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I absolutely love Archer! The AP program is amazing and these students recieve excellent AP scores at the end of each year. The school is clean and kept up with. The students and faculty are all super nice!
Archer High School was a very welcoming school to join. Everyone there was nice and welcomed you with no hesitation. The teachers and curriculum really helped me prepare for college and disciplined me enough to be ready also
Coming from another school, where the expectations of graduating were very low; this school has exceeded my expectations with the rigorous course work and college prep! The teachers are very well mannered and well spoken. The students are very respectable (with the exception of the select few that act out). The school overall is very clean and very up to date with all technology and teaching standards.
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Archer High School is an excellent school. The teachers and staff care for the students and their education. The positive environment is great for learning and keeps you motivated to do better as a student. The students are nice and caring for one another.
I love archer I have enjoy my 4 years there. I love my teachers and mentor they all help me to be successful in there own way and im thankful for it.
I️ absolutely adore my school ! Every school has problems such as fights or drugs but I️ can honestly say that the archer high school staff handles things swiftly and fairly . We have so much school spirit and so many fun activities. It is such an amazing community and high school experience and I️ encourage more people to look into it !
Archer's faculty and staff were unprepared to take on the educational needs of students. I had multiple issues with the teachers, counselors, and administration.
Archer High School has been a great experience for me from academics to sports. Archer has helped me develop into the leader I am today. There are many clubs and sports available for students of all backgrounds. The school really helps students with their acedemics whenever it is needed, teachers really are open to having study sessions to private tutoring.
The best part about Archer High School was being in the AP program. In the AP program, teachers care more about the students and actually helping them when they need it. If you were not in an AP class, the teachers did not really care that much about actually teaching the students what they need to know.
I like how the teacher help the student when they need it. They stay after for tutoring when you need it, which is great. Personal I really love their clubs. They make you feel more welcome to do what you like. The would need to charge how safe people feel. Not many people feel safe because so many people want to fight.
My experience at Archer High School was overall pretty good. I enjoyed the clubs and activities I participated in as well as the students in which attended the school. However, I was not particularly found of the food and the strict rules that were incorporated during my Senior year.
I really like how easy it is to stay in touch with friends even when u have different classes and how teachers will treat your like you are their own child. I personally have great relationships with a lot of my teachers and I’m thankful for how they have helped me through the years at Archer. The school food there is not the best, but it is pretty much the same for all Gwinnett County schools. Overall Archer is one of the better schools in Gwinnett County.
The school was good but needs better teachers. It also needs to do better with getting students ready for college
Archer High School has a motto of excellence and that is what the students strive to reach everyday walking down the hallways at Archer. Not only does the school exceed standards for academics, the school provides vigorous sports programs to get students involved after school.
Pretty average, very diverse..........................................................................................
Archer is a school that has teachers that prepare you for the future. The only that I would change about the school is the food.
I enjoyed being a part of the extracurricular activities. The teachers are helpful and resourceful. What you put into it is what you get out of it!
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The time i spent at Archer High School has been some of the best times of my life. The teachers there are amazing, both in regards to academics and personality. AP teachers prepare you heavily for the exams almost always guaranteeing a passing scores. Archer offers many different clubs and activities in order to have a stimulating academic and social life. However, one thing i would like to see change is how much students have control over there student activities. Having a more active and involved student council system would help greatly with this.
During my time at Archer High School, it was a great experience. Each student had the chance to fulfill their high school career. Archer was nothing like you'd expect. It was much more than a high school, we were a family.
Archer High School is academically driven. This school has the strongest AP department. Archer is well rounded whether it be sports or academics.
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