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Rude administrators. Clueless counselors. Unqualified teachers. Maybe its gotten better since I left but this school needs some MAJOR work. If you're a high school senior expect to do all of the work yourself because your counselors WILL NOT help you and do not care.
I love the atmosphere and the environment such a good school. Ive been in the district since kindergarten and i love it so much, wouldnt want to go anywhere else.
Excellent school system, highly engaged principal. Great experience! I have two kids at this school and have been pleased with their educational experience. Teachers care and promote a great learning environment. I would recommend Archer High School without hesitation!
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Overall I have had a great experience at Archer. Many of the teachers care for their students not just in school, but outside. One thing that could improve at Archer is more student involvement. In many clubs the same kids are joining, however, Archer needs more overall involvement to create a community.
What I like the most about Archer High school is the diversity of the students, as well as the different cultures that reside in our halls. Our students’ ability to speak up when things aren’t right, truly amaze me to no end. What I would change about Archer Hish school is the resources that we have available to students and to see an improvement on college readiness programs and information about dual enrollment processes.
Overall a well run school academically as well as their extra curricular activities after school. Parent participation is very good as well. Like anything else yhere are teachers that are more involved and some that “go through the motions”. But overall we are pleased with the quslity of education our son gas received and his preparation for college.
My experience was great because I was involved in multiple clubs, my academic classes were a challenge but in a good way and I even join a sport during my junior year. The teachers and facilities in the school are very helping and they want the students to get the best education they can for their future. What I want to see in the future is getting the students more involved in all the different clubs, sports and being more active in their learning. There are also kids who struggle with balancing their extracurricular activities and school work and I feel like the counselors should help with that. Overall, Archer High School was great because I was able to get the help I need to work hard and be the person I am today.
This is my second year at archer it's not bad you meet great people, many different classes to choose from, and great sport teams.
Archer is a wonderful school overall. The AP program can be tough, but that’s not unusual and is good for learning everything necessary for the exam. My only complaint is the new way Archer does the advisement period. I used to be able to get a lot of homework done or go visit a teacher for help during this period, but we are now required to read a book during this time and we are not allowed to go to another classroom except on Wednesday every week. However, overall, I love attending Archer.
The funds and focus were directed too much towards sports. Not enough emphasis on the arts. Also, the AP program worked to breed perfect specimens of human, and didn't let them be kids enough, while the regular classes undermined the intelligence of many of the kids.
Archer High School has an amazing AP Program. Get involved in sports too. This school is know for its active student body as well as its excellent AP program.
Archer High School is one of the top academic and athletic schools in the state, offering over twenty AP courses and reaching several state championships in a variety of sports. With teachers devoted to the success of students and a faculty that accounts for the necessities and safety of students, Archer High is able to thrive and mold students into productive members of society.
There is such a diverse population of students with clubs and organizations that meet the needs of all.
Overall, I have enjoyed and learned so much from all the teachers I've had in my four years at Archer, excluding one. The AP teachers are absolutely amazing at their jobs and give students someone to talk to and be comfortable with. The school tries to better it's students through different clubs and opportunities. It's had its problems in the past with different tensions resulting from either one stupid person or the overall stress of the nation, but tries to keep the students bonded.
I love my school and I feel as if it is definitely due to the school staff and administration. For one, our principal ensures we remain safe. Within the last year, schools across Gwinnett County were supposedly threatened by gun violence and immediately, our principal responded by installing a new security system; however, outside of all seriousness, the administration/staff ensures we enjoy our time at school. They host and plan ways students can all come together as one and demonstrate school spirit. They’ve created such a positive environment for each of us. I wouldn’t want to attend school anywhere else.
Our school takes our safety just as seriously as they take our education. In light of all the abundance of school shootings, the Archer High School staff has put many safeguards in place. Not only am I receiving a top notch education, but I feel confident walking the halls. In this day, both are of major importance.
Archer is a very solid school. I feel extremely prepared for college especially with the resources they have. There are multiple computer rooms throughout the school and a media center with a plethora of book options to learn from. However at times Archer can feel unsafe, my junior year was the most indicative of this statement as many fights occurred that where handled in very rough ways by our Student Representative officers. That was only one year though. My other two were great and I hope this last one is the same. All in all Archer is a great school.
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Archer is a school that really has spirit! Both students and faculty show pride in our school. The amount of rigor allowed and encouraged is personally important to me. Furthermore, Archer High School succeeds all my needs as a gifted student.
In my experience at being at Archer high school i have come to see the good and bad that comes with the school. Archer high school has overall great teachers and better opportunities to succeed and strive to do our best. But it does hold some negative due to some teachers who don’t love what they do and are t willing to help their students. Or the fact that they worry more about girls shoulders showing rather than them getting their education. It’s all about politics and connections at Archer but it will be an extreme experience to remember.
I am currently a Senior at Archer High School and I have been there since my Freshman year. I love the option to take a plethora of AP classes and the many opportunities to get involved in extra curricular activities. I also like the focus on community service and the opportunity to serve the community with various community service clubs. I have been able to connect to a few teachers and they have made a huge influence on my life and future plans.
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