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Strong parent, teacher, and admin involvement in all aspects. My son is well prepared to start college.
As an alum of Archbishop Stepinac High School I can honestly say that the school was very good at getting me ready for college with their academics, the sports at my old highschool were really good the football, and basketball team we’re both very good with the football team winning states two years out of the four that I was there
I love my school from the moment I spent a day here I knew it was the right choice. All the students are great and it's a very diverse school. The teachers are also great. They help you whenever you need them and they are very flexible with their schedule. I honestly wouldn't change anything
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Great school community and environment. Teachers care about the students not just academically but socially as well. Technology and education are linking and the main focus of the school's learning evironment
Good school for college preparatory and helps boys really develop into young men. Academically, challenging enough and most teachers are decent like any school some better then others. Changed tremendously for the better since I attended
I liked the community spirit of the school. There were many opportunities to fundraise and volunteer. There were many different groups and clubs along with all the sports that the school supported.
Great school, lots of activities and sports. Small school lots to offer. The school counselors are great very helpful. The teachers are ok.
From day one everyone was very helpfull the teachers and staff want to see everyone succeed and do everything they can to help everyone is a family I would not change a thing
This school does not prepare your son for college. The Students are rude and school is the second most important part of the school. If you have a 90 average at Stepinac you will not get into the college if it is between you and another 90 student from another All Boys Preparatory School. The Alumni association is weak and laughable.
Truly the definition of a college preparatory. At Stepinac, the school environment is very enriching with unique teaching methods such as flipped classrooms, online homework, interactive learning websites, and caring teachers. There is a sense of camaraderie within the student body and it is very easy to meet life long friends. The school is very diverse so throughout the 4 years you get to meet people from all around the world. We have the best football team in Westchester County and the best part is there are multiple delicious options for lunch.
Overall I think Stepinac is a great school. The academics are great, and our sports programs are excellent. The building is pretty old, and it shows in certain places but I've never felt like the school is rundown or anything. The most common complaints that I hear about Stepinac are the teachers and the food.
My experience at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains was one of the best experiences of my life
My son was involved in Student Government, while also playing three sports. It was a lot to balance with his school work, but I think it better prepared him for managing his time.
Living in White Plains, we had the choice to send our boys to the local public high school (which is very good) or to send them to Stepinac. I believe we made the right decision. They both have grown academically, socially, and spiritually, and I am very grateful for the families I have met and the friends they have made from all across Westchester and of all different backgrounds.
My son had incredible teachers over his four years at Stepinac. His freshman English teacher made him into a writer, and I was amazed to see his work by the time he was a senior. He was an honors student so he had the opportunity to take a good amount of AP classes, and the knowledge of the instructors in subjects such as calculus and computer science were major factors in getting him into the colleges of his choice.
Stepinac has everything from the Drama Club to a ping pong club. There is definitely something for every student, whether it is a serious club geared to get you ready for the real world, or simply a leisure activity to spend some time with classmates. I also experienced many clubs starting during my time, which always allow for new ideas.
Wouldn't trade my experience at Stepinac for anything. A very formative four years.
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Rats and roaches all throughout the school. Mouse traps in the lunchroom. Many meals are inedible.
The health and safety is great at Stepinac. I have never encountered anyone actually getting bullied or physically assaulted for no reason. The video cameras installed across the school are another safety precaution that has made stealing an almost non existent problem and keeps kids in check. The school nurse and health resources are standard of any private catholic school. I feel very safe walking the halls and around the campus. The health and safety of students in undoubtedly one of the highest priorities at Stepinac.
There are a multitude of extra circular opportunities for students. Stepinac's clubs cover a wide variety of interests from film, video games, photography, drama, sports, and many more. The level of commitment varies from club to club; the sports teams and drama club may require many hours of practice while the Kan Jam club or ping pong may only ask you show up when you want to. The moderators of all clubs and after school activities are excellent at what they do and extremely dedicated. Director Frank Portanova of the drama club has garnered numerous awards and recognition. Another great example is football Head coach Mike O'donnell who has built an impressive legacy over his years at Stepinac.
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