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175 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 586-8200
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  • Freshman Olympics competition by homeroom class
  • Kairos
  • Basketball Games
  • Football Games
  • The Mother Son Dance is my favorite event.
  • Lunch time
  • The welcoming breakfast for freshman moms is next


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Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities
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My son has finished his freshman year at ARHS and he had an amazing experience. He came from an all-boys K-8 school and did not have the most positive experience so we were surprised when he chose ARHS for high school. But, it has been an amazing fit. The academics are challenging, but manageable and he has been able to participate in athletics, something that would not be possible at some of the other private schools in the area. We have had great teachers this year, but there have been some glitches. There are some teachers that do not post grades nor respond to parent emails in a timely manner. They also use multiple ways of posting homework that was at first confusing for my son, but he eventually figured it out. They are also moving to a house system for next year which I am not sure how I feel about it, but I am open-minded and hopeful. Overall, ARHS has been a wonderful experience for my son!
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Located near City College of San Francisco, Archbishop Riordan High School is famous for its retention of an all-male style Catholic education. The school requires students to study religion throughout their four years. ARHS really prepared me for the workload of college, and instilled the idea of giving back to the community within my character. My experience at ARHS was not the pinnacle of my lifetime; however, and I would rather have attended another college-prep institution for a better social atmosphere. Academically, I was challenged, but I was completely neglected socially and emotionally by the staff, students, and faculty. ARHS tends to have a group of passionate, yet, rather exclusive students, teachers, and faculty. Inside jokes are part of the culture at ARHS. The student body is also notorious for creating cliques around different areas, whether they are sports, technology (IT), or theater. Part of the reason this is so is the "all-male" aspect of ARHS.
I will admit that Riordan did not start off great for me. Through the years, it has gotten so much better, and there is truly a brotherhood. The academics and sports are a lot better than they were a couple of years ago. Though the grade above me was not too successful, my class is set to have multiple students at top schools. Multiple sports teams this year also went to state or came close. My favorite experiences are just a culmination of random moments laughing with friends. The school is unique in a sense that there are cliques, but it is still very inclusive. I can talk to anyone, and I would not get weird stares. As long as you socialize and come across well, you should be able to make friends! If you asked me freshman year if I liked this school, I probably would have said it was okay. Now, I am glad I went here over any other school. If I have one complaint, some teachers are not as effective and flat out mediocre as educators. It definitely gets frustrating, but the vast majority are knowledgeable, and they prepare you more than the average school. It has been a pretty good four years. Go Crusaders!