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My son was struggling at a different high school and placed on academic probation. We decided to move him to Riordan his junior year and join the RSP program. That year he made the honor role. His senior year he applied to several colleges and got accepted to most. If not for Riordan and it’s RSP program he would not be successful at his favorite college.
Riordan is a safe place with a long and rich tradition of educating the young men of San Francisco in a diverse community. The Brotherhood is strong and an integral part of the students development and identity. The academics, sports music and drama are very strong and new enrichment courses such as auto shop and engineering are improving Riordan's well rounded experience. I have an alum son, a current student and a future Crusader as well as a proud alumni husband.
Riordan truly serves the needs of young men. The school graduates students who are intelligent (attend great colleges and have great careers), thoughtful (open doors for visitors!) and care about the world around them (engage in a life service). Faculty, administration, and coaches know how to teach and mentor boys. The school truly lives its mission to educate in the family spirit, which includes engaging and caring for students, families, alumni, and the greater community.

...and, the food in the cafeteria is so good!
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Archbishop Riordan is a great school. My son was happy and thriving in the 4 years he attended. The faculty and staff work hard to do their best for the students. I came to discover that sending your son to an all-male high school is truly a gift and will stay with him his whole life. The family spirit is very apparent. They are all good boys.
Great School. Focused on the individual needs of each student, not just the majority. Offer advanced courses , as well as, resource support classes. Every year, we have seen resources put into student and campus needs. Impressive! Polite young men.
Archbishop Riordan High School is an outstanding college prep school designed for high achievers and also students who need resource support. My experience was very positive and I have made many life-long friends.
I like the diversity and the academic challenges that Riordan has to offer. They are truly helping me to prepare for college.
Really changed me as a person, friend, and as a brother.
I never got too experience having siblings but during my four years here I gained bonds that will last my entire life.
What I want to change is the conduct and training for the Tennis program. In my opinion, the Tennis program lacks proficiency in both teaching and training.
I'm going to the summer school and starting my Freshman year in the fall.
I like my teachers, my mates.
Riordan provided an education valued around the whole person.
This school sense of community enables students to reach their potential and achieve lofty goals. A great experience!
My son has finished his freshman year at ARHS and he had an amazing experience. He came from an all-boys K-8 school and did not have the most positive experience so we were surprised when he chose ARHS for high school. But, it has been an amazing fit. The academics are challenging, but manageable and he has been able to participate in athletics, something that would not be possible at some of the other private schools in the area. We have had great teachers this year, but there have been some glitches. There are some teachers that do not post grades nor respond to parent emails in a timely manner. They also use multiple ways of posting homework that was at first confusing for my son, but he eventually figured it out. They are also moving to a house system for next year which I am not sure how I feel about it, but I am open-minded and hopeful. Overall, ARHS has been a wonderful experience for my son!
It was an all male school that provided almost every student with some form tuition aid and provided students and teachers a family environment. The school put too much emphasis on discipline, that it often has the opposite effect on students than it intended
This school really has something for everyone. It's small enough that the boys get individual attention, but large enough to offer opportunities for just about every kind of kid. There are tons of clubs, a good variety of sports, music, theater and a new Maker Space. Some great teachers and some not so great teachers, but overall a solid education.
This school is tough starting in freshman year and stays that way. Everyone here is smart. Getting through even just one year at Riordan is an accomplishment all on its own. The education I have received has been unbelievable. The food is a solid 10/10. It is often hard to feel adequate in a sea of some of the smartest students in the country but it is even harder to remember that you are one of them. When I look around at the students I have gone to school with for the past years of my life, I see the people who are going to do incredible things in the future. I have been absolutely lucky to have attended this school. Getting to senior year at Riordan is almost a guarantee that you will have a bright future. Now that I am a senior who has just completed his last Fall Trimester at this school, I can safely say that, despite all the stress this school has given, I love this school. There is no place on Earth quite like Riordan.
My experience at Riordan was amazing and a truly life-changing experience. The brotherhood and connections that are made once someone becomes a Riordan Crusader last a life time. Not only do you get a great education, but a student transitions from being a boy into a man of the future. An experience that can not be matched at any other highschool.
The school is unique. I did not like many aspects of the school and administration. The community is what makes Riordan a four star school. The teachers were always supportive and encouraging and everyone else at Riordan becomes your brother.
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Riordan, an all-male high school, offers a unique opportunity that turns boys into men by the time they graduate and I am glad that I seized that opportunity. What I love the most about Riordan is "brotherhood" relationshipa that are shared amongst the entirety of the student body. I came in as a nervous freshman with no friends, and am preparing to leave with people I highly consider part of my extended family. They are my brothers. The only thing that I would change about the school is the school spirit and getting students out to sporting events.
Archbishop Riordan is a good school with teachers always willing to help students who need it, and or are looking for it. The academics are good and there are many ways to involve yourself with the school.
Located near City College of San Francisco, Archbishop Riordan High School is famous for its retention of an all-male style Catholic education. The school requires students to study religion throughout their four years. ARHS really prepared me for the workload of college, and instilled the idea of giving back to the community within my character. My experience at ARHS was not the pinnacle of my lifetime; however, and I would rather have attended another college-prep institution for a better social atmosphere. Academically, I was challenged, but I was completely neglected socially and emotionally by the staff, students, and faculty. ARHS tends to have a group of passionate, yet, rather exclusive students, teachers, and faculty. Inside jokes are part of the culture at ARHS. The student body is also notorious for creating cliques around different areas, whether they are sports, technology (IT), or theater. Part of the reason this is so is the "all-male" aspect of ARHS.
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