught to care about one another. This year the school gained an incomparable principal who I have no doubt will push the school forward. The PTO is the most dedicated you will ever see and the Board is present and available as needed. I highly recommend and was not surprised when I saw they were the number 1 charter in Oregon.
My son went here and loved it. They have smaller classrooms, caring teachers. The Singapore math program is excellent and it enabled him to start middle school in the Summa (advanced) program. I think because students have 2 language arts classes - Spanish as well English, they do extremely well in English, reading, writing. My son took the ACT in 9th grade and scored a 28 - college ready! We are definitely grateful for his time at Arco Iris.
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