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I'm finally a senior this year as much as I don't wanna leave my favorite teachers, this school taught me to not go to a school that is near my house just because it's close. Some of the teachers are disrespectful and will possibly misplace your stuff and five you an F bringing your grade down. But I like that we get out earlier now.
Being a very quiet student, I never thought of getting any support in school, Archimeded proved me wrong. Even though they are not the best, a very hardworking community and they try and give their very best. Most of the teachers are super nice and caring. They have supa classes for their seniors and a national honor society which is very nice.
I am a senior of the school. The leadership was down right terrible and the principal was scared to leave her office. She never left her office to the point people did not know we had a principal. The bad kids did whatever they want and there were no consequences for their bad behavior.
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Archimedes Academy gives us students a chance to show what we know in our academics. The school allows us to expand in ourselves and give ideas in what we want to make the school even better. Also, the school gives us many opportunities to try out new things and experience what we can experience in a college environment or in the real world. I am a National Honor Society member and have helped this school tremendously with getting students, parents, and strangers outside of the school to get involved. Archimedes Academy is like a second home to me and everyone is like family.
What I liked about this school was the way the teachers would connect with some of the students on a personal level. If they were having issues with something going on the teachers would pick up on it and lend a hand or speak with the student to see if there was anything that they can do to help. What I would like to see change would be some of the faculty and college readiness. I feel that the school is average at preparing the students with the skills they need to be successful in college.
I had great time when I attended Archimedes, the teaches were great and the academics really helped me prepare for college.
I like the teachers that care and wanted us to pass and succeed, also the great friends and memories I have made there.
A relatively small school; thus being a positive impact mainly because students are able to connect and interact with one another perfectly as well as they are with their teachers. The teachers in this school are more than just educators, they are inspired by their own subject they teach and strive to help those struggling.
Very good staff. The people are what make the school great. The faculty seem to get along well and the teachers care if we pass or fail. The school is very very small. This is both a pro and a con. It's small so there is a block system. You dont choose classes. But it's small so your ideas and participation in sports and clubs matter a ton.

And though I said the teachers are good. They may only be good for now. A lot of them have left. I have not yet had many new teachers because im a senior. Im not sure how the underclassmen like the change. But the new teachers give off a nice vibe.
I applied to Archimedes Academy because I loved the idea of a small school where I knew all the students and faculty. I was able to flourish because it provided me the attention I needed to succeed, they offered a push that I would have lost in a bigger school. The fact that it is such a new school is also something I liked because I was basically growing up with the school I was there to experience changes that future generations won't. The mistakes and confusion that comes with it and to be able to see that they are putting effort in trying to make a school in the Bronx special makes me happy because these people are actually trying.
There isn't many after school clubs.
My overall experience was so-so because of the lack of organization
Most tecahers devote their time into students who are struggling the best.
The safety guards are really great they get along with everybody and make sure everyone is safe and leaves the building safe.
The activities in the school are great almost everyone is involved. The one I really like is basketball been playing this sport since freshman year and it breaks my heart that I'm leaving soon and won't be able to see my teammates anymore.
What makes the school unique is all the different types of cultures and activities we do at the school. Everyone respects each other. MY favorite experience at this school is the athletic team I like being part of all different types of them because I love expereincing new things, and yeah if I could do it all over again I will go to the school because I got motivated to do what I do now.
The teachers at this school are very understandable I can always count on them. Whenever I'm in need of help they are always there ready for me, they are also helping me with my college applications. I love some of the teachers at my school and I am very comfortable around them.
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I honestly can't see myself in any other school.
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