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Much diversity. I would like to see our school unite and work as a community. Archer High School has become highly diverse in the past years and there are many problems caused due to the mindsets of not only the students but also the staff members. I believe Archer High School could be a very strong community if the administration saw the students as a whole.
I have loved being a student at Archer High School. I must admit that my high school experience has been spectacular. We are not only classmates at Archer we are like a diverse family. I'm going to miss walking down the halls of Archer each day but I will leave with gratitude to the teachers, staff and administration. My Tiger Pride will forever live on
Archer has been an extremely generic high school experience. The teachers are okay with some outliers. There are many different groups of cliques throughout the school. The sports are good.
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My time at Archer High School has been the most rewarding time of my life. Not only have I been blessed with unique opportunities to further my education unlike those provided by other schools in my district, but I have also had the pleasure of having some of the most influential and beneficial teachers imaginable. The teachers at Archer, particularly those within the Advanced Placement Department, have devoted themselves to guiding students toward achieving their goals both inside and outside of school. The school itself is a clean, well-maintained, and safe environment run by efficient and connected administration. My overall experience with Archer High School has been nothing short of a blessing and a privilege.
My experience at Archer High has been largely positive. I first enrolled in My experience at Archer High has been largely positive. I first enrolled in Archer in my junior year after I found online school (where I had spent my first two years of high school) to be a poor fit. Having been home-schooled for quite some time, I was initially not very sociable and kept to myself. However, I found the academic aspect far better than what was present in online school. I received many great teachers and largely enjoyed each of their classes. Their guidance in combination with my skills as a student allowed me to do exceptionally well in my courses. In addition, I had also become more sociable as the year progressed and made several good friends who I have remained friends with. My success has continued into my senior year, and I am glad I have made such a positive transition.
Archer High School has an environment that is clean, feels safe and has prepared me for my journey to college.
Archer High School consisted of a very diverse culture. The diverse culture was a way for others to learn and grow more, by people who positively influenced their life. The students at Archer are genuinely involved and focused on their education and future. I can honestly say Archer High School has set me up to succeed in my future.
I felt Archer High School was a good fit for me. Teachers were really good and really helped students to strive for good grades and how important college is.
Ever since I moved to Archer High School, I have had the most wonderful experience there. The AP teachers are nice and very helpful, also the students are very accepting towards new students, and the vending machines have the best snacks!
Archer high school is a very well rounded school that focuses on not only sports, but also academics and fine arts. Archer has many outstanding honors club and societies. The community’s support of the fine arts program is also quite astonishing. There are hundreds of clubs that students are always allowed to join at any time.
I am a very proud Archer High School student and I'm involved in several clubs and extracurricular activities such as Varsity Basketball Cheer. Our school's football team receives a lot of attention from administration and students, yet basketball does not get as much love. Our girls basketball team made it as far as the finer four last year and we couldn't even get a pep rally to support them, or even a student section at any of the games to root them on. I wish my school would put just as much focus on other sports as they do football, to make all athletes feel supported.
I went to Archer High school for all four years. The teachers at this school are always willing to help their students!
I have had an amazing time going to archer high school. I have learned a lot, that before in my old school i have not receive. There are many clubs and opportunities for students to find things that they are interested in.
The teachers are always trying to help you be successful! They give you so many opportunities to fix your work but also always trying to get you to pass the first time!
Archer High School has an outstanding Ap department! The teachers are understanding and help the kids when they really need help! They also have great staff who are committed to helping kids.
I absolutely love Archer! The AP program is amazing and these students recieve excellent AP scores at the end of each year. The school is clean and kept up with. The students and faculty are all super nice!
Archer High School was a very welcoming school to join. Everyone there was nice and welcomed you with no hesitation. The teachers and curriculum really helped me prepare for college and disciplined me enough to be ready also
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Coming from another school, where the expectations of graduating were very low; this school has exceeded my expectations with the rigorous course work and college prep! The teachers are very well mannered and well spoken. The students are very respectable (with the exception of the select few that act out). The school overall is very clean and very up to date with all technology and teaching standards.
Archer High School is an excellent school. The teachers and staff care for the students and their education. The positive environment is great for learning and keeps you motivated to do better as a student. The students are nice and caring for one another.
I love archer I have enjoy my 4 years there. I love my teachers and mentor they all help me to be successful in there own way and im thankful for it.
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