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Archimedean Upper Conservatory (AUC) Reviews

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Archimedean is definitely not a school for everyone, but this is exactly what makes it special. Archimedean is a school where faculty members truly care about your future, and their tireless work is highly evident of this. Students learn to manage their time and receive excellent college preparation. In regards to the classes, the Archimedean curriculum is definitely different than most, which is exactly what makes it an effective and engaging curriculum. From Euclidean Geometry to Political Philosophy to Logic to Discrete Math to Greek Language the classes offered at Archimedean ensure that students receive a well-rounded education. At times, the workload might seem unbearable, but this is for our own good- we learn to manage our time wisely and to pace ourselves accordingly. As a junior, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.
Archimedean has very rigors classes that help prepare students but some teachers do not know how to teach and give a lot of busy work. Administration is very strict and does not listen to students and what they want or need. The food is poor and not very good. The school overall makes you college ready but we spend too many hours at school. Monday-Saturday I have forgotten what weekends are.
Great school that opens doors to new opportunities. It is a good and healthy environment for the students. Although I don't agree with some of the Academic requirements, like taking Greek Geometry and Discrete Mathematics in Greek. It is a good school that provides a good education and family-like environment for students.
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I like that the teachers care about their students and are willing to help us with anything that we need independently if we walk up to them and ask. We are extremely prepared for exams and we have a very rigorous curriculum. However, the school right now doesn't have any clubs, reducing our chances of standing out for outside activities and school spirit is very minimal. By that, I mean that it is there, but the faculty doesn't care about it as much as their do for academics and this is a big part of a high school experience. Overall, the school is pretty good and I will continue going here, as long as, it is beneficial for me.
My experience in Archimedean Upper Conservatory gave me enough college preparation and resources to be successful but lacks in other aspects such as facilities, clubs, and sports.
What I liked about AUC is that I felt at home, my teachers were like my second parents, the faculty were like my second aunts and uncles, my friends and classmates were like the brothers and sisters I never had. I was really blessed to had the opportunity of being part of this school even thought it's still new and small, but it has all the possiblities of being a number school in the USA. I wish for the school to grow bigger for the better because even though I don't go to school there anymore it's still my second home.
Very rigorous but amazing school. Strengthens academic potential. Teachers are extremely giving and flexible to situations, understanding students and their problems. This school is one of the best i have ever been to.
Amazing academics, lots of homework, long classes and 7 hour days. Total of 8-10 classes per year, Saturday tutoring, involved faculty and parents, excellent help for college with direct faculty involvement. Personalized schedules chosen by principle.
I have been in the school for 4 years now and I can honestly say I have received the best education. The administration and teachers are so welcoming and will do anything like stay after school and even come on weekends to help the students perform better.
The school has done an excellent in teaching its students discipline and ways to get prepared for college. Students get assigned a lot of work, helping them raise their efficiency in getting such things done while passing classes. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone gets along with each other. A nice change to see would be more arts based activities and classes being available rather than having just a focus on math and science. Overall, the school is excellent and recommendable to anyone who desires a bright future.
Archimedean Upper Conservatory is a niche school. It's greek curriculum (which include both the study of Greek Language and Greek Mathematics) makes an attractive offer to parents. While you do feel a sense of community after many years, it's only because most students leave by sophomore year because they're either risking the chance of going to college (as they can't raise their GPA), or just going to a more attractive and less draining schools. The school does succeed in bringing their student's to their dream college, but only if the student is willing to put in the work.
I'm an alumni from Archimedean upper conservatory but I've also attended the academy as well as the middle conservatory. I love that I've been in this school my whole life because not many people can say that. By graduation time, it felt like I was leaving my family less than just leaving a school. It's a small school so you get the individual attention you need as a student and it made me love the Greek culture as I do my own!
Any can come in and do as they please if they wanted to, it just has not happened yet.
Although I have a great education, the greater lessons were in how to work the system and in how cheating is the best way to get by and soar. Those that abide by the rules suffer because even a large amount of effort would not help you do very well, you have to cheat to be the best. There is also favoritism, once you have a good name, you can get by with anything: from being caught cheating to being very rude to teachers. I am grateful for my experience but the school had a psychological toll as well because you are always compared to the best and instead of helping you, they made you feel bad one way or another. Now that I have graduated, I realize that AUC was poison in my life.
Most of the teachers are knowledgeable but their knowledge is overshadowed by the fact that the administration can easily push them around. They also easily raise grades students have earned in order not to "jeopardize" their GPA's. The workload is also pointless and excessive. The teachers also do not communicate about their assignments and exams. The number of times when I have had multiple tests and quizzes in one day because teachers need grades and don't care about how we will study for our other classes is too high.
Clubs are varied but clubs do not do much
This school has definitely made me college ready
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Teachers care about a student's well-being
Teachers often hold review sessions after school or on Saturdays to help all students, those that take AP classes, to Honors, to Regular.
There really is not any violence that takes place in the school. It's a fairly safe place to be in.
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