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Archie High School Reviews

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I love this school and my friends that go here. The school is very involved with the community, school staff, and students. I feel as student, that anyone can find friends and have an amazing high school career. The teachers actually make you do all your work.
Right now, the school is going through a beatification process, and it looks great compared to any school around.
Very Midwestern. All religious and republicans.
Sports are more important than school and grades at this school.
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Overall pretty good administration. Superintendent is a bit odd.
Small school. Very clique-y. If you are a good student you can develop close relationships with your teachers.
Since I was with a different crowd of people who were not considered the "popular" kids, you know, the cool kids, I viewed high school a little differently than the average student. Peer pressure is normal and at every school you go to; that's just teenage life. Student involvement was necessary, and I don't think there was very many challenges to racial/ethnic differences in such a small town school. It makes me feel sad that most of the kids who went/go to school here won't experience those kind of things until they go to college. If they have open minds like I do, they will experience the world wonderfully, but if not.... it's sad to think of how ignorant most Americans can be because of this.
Lots of bullying and no prevention.
They are average, but it's very easy to get by without doing your best.
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