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The academics and extracurriculars are very good, but some of the teachers and administration do not treat the students with respect at all.
My Ryan family helped me through the bad times and shared many awesome memories. I will cherish my four years there and I hope I become life-long friends with the Class of 2018. I fell certain that we are ready for the future. We are prepared for college. We are ... AR.
My experience at Archbishop Ryan was amazing. The music department is wonderful. I was in Concert Band and Marching Band. The teachers are always there when you need help with anything.
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At Archbishop Ryan there are so many sports and clubs to join. I played lacroosee my freshman and sophomore year. I also played soccer all four years being the starting goalie for three. The staff and faculty at Ryan try to connect with the students to help them succeed threw the year. One thing that every Ryan student look forward to is color games. Color games is when you join together with your grade and compete. There are academic games and lunch games like volley ball, basket ball, and Hulu hoop competitions which anyone can sign up for. The last day of color games we have a talent show and sports games.
Overall, my experience with Archbishop Ryan High School is a positive one. I transferred to this school my sophomore year of high school and immediately fell in love with the comrade and commitment emptied into this school so that the students can have a lasting as well as an instructional experience for their education.
I enjoyed my time at archbishop ryan high school. One thing i would change about the school is the diversity. about 90% of the school is white so sometimes you can feel a little left out if you are a minority.
Student from 2010 to 2014. Had a good time with majority of great teachers and great activities. Athletics were prime of the time when I was enrolled. Great music and theater programs. CAD class was my favorite of all my classes. Really prepares you and challenges you for the real world (depending on professors).
I am currently a senior and have loved my time at Ryan! I am so happy that I chose this school and am grateful for the students and the few teachers whom have made my experience here absolutely indispensable. However, I feel like my experience would have not been possible had I not been an Honors and AP student all 4 years. Many students I have met in the other Tracks have not had the same responses as me and I truly hope that Ryan's Administration will reevaluate how much they are willing to change their system. The lack of the teachers' credibility and passion for education and their students' success is atrocious.I have witnessed the teachers talk down on students who were not in Honors/AP as if they were the most stupid creatures on Earth. Any teacher who dares to speak to any human being in such an inappropriate manner does not deserve to have the privilege of teaching future leaders of the world. I hope Ryan's administration will reevaluate the quality of Ryan education.
Archbishop Ryan is an above average school in Philadelphia, PA. The teachers are good for the most part. The principle and administration are great. Easy to make friends here.
Choosing to attend Archbishop Ryan has been one of the best decisions that I have made for myself. At first, I was a little unsure if Ryan was the best school for me because I was afraid of the size. I was nervous about going to a school of that size. The size is now one of the positives of Ryan. Archbishop Ryan has so much to offer from sports, clubs, and so much more. I have made so many life long friends at school that I couldn't have done if I didn't go to Ryan. Archbishop Ryan is a wonderful school.
My overall experience at Archbishop Ryan was very good. I feel well prepared for college. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable and friendly.
I had a good experience in this high school, there were a lot of clubs and also good teachers. I would like to see a change in some of the classes we had to take when we didn't actually needed in our future life
Great preparation for college.
Lots of activities, sports & clubs to get involved.
Made friends for a lifetime!!
If you are a current student, I encourage you to join a club or after school activity. It makes high school worth it.
My four years at Ryan prepared me for my future schooling. The teaching staff was dedicated and knowledgeable. They made every attempt to develop the students into well rounded adults. They had numerous extra curricular activities for the students to participate in, and strived to have award winning teams.
If you are considering sending your child to this school I would reconsider. I wish I did. The teachers aren't very good and most do t care about the student getting an education. The office workers are rude and will hang up on you if they can't answer your question. The administration treats the seniors who are mostly adults like they are in grade school. Plus I was told by an employee that enrollment has been going down every year. This is the reason for the high tuition of $9100 next year. Lord only knows what it will be next year.
One of the things I like best about Archbishop Ryan is the students I met during my four years attending. Along with the amazing staff, Archbishop Ryan has surrounded me with amazing people that I happily call my bestfriends. The teachers work to keep you college ready and the students that are all around you only motivate you to succeed in all that you do.
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I enjoyed my 4 years at Ryan. Lots of friends and memories were made. I feel that I am prepared to go to college.
Archbishop Ryan High School was an overall good experience. The school was fairly well equipped, filled with opportunities, and had very friendly staff. The only major problem that I had was the preparation for college wasn't there, though that's an ongoing issue with plenty of schools. In my experience there was a somewhat lack of parent involvement. Every once in a while the parents were invited to meet the teachers to discuss their child's grades and progress, besides that there wasn't much. The food in the cafeteria was not that great besides the classic "hot cheese" sandwich that was a staple of lunch at school. The teachers where for the most part good educators, some took their teacher status to more of a overlord level making them less approachable, but many others were fair. I would recommend looking at other options for schooling that may be better for college preparation such as Holy Ghost Prep or MaST Charter, but Ryan is a fair choice.
They are open to new techniques and technology.
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