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I loved AWHS! It is a middle sized Catholic high school that was a family. All students were friendly with each other, and the teachers seemed to genuine care for each student. The Principal would come to every sports meet/game and cheer with the other fans. In addition, our principal would mail us personal letters of congratulations/encouragement when we accomplished something great, were injured or even when we failed at something. I truly did not want to graduate, because AWHS was home to me.
AWHS has been a wonderful experience for our Freshman daughter. We sought a small, well rounded, co-ed environment to bolster her growth into adulthood. She has grown in independence and maturity. The academic, athletic and administrative staffs have been proactive and responsive. As a family, we are pleased with our choice. "Go Bishops!"
Great school that gets better every year! The teachers and faculty get to know each kid and really care. The grounds and facilities are constantly being updated and upgraded.
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The school is investing significant capital dollars to bring the campus up to modern day. My two kids attend the school and they absolutely love it. As a parent it provides a great platform for kids to seek out their interests and thrive ! Great school !
It's a great school, nice and small where you make friends for a lifet. It has truly got me ready for college. The sports teams are great here expescially the boys hockey and girls basketball. There are many clubs to it's easy to get involved. The teachers are great and are always there for assistance. The food here is decent. The make very good muffins. Overall, it's a great school and would recommend it to anyone.
It was a decent education. From being out of the school for the past two years, I can say that it did shape who I was as a person but on the day to day, it was just typically high school. It was the same things that happened at any other school but you just had to put on a skirt and polo in the morning.
The teachers are extremely accommodating to students and there for them at any given time as needed.
The school is extremely safe.
There is so much extracurricular opportunities at this school.
My son has really strived at this school. All the kids attending this school are like one big family. They support and are there for each other.
There are many options for extracurriculars and most students participate in them.
It's a big family that everyone usually fits into.
Being able to use iPads adds to the overall experience of the school. Teachers work hard to make it fun for students sometimes.
The school would address any serious health issues when it was convenient to address it.
The extracurriculars are limited at this school, there is nothing to do besides sports or the play.
My experience was good and I am grateful for the education I received.
I would say the teaching staff is split some care about the students and others, either favor certain students or disregard them all together.
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There are enough extracurricular activities for most kids to become involved with at our school. There is a lot of flexibility with the timing of the clubs, so in case you have a sport or need extra help you don't have to attend that activity that day. There is the writing club, drama club, sports, dance club, SADD, volunteering, student council, prom committee, yearbook committee, Europe trips, retreats, etc. I really enjoy the activities that I partake in and I hope to continue in college.
I really like my school that I attend. I love the students and most everyone are friends at the school as there doesn't seem to be any bullying that exists and everyone is friendly to one another. It is a very supportive school. It has a lot of school spirit and even the Seniors and teachers get involved which is sometimes not often at other high schools. I would definitely choose this school all over again if did it over, because it is "just me." It fits my character and qualities I look for in a school.
I think most of the teachers care about the students and try to help those students who struggle or need extra help. Many of them are older so I think it may be time to hire some younger teachers who can bring more vitality into the classroom. Teacher style is traditional and could use some updating while the grading is inconsistent as your grade sometimes is based on what teacher you receive for the year (impossible grading to very fair). I do think many of the teachers are involved in the school besides just for academics as many attend sports events, spirit week, the talent show, etc. Overall, I really like my school and I am glad I decided to come here for my four years of high school.
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