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Fantastic school with great academics featuring a multitude of AP, dual enrollment and honors courses. Opportunities to be on staff of local newspapers, work with business executives on real community projects and student filled faculty positions give students valuable experience in real world positions of responsibility. Shaw is a dream school for any student!
Fights hard against unjust negative stereotypes. Fantastic administration, faculty, and staff. Students are taught good morals and a quality education.
Both of my sons graduated from Archbishop Shaw High School. They both went on to graduate from college in four years because they were well prepared for the academics and social culture that they would experience. They were both able to take college credit and AP classes where they were able to enter college with earned credit hours giving them a jump on their college courses. They were both extremely active in multiple sports as well as many extra curricular clubs. And most importantly they were able to strengthen their relationship with God through the many religious program the school offers through masses, youth ministry, retreats, service projects, and many more. Archbishop Shaw has a lot to offer and I highly recommend the school to anyone looking for a diverse Catholic school for their son.
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Great school. Improving academics and digital based. All students receive a chrome book and all books are books. There are no book charges. The school is making a serious attempt to go paperless. If a student wants a digital experience this school is the place to go.
I would say that my experience at Shaw was amazing. I found myself to become a better overall person. I was able to find my faith in God to become a better Catholic and I was able to be taught what it took to become a man and a contributor to the community.
Archbishop Shaw High School is a great school with great passion to maximize your success in college and in life. Shaw prepares you mentally and physically to what expect on your career path to success. Shaw has a legacy of great alumnus who became highly respected and triumph in life which displays the true meaning of being a Shaw Eagle. Ever Striving, Ever Achieving.
Teachers will try to prevent it if they see it.
Emphasis on sports and pretty much nothing else.
Not amazing compared to schools from other states.
Some teachers force their teaching onto students.
Archbishop Shaw has excellent policies & procedures that are implemented fairly and compassionately.
Archbishop Shaw has a comprehensive plan which they implement it effectively and compassionately.
Archbishop Shaw is a true Salesian School that proivides the young men of our area a place were they can earn a great education, play & have fun, share a true family experience, & develop their relationship with God.
Many of the teacher are alumnus of Archbishop Shaw, and they take pride in sharing their knowledge, experience and school traditions.
Very safe and feels like a home always welcoming
I wouldn't change a second
I love all of them
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Our school has many clubs and extracurricular activities to where every student had a opportunity to get involved.
Between balancing school and fun, Shaw is the place to go! Shaw is a school with great brotherhood and it feels more like a home than a school.
The teachers at Archbishop Shaw are wonderful. All of them genuinely care about not only your education, but actually you as a person too. Also, they are always willing to help no matter what the topic.
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