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While we are new/transfer to Archmere Academy, we can already tell that it's a special place...The atmosphere is welcoming and caring...The faculty is very responsive and helpful, and are all keenly focused on the success of the student...Thanks Archmere...
Archmere is a great school in terms of preparing you for college, but that's pretty much it. The homework is pretty brutal, even if you aren't taking any honors or AP classes. The teachers are nice people, but terrible graders; they wait until the very last day before the end of the quarter to put all your grades in, so you can go from a high A to a low B in a matter of one day without having the opportunity to ask for extra credit. Also, there's literally no diversity at all lol.
As a parent of a student at Archmere, I can't speak highly enough about the school. The student / teacher ratio is outstanding and the teachers are very good. The atmosphere and family participation in the programs is exceptional; truly building a spirit of community. The school has an excellent academic program and we are more than pleased sending our son there.
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-Teachers are enthusiastic about working here
-Amount of sports
-LOTS of extracurricular opportunities
-Food/catering is good
-Classes are challenging
-Summer reading books are very good
-Sports are challenging and encourage team building
-Dress-down/tag day dress code is relaxed for a private school
-Lots of leadership opportunities

-Only a few teachers are diverse (those teachers are the language teachers)
-Few AP class opportunities
-Only a few teachers in computer science department and those teachers also teach multiple other classes
-Tuition is VERY expensive
-Biased teachers
Archmere Academy is a great school. The campus is amazing! We have great teachers who really care about the students and are passionate about what they teach. Our technology is state of the art and there are plenty of clubs and activities if you want to get involved.
Archmere Academy has had such a large impact on my life. Never before have I met teachers so dedicated to the success of their students and genuinely concerned with the well-being of each individual. The community aspect of the school is easily their most defining as it provides an unparalleled emotional and beyond academics support system. Archmere teaches students to live with compassion and integrity, stressing community service and concern for others at all times. Additionally, the faculty itself is phenomenal. AP teachers, such as Mr. Klinge, are renowned in their fields and provide challenging and stimulating classes for students. Students are provided with opportunities to travel to France, Spain, Belize, and many other places around the world to experience new cultures and further their academic pursuits. This school leaves students with a holistic educational experience that will continue to shape their lives beyond granduation.
When attending Archmere Academy, I enjoyed all the people I was surrounded by and the stellar education I received along the way. Thanks to the school, I have developed a better work ethic which will much better prepare me for college!
Archmere Academy is a great high school. The sense of community is strong. There is a lot of work required for the classes. Though this gets the students prepared for college; the work load should be lessened.
The designated curriculum Archmere has created will not only help me be prepared for college, but succeed in college as well. Most teachers at Archmere are oblivious to the amount of work we put in and like to think that their class is the only class in the world, so they assign ridiculous amounts of homework. The social situation at Archmere is very well contained and Archmere, in my eyes, is considered the model for an "ideal high school". Since the school is so small, word travels fast and it's hard to avoid people you don't like. Also, the school spirit is really lacking compared to other schools and the administration does not realize that. Lastly, since the curriculum Archmere bestows on us is so rigorous, it makes the students very invested in their grades (and other people's, too). In AP classes, it's hard to escape the ridicule of others for performing poorly on a test, which is pretty lame. I wish Archmere did a better job of making sure test grades were kept private.
The overall college atmosphere of the school is wonderful for students and parents alike, it teaches students to be prepared for college and beyond.
Archmere Academy is a place you can truly thrive. The facilities are amazing, the teachers are great, and the curriculum is rigorous and challenging. This school really prepares you for a bright future, and there are so many opportunities to find what your passion in life is.
Archmere is not a school for the faint of heart. I like to describe it as the Ivy of the high school world. There are rigorous academics but wonderful teachers that are always more than willing and available to help. There are also so many things to get involved with here. I know that, if I had gone somewhere else, I wouldn't have had half of the opportunities I got at Archmere. I will say that the school spirit is definitely lacking and the school itself expects us to juggle a lot, which can push my peers and me to the breaking point. Although I feel like I've missed out on a typical high school experience, I know all of the hard work will benefit me in college, where I can make up for lost time.
I love how well Archmere academy prepared me for college and I love the friends that I made at Archmere.
There is a nice vibe between teachers and students at Archmere. Students are held to high standards and learn how to work together to meet expectations in the classroom, on the playing fields and in the arts.
I loved my experience at Archmere. I felt accepted and loved from the minute I stepped on campus. The teachers and students create a community culture that embraces everyone. I loved every aspect of Archmere and I feel fully prepared to take on the world.
Great high school, the teachers really take their time out of their day to help you with any problems. the students at Archmere really know how to come together as a community, especially during the liturgies and meetings. The academics helped me strive to become a better student, and I believe will really help me with my college career.
I have had one of the most amazing high school experiences because of Archmere Academy. I feel completely prepared for college, and the students and teachers have created an incredible environment for individuals to thrive both academically and socially. As a student who struggled with school work and socially, I have thrived being at this academic institution. No other school in the area prepares a student for college like Archmere Academy does.
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Honestly, I had a horrible experience at Archmere. The majority of students are stuck-up, rude, and there is a lot of problems with bullying. The teachers are very strict with the students, and not lenient with discipline or grades. The homework load is insane to the point of overbearing stressfulness. The school spirit is not as high as they would like you to think during the admissions process. I had many experiences here where I felt singled out and belittled by faculty members. If you are considering private high school for yourself or your student in Delaware I beg you to look elsewhere!!
Teachers are easily accessible and get back to you within 24 hours.
School nurse is knowledgeable and proactive.
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