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Archer City ISD is a great school with many great facilities. There are so many technology opportunities within the school district, and I was blessed to be able to use some state of the art equipment. However, I would like to see a change in the idea of college readiness.
My years at ACHS have been the best years of my life. I have learned so much and have grown as a person. Archer City High School has not only taught me what I need to know for college but also what I need to learn for life itself. Social skills, manners, integrity, and so much more. I wouldn't want to see anything change about Archer City.
Good school to send your kids to, great students and teachers. Friendly environment everywhere, and the teachers are very helpful. The school spirit is wonderful.
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School food is monitored by government facilities. The cafeteria workers do as instructed and try to provide a suitable amount of lunch for all students and teachers. The cafeteria could use some remodeling as various items are out of date and need improvements. Students with special dietary accommodations are provided with those needs.
Facilities at the school are okay. Currently our school is going to be rebuilt. The Community will be getting a new school. Facilities are being updated for student and teacher purposes. Technology is being bought to improve teachers curriculum and students learning key technology skills.
Students are able to choose to participate athletically in volleyball, football, cheerleading, cross country, basketball, baseball, softball, track, golf, or tennis. Extracurricular activities consist of one act play, band, FCCLa, FFA, glee club, FCA or Student Council. Tutoring is provided free of charge to students after school on Monday - Thursday until 4:30 and students are also able to come before school at 7:30.
Our school health a safety policies are great. Students are drug tested every nine weeks to allow participation in academics as well as sport activities. Our school nurse is great at meeting students personal medicine diagnosis as well as providing medication to students who enter the office feeling sick. Our school is very safe at maintaining health regulations.
School administration is great. The Administration is very involved in both our high school and elementary school campus. Administration works to meet needs of both teachers and students. The Principal is very involved in working to improve each student as a class and an individual. The Guidance Counselor goes above and beyond to meet students needs and wishes. The Counselor helps students who need schedule changes to be met to the need and students needing advice on future career and work choices. Bullying is taken very seriously at our campus. We do quarterly assemblies to help promote and check up on our campus atmosphere concerning bullying. Dress code is enforced when students do not meet clothing or hair requirements. Our campus would not be as successful as it is without the help and support from school administration.
There isn't a large variety for studets to choose from. Most people don't even eat the sides; they just get ice cream instead.
Overall Archer is a pretty good school. I attended school there since I was 7 years of age to graduation my senior year. The teachers are relatively easy to get along with, and are willing to help their students with whatever problems they may have. My best relationships came from this school. I met my best friend of 11 years here, my boyfriend, and a three teachers that mean the world to me and I will definitely miss! Classes are pretty easy to follow along as long as you pay attention. I have made a lot of great memories throughout the years at Archer and I am definitely going to miss walking the halls of this school! I plan on going back and visiting often.
The teachers are great. Some have different ways of teaching compared to others, but they always keep class interesting! Teachers here take a great interest in the students and are willing to help in any way they can. They can help with homework, advice, school functions, and the ones you have formed closer bonds with, are the ones who let you know you can always come to them if you need someone to talk to. Our teachers constantly told us, if you need help; ask. They would often get up and walk around the room to see how the kids were doing. They would ask how they were doing, and if they saw a student struggling with the work, they offered assistance.
We have a great athletic department. We have a lot of coaches who really care about the students. While winning is important, they focus their energy on helping us succeed in other areas besides sports such as school activites, classes, encourage us to make good moral choices, and are active in church. These coaches are setting great examples for all the kids who attend. Athletes are well taken care of and are pushed to reach their potential. Our coaches sacrifice so much time just to try to help us do our best. Everyone at the school, students and teachers alike, are extremely supportive. For a small school, big crowds always attend games and the students encourage and cheer on fellow athletes.
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