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Not very diverse, as an African American female. I wish this school gave me more opportunities to excel, and boost myself confidence, which was very low at the time.
Archer High School is a great school, if you really apply yourself. Most teachers are more than willing to help you out, but you have to ask first to get a response. There’s nothing wrong with this, but while they are willing to help you, they don’t seem to care enough to go out of their way to make sure you’re on the right path. My biggest problem is that there is way too much drug use, racism (from all parties), name-calling, and swearing. I get it, it’s high school, but as I said earlier, the teachers/faculty don’t care enough to even try to solve these problems, and many people who don’t want to hear cussing for seven hours every day have to endure it when they are trying to learn. Overall, pretty clean school, average school food (meaning it’s terrible), nice but laidback staff, and fights. Many, many fights.
The faculty at this school is nothing more than a joke. They’re more worried about keeping the blatant racism quiet, than about actually dealing with it. The events they have for seniors is a joke, their 100 dollar prom has no food and is held at the same venue every year. Considering all the money they get, they’re extremely cheap and I for one am tired of it.
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Archer is a great school with a wide selection of AP classes, electives, and student led clubs and organizations. The staff there is very friendly, and I became good friends with many of my teachers. Archer has a wonderful sports program placing the most emphasis and funding on football, basketball, and wrestling, but Archer also has sports programs for most well-known sports including but not limited to soccer, golf, softball, volleyball, etc. Archer is also a very safe school with at least 2 school resource officers on duty during the school day. However, while the school is very safe from outside threats, there are often several fights that occur every year, and Archer has recently been in the news for videos of student fights surfacing on social media. However, these fights are often ended quickly by staff, and the students involved are strictly disciplined. Due to Archer's great AP program and myriad of clubs, I would recommend anyone to Archer High.
Archer High School was a good experience because it had many extracurricular activities open for students. There was a wide array of classes with nice teachers and diversity in the student body.
Our school offers challenging academic courses through our AP program that allow for students to push themselves for college credit. However, the culture and environment creates problems in student/staff relationships.
The AP program at Archer is above all its best feature; in regards to college preparation, I cannot comment because I never experienced career counseling. Overall a good school.
I moved to the Gwinett county school system the summer of my junior year coming from the Henry county school system where the schools are much smaller. Archer has a lot of nice facilities to offer and the teachers are very good but my only complaint would be the amount of communication between the school and students/parents.
Archer High School is a relatively new school, meaning it's fitted with all the accommodations a modern school and student will need, but however has its downsides. Located in Lawrenceville, a town booming in population and the school reputation itself attracts many and they expect all. Leading a constant roll of new and sometimes inexperienced teachers to fill space.
I liked that Archer had a very strong AP program, but they didn’t really do much to actually prepare us for how classes would be in college
Moving schools as a freshman was very nerve recking but students and teachers at Archer high school are very welcoming. They helped me have a smooth transition into the school. They even gave me a guide to help me find all my classes.
Time at Archer was an ok experience sometimes I feel Like I dont belong especially after coming from such a diverse school to one where being a minority is a problem and I feel like the administration doesn’t care about the problem
The majority of academics are great. I loved being in marching band and theater would have been amazing with a director who didn't pick favorites. As a vegetarian, the cafeteria was very accommodating!
The students WILL get on your nerves - can be incredibly cliquey, though this is subject to change as classes graduate. The food is tragic but you're getting fed. There are teachers who will do anything for you, and teachers who will let you sink - AP teachers always play favourites. Faculty is rude and I've been marked absent multiple times while being inside the building. Overall, you could do better, but it could always be worse.
I like how clean this school is. It’s maintained very well. Additionally students really communicate well with one another and support each other. What should change is the role teachers play. I feel most teachers are unmotivated and content to discuss how terrible their student s are rather than attempting to aid them.
Archer is a great school overall. As a junior, I'm proud to be a tiger and the memories I've made and the knowledge I gained here are irreplaceable. Although the student culture and certain teachers and policies could be better, the majority of students and teachers are amazing. I would like to see certain changes in policies and how they are enforced, I would reccomend Archer over other high schools. Go tigers!!!
I think Archer is a very good school for a parent to send their child. Compared to other schools,academically Archer has some of the top test scores. The administration and faculty make sure to help in any way that they can. They make sure parents are informed about anything that happens to their child at school. Overall, my experience at Archer is something that I will never forget.
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My overall experience over the course of 4 years was well. I was able to get a quality education since my school really pushed us to indulge in our academics wholeheartedly. Although, I received an extremely good education, I would recommend that my school also allow for students to get more opportunities to have fun. We rarely had pep rallies or school festivals compared to the other schools close by. I believe my school is able to balance education and fun, so they should incorporate more opportunities for students to enjoy themselves while at school.
Archer was a wonderful high school with great students and staff. As of late the athletics have only gotten better and the multitude of extracurricular activities really bolsters the school's overall appeal.
When it comes to sports, Archer High School is amazing. When it comes to other areas, not so much. I wish the teachers would care more about academics.
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