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Architecture, Engineering & Construction (ACE) Charter High School Reviews

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Throughout my high school expirence, ACE has been great at teacher involvement. All of the teachers try to get to know their students on a personal level through classes or clubs. I've never felt more cared for at ACE than any other school.
The changes that I wanted to see happen, are apparently being done at this moment. It is being transformed from a rowdy school, into a safe learning environment that I would be happy to have my younger siblings become a part of.
it is very encouraging and an exciting experience that the studies can offer. its an opportunity that i cant manage to squander it away. i will use the funds into tution and fees too.
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The principal and teachers are amazing. They really work to connect to each student and have created an atmosphere of caring and learning that is well suited to my students needs and learning style.
Each year new opportunities are available, on site pe, college courses, international baccalaureate for example.
I am 17 year old junior at A.C.E. and I have learned tools that college students would use. A.C.E. has less than 200 students and 15 teachers, meaning there are less classes that may suite other students interests. The requirements besides standard classes are 1 year of Architecture, Construction, Engineering and a foreign language/performing arts giving less to explore other subjects. Despite having less classes, we are beginning to have even more clubs. Our clubs go from culinary/community service to our robotics team and rookie drama and speech team. We are expanding our horizons each and every day improving ourselves. Due to the school being small, issues such as bullying, sex education or politics are openly discussed. Overall, A.C.E. teaches subjects that college students learn. A.C.E. is for those who are career oriented and independent.
Very great teachers and students involved very good environment. Many clubs such is Leo's associated student body in the culinary club. You are ready to go into the real world after you graduate.
My Highschool ecperience at ACE Charter High is an outstanding one. The small community of students that first arrive become somewhat a family system, creating a sense of place and purpose towards the educational endeavors. The teachers are always figuring out ways to bring interest to its student body by using their life experiences and unique personalities. For instance, one teacher was in a rockband, so he changes poetic literature from assignments to performances. My architecture teacher was an architect, so he brought a dimensioned layout of his home to be computer drafted by students, where we turned in into three a dimensional figure. My high school was excelent at providing the the proper tools at preparing for a career, like when they provided me the resources to help me prepare my future in the medical field with my highest endeavor becoming a neurosurgeon.
The principal is very hands on so any behavioral issues or safety issues are dealt with effectively and immediately.
This school is without a sports program, but does have a strong competitive robotics team. There are several clubs on campus with new ones added each year.
The teachers here are hard working, collaborative and interested in the students success
The principal at this school is amazing & has created a great environment for learning and growth for the students
Well we all have our ups and downs. But we all can work together. Be somebody in life wouldn't end up of middle of no where in high school. This school I may want to start all over again but something different if they may change into other things. For me to able start over in the beginning of this school.I had great time here and meet good people. They change me for who I am I was before. If this school has not exist I probably not be going school now or be educated.
Ace been great time being here in 4 years. I had made so much of memory through out the years. Teachers been the best and great teaching and helpful.
They won't allow me to get lunch food because i have to pay but I always get lunch free. But the lunch forms won't except me so I just bring me own food sometimes. Because I have been struggling with cafeteria lunch 4 years now. Still won't except me. My parents don't have a good budget of paying lunch for me so I sometimes, have to starve myself and wait to get home.
Well we use to have lunch detention. That was in the past now we got picking up lunch during our advisory. Anyone who is in a punishment they pick out during lunch or advisory. But people do it because they get out of school as an easy way excuse from them.
There is no clubs in my school except one thing Leos club but its only community services.
Well There's many experiences in my mind i cannot think about. My school gave many of chances for me I should have tried harder to work better. But I had my experience of being prepared out in the real world. It is not easy to just make essay or work full time student applying scholarships or grants. I have many more opportunity to get an scholarship in time. But I was not working harder I could have done. But now I'm I want to keep continuing learning apply college or university. Whatever I can possibly. I can't stop learning with out goals there is no career.

I thank who ever read this hope they understand for this survey.
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