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Archbold High School is an excellent school. The relationship between teachers and students is great, as well as the administration. If you are looking for a school that prepares their students for college look no further. From junior year on the classes are really geared toward your future success no matter what it is you want to do. The class diversity is excellent, and it is hard to be disappointed in your class choice. Some classes are really hard, but after it is all done you are really glad that you went through it. I hated my English classes but after a while, you realize that they are just preparing you for future success. Archbold High School is the best school in northwest Ohio hands down.
I enjoyed the athletic events of Archbold High School. The community supports our sports teams very well. The high school teachers were also very good. There were a few that I had negative experiences with but that is impossible to avoid. Now that I am graduating this spring I see that a large majority of teachers actually care about you and your future. They are very helpful and go out of there way to help students be the best they can be.
A great D3 public school that holds their students to a high standard and prepares them well for college. The transition for me from Archbold to college was very easy. The teachers here care about you, and how you are performing not only as a student, but in life.
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Archbold High School is an excellent local, public school for the surrounding community members. With a strong passion for future preparedness, educators put themselves in front of students to give them the best education possible. The educators care about the children and their success both in and out of the classroom. The community support behind the school and its students is astounding and evident. Great local school system!
I really love going to Archbold High School! The teachers really have a passion for teaching and it’s great getting to see my friends everyday. I really like the size of the school and the atmosphere it gives!
My experience with high school was okay. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't amazing either. Some teachers were amazing, but some teachers were bad. Some students were nice, but some students were bullies. That's why I give Archbold High School 3 stars
Archbold has been a great place for me to go to school. I have been able to form relationships with a lot of my teachers and everyone seems to care about you like a family member. Our students have drive, enthusiasm, and are always ready for action.
Loved the administration and teaching staff! I think the School lacks good lunches to provide for the kids, and also the facilities could be improved upon slightly, but overall had a good experience at Archbold High school.
I love how clean and organized the school was. The high school teachers always dressed and acted in a professional manner. The curriculum was more difficult than that of other schools that I have previously been to and it prepared me well for college. The sports teams were always so much fun to be apart of and by their reputation, I was able to get a softball scholarship for a D2 school. The only thing that I would try to change would be to ensure that every student feels welcomed and to keep an eye out for bullying. Many times people view archbold as a "rich town full of rich kids," as there is a great deal of truth to this, not all of those kids come from wealthy families.
The academics at Archbold High School are excellent. Students are able to get an education while being in many extra curricular activities. The faculty at Archbold High School consists of caring and supportive people. Overall, the atmosphere is very welcoming.
There is a wide range of student sports. The only thing I believe this school lacks is more educational groups.
This school has a very unique thing about it. There are alot of different friend groups within this school. The good thing is, is that everyone can find a friend that is just like themselves!
Many of the teachers at Archbold High School, are very engaging! Most of the teachers provide out of school help for students in need of extra help. Almost all of the teachers answer the students questions to their best abilities and are always prepared for the questions from the students.
The scheduling process is very easy, due to the help of teachers and the curriculum has a variety of choices. The work load increases as you get older, but there is options for tutoring.
There is not much bullying, or fights at this school. The safety is good and we have never had a problem. We lock the doors and do fire drills, along with ALICE drills. The nurse is very nice and available to everyone at any time. We do blood drives and lots of people participate.
At this school there are many options for sports and we have musicals that are open to everyone. We also have clubs, which are active and participate with the school. The school offers after school tutoring also, which is very helpful.
I started at this school my freshmen year, from a different school and the students were and still are friendly. There are the usual clicks, but that's Highschool. The sporting events are always packed and have themes. This school takes a lot of time planning prom, and it always turns out wonderful. I would do all this over again, but I would go to more sporting events and get more involved.
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At this school, we have fun, engaging teachers that really want us to do good in school and prep us for college. Some teachers do not show intrest or liking to students, and the styles of teaching some students do not agree with. Over all most of the staff is kind and want us to do well, while taking our ideas into consideration.
My school is very unique from other schools in the area because we are a vocational school. We focus on the student's urge to get out into the workfield. The teachers are very helpful and eager to teach and the students are just as nice. I would definitely chose this school, over the others in the area, if I had to do it all over again.
The school safety and health is great here. We do drug testing and have locked doors and sign in sheets.
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