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Archbishop Rummel High School Reviews

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Academically speaking, Archbishop Rummel was a great school. My time there was short, but I genuinely learned more in my two grades there than all other ten grades at other schools. Some of my teachers there were great, passionate and helpful as ever. However, some teachers were seriously unqualified for their positions, even as students complained these oversights were not addressed until it was too late. As for the problem with clubs and after-school activities, there is not much diversity. The clubs were dominated and overshadowed by sports there were not many options. Finally, the students were attitudes were quite problematic. Many of the students that were there were often incredibly disrespectful but also plagued with extreme prejudice and bigotry. The school helped me improve my grades astoundingly, but the administration barely does anything to address many of the current problems the school is facing.
Throught my high school career I am constantly thankful for being given the opportunity to go to this wonderful school that has prepared me so much for my future both academically and morally.
I am a Senior at Archbishop Rummel High School. I do think is an excellent school because the safety, culture, the education, teachers are excellent, the resources to students are endless, really prepare you for college
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Very strict, can be overwhelming at times. Some teachers can’t control their classes. Overall though it isn’t a decent school.
The food quality has gone down since I've started there. Although the academics have increased and I feel that they've well prepared us for college.
My experience at Rummel High School was great they focused on each student as a person, I loved that the most. My 4 years there was awesome I will never forget. I liked the teachers they care about you and if you seem to need help they are there for you. I would not change anything!!
I love the school spirit, the sports and the school.
I like the teachers but some of them need to change the methods of studying and review for exams and tests
Archbishop Rummel High School is an incredible school that really transformed me into the man I am today. If it were not for all of the support from the school, teachers, and my peers, I sincerely would not know where I would be today. The teachers want to see you succeed and are always available to the students. The student body has a lot of school spirit and enjoys to cheer on our great football team. I definitely will miss this school.
You can even make up your own!
It was very quick and easy
There is a great environment at all events.
Some teachers help out a lot, and some don't want to be bothered.
They really try hard to get involved!
Rumble prepared me extremely well for college academic wise however there are a few things that I fell no school can you prepare you for and those things have to be made by yourself using you best intuition which Rummel did well with because they strive to have their students be the best person they can be whether its in the classroom, outside of school, and spiritually.
There isn't a school nurse but faculty is extremely strict on violence.
There are a variety of food vendors to choose from.
Policies are family strict yet manageable.
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The school is pretty diverse, however being a Catholic school, majority of the students are catholic.
There is a strong bond with your fellow classmates, the faculty is awesome, and it's something you have to experience for yourselves.
Some buildings are older than others but just recent the school has installed new windows.
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