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Archbishop Walsh High School Reviews

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This school doesn’t supply any support for students with special needs. The school doesn’t accept people for who they are they just bully the students. The teachers don’t explain the content at all to their students.
Archbishop Walsh is a small school, that lets students take freedom in their academic learning and offers supportive staff. If students need to push themselves, they have freedom to do it. If students who fall behind aren't as responsible for their academics, the staff has their backs and will push them with tutor opportunities and academic labs to make up missed work and not fail classes. The classes are like family to one another; you know everybody so well, you all have each others backs. We have foreign exchange students in most of our grades, so diversity is great. We learn on an IB scale, were taught to think for ourselves. I wish that the school management was a little better in strictness, and more picky about some of the teachers they hire. Although, the students speak and the staff listens, and Walsh is an amazing community to be apart of.
Plenty of clubs and activities. Dedicated teachers and administration. Art and music are classes every grade takes, they haven't been cut like public school. IB challenging and helps with college readiness. Community service is emphasized. Many more opportunities than local public schools.
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Happy my daughter chose a private Catholic education over the public school
Strict Catholic and religious teachings......responsibility and respect emphasized....not like the public schools
Teachers are dedicated.....some just out of grad school. It would be nice if we could afford to pay them more...its a very small school.
Everyone is family and gets along!
Strict dress code. strict attendance policy. they should reinstate senior privelages
Nothing to write home about....not very good
Small classes....not a high enrollment as school is making a comeback
Cafeteria and kitchen need to be updated....parent involvement is supreme....very active! Restrooms and student senior lounge need updating.
boys basketball, softball, soccer and golf. Girls basketball, volleyball, cheerleading.
disorganized needs to be more concise clearer
disorganized, last minute, not consistent
would be easy to expand if more student population
ib great idea teachers need help instrumenting it poor guidance
sports good depending on coaches
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some days not worth the extra money altho is safer then public school
Policies not in place in total. Policies existing not enforced with consistancy
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