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Archbishop Spalding High School Reviews

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I had an incredible experience at Archbishop Spalding High School. I felt so prepared when going to college. The academics are tough, yet the actual life as a high school student is great too.
Spalding is an amazing school with understanding, supportive faculty and hardworking students. It’s an excellent environment for academics and social life.
Absolutely Amazing, teachers are great, students are reapectful, education is outstanding, we love it!
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This school physically is outstanding. Everything in this school is updated and helps further my education with the new technology that it provides. The teachers here are average. Some of them are excellent but some are not meant for the lifestyle. What I can say is that almost every single teacher that I have encountered wants you to succeed and further your education. The only downside about this school is the people. You will meet some amazing people here but also a lot of people come from the same middle school so it is very cliquey when you get here.
Awesome school! Something for everyone at this school. You can have it all. Sports, music, theatre, engineering,........ Any club you can think of. Lots of school spirit. Students want to do well at this school. It is cool to be jock or nerd. Its all OK.
This is an amazing environment to be a part of and I will forever be thankful for the students, teachers, administration, and faculty that I have met while attending Spalding. I have also been given so many amazing opportunities here that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I am a member of the girls lacrosse team, the Music program, and the National Honor Society. I would recommend Spalding to anyone who want to be in an environment where people truly care about your well being, because you will never find a place like this anywhere else.
Fantastic teachers that are truly invested in the students. Excellent academic and athletic programs.
I have started to love my high school experience. Freshman year was a rough transition for me, but now I have seen so much growth at the hands of myself and my school. I feel as though the community within the school has surrounded me with support when I most needed it.
I love the community feel of Archbishop Spalding, all the teacher are always willing and able to help out with anything.
The atmosphere at Spalding makes learning enjoyable. We are led by an incredible President and Principal who always look out for their students and are there when they are needed.
I feel that Spalding has prepared me for college next year because of the rigorous academics. Teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful.
An overall great school that fosters growth within every student and truly challenges you every day. There is a huge emphasis on sports, which can be a good or bad thing. Overall, while classes are hard, there is something for everyone.
Spalding has been my home for over 3 years. Making the decision to come here was so easy and i'm very glad I did. Spalding is welcoming and diverse. Everyone becomes your family and the student life is great. School spirit is always high and important here. I love Spalding and feel I have been academically challenged all the years.
The music program is excellent, and the school offers opportunities for every student. The academic program is very good, and I feel that the school has helped to prepare me for college.
Enjoyed years there and feel confident that I will be ready for college because of the education I received.
The school exemplifies excellence in all aspects. Our teachers go above and beyond for their students.
I loved my time at Spalding. The teachers were engaging and really made sure that you learned the material well. The students were friendly for the most part although there were naturally cliques. I was a part of the music and theatre programs. They have an amazing music program, with many choirs and bands to participate in as well as a yearly band trip. They just renovated their theater and front hall. The building is nice to be in with plenty of classrooms and space. The only complaint I have is the upper floor gets pretty hot in the summer.
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I honestly love this school. Excellent academics, excellent teachers... I never thought I'd be one to show school spirit and go to football games, but I just love and support this school so much. I'm in all honors classes and I do music and theatre; it's really unfair to other highschools how good out theatre is. Everyone is nice and supportive.
Great academics and the teachers challenge the students with interesting discussions and classwork. Plenty of opportunities to find the area you excel in with many clubs and athletics.
I would send my children here if I am in Maryland. Most of the faculty and staff here are very friendly. The students are generally nice and minorities are accepted. you can tell a lot of the kids there grew up together though. The sports are fun to watch and the plays are wonderful. overall a really good school to attend
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