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Archimedean Middle Conservatory (AMC) Reviews

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My daughter has been at AMC for the last 3 years and it has been a wonderful experience. The experience that she has had with the current teachers and principal has been outstanding. They have shown extreme dedication and an effort to maintain the education levels at a high standard between all students at the Academy. This has translated to not only individual success from the students, but also collective success. Not only has the school excelled in teaching the students the curriculum, but they have also excelled in educating them on a personal level.
I am a parent of two students that have attended Archimedean Middle Conservatory. Our overall experience has been nothing but positive. The administration along with the teachers create an atmosphere that is both safe and nurturing. Whenever any of my two children have had a concern or just needed to talk to someone, there is always a teacher or the principal that is available to take time out of their schedule to hear them out. Academically, the school prepares all the students equally for success whether the student is gifted or in the non-gifted setting. I can honestly say that I am very proud and thankful that my children had the opportunity to attend Archimedean Middle Conservatory (AMC). No other school in the county could have prepared them as well as Archimedean Middle Conservatory (AMC) has.
If your child is not gifted, they will be made to feel very dumb by the teachers and principal. It is not a healthy learning place. The bullying done there is the worse I have seen ever. The principal treats the children so bad that many suffer depression, anxiety and suicide thinking. They talk about it to each other and parents dont know until it is late and your child is in a phychiatrist. It is the most horrible time of my families life. Watching my little child go from a happy person to someone who hated themself. The teachers and principal call the children name and lose their temper by hitting desks and going into ragging attacks. It is an unsafe environment.
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The principal is a bully, she is a true lunatic, the teacher are afraid to lose there job so they help her be very mean to the kids that are not the top students.
DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO THIS SCHOOL. So many children leave every year because of the crazy principal. The teachers say horrible speeches to the kid, fat, stupid, your no good. Look at the real record.
The school is great and helps students succeed. The culture is incredible, and the administration, particularly the principal, hold the school to a particularly high standard in all regards. The club's are spectacular and competitive in national level competition. The only downside is that the school has few resources, and does not care about sports, only academics.
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