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Archbishop Murphy is a fantastic college prep school. The counseling center makes a great effort to ensure that each student is prepared and knowledgeable about the college admissions process. This school provides advanced classes in a small and personalized environment for students to succeed. Archbishop also provides peer tutoring and all of the teachers go the extra mile to make sure everyone is receiving the attention and help they need.
Our experience was well rounded and strengthened our children’s ability to study; work as a team; prepare for college; and deepened their understanding of religion. Our students were able to express themselves through the numerous clubs and the support of the dedicated teaching professionals and staff.
I have really enjoyed my time at Archbishop Murphy High School. I am leaving with life skills, memories and friendships that will last a long time.
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Murphy is great if your child is a stellar athlete in one of their funded sports. It is also great if your child is above average academically and needs more. If your child is an average student, there is no advantage.
Archbishop Murphy High School is a very good place to get education. You will make friends and have those friendships after you are done with attending Archbishop Murphy. It is a smaller community so you get to know everybody really fast. I think some draw backs are the fact that Archbishop Murphy is in problems with some of the teachers and how they are teaching. Ever since I was a freshman, at least 2-3 of the teachers that taught me had to be let go cause there were complaints about them. There are also very good teachers at this school as well. Most of the teachers at Archbishop Murphy are very helpful for making sure you understand the concepts that they are teaching you. Many of these teachers will even stay an hour after school incase the students do not fully understand these concepts. I would definitely recommend students to go to Archbishop Murphy High School if they are looking for a safe, catholic and studious environment.
You meet new and exciting people who are bound to be a part of your life forever. The only negative thing I have to say is that the teacher/faculty community could definitely improve, teaching-and-teacher-student relationship wise.
My daughter transferred as a senior and my only complaint is why didn't we do this sooner?!? AMHS faculty and students have been welcoming and wonderful. She feels challenged by her classes and supported by her teachers. It was a challenge gathering college recommendations and preparing to apply to college at the same time she was getting to know her new teachers and counselors, but the support they've provided has been top notch. Could not be happier with our decision.
Archbiship Murphy High School is a school community that is full of love and support. Students are constantly excelling in their academics and athletics at this school.
imma sophmore, personally bc im in a peaceful friend group my campus life is great. but murphy has many flaws. its very mainstream and barely diverse. everything is about sports. the fine arts department barely gets any funding, not to mention various clubs. there's very few performing arts opportunities and practically none for visual arts. that applies to the student body too. this school is like 70% white which is fine but there are quite a # of white supremacists which includes non-white people who diss other races and even their own. its so frustrating but authorities never do anything about it. also most of our funding goes to the football team, and even our other sports teams dont get adequate funding. especially smaller teams like cross country, golf, etc. students and coaches have to drive themselves and other kids. and football players do bad things and they get covered up. it's pretty bad
Archbishop Murphy is a rigorous college preparatory high school that offers various honors and AP classes that supplies any student with multiple opportunities to succeed in the classroom. With such a small campus and community, you truly get your voice heard and can receive 1 on 1 tutoring. AMHS is a Catholic high school with multiple extracurriculars ranging from sports, fine arts, robotics, DECA, to student-led retreats.
We couldn't be happier with the experience our kids have had at AMHS! Our oldest graduated last Spring, our twins are currently Freshmen, and our daughter will start in the Fall. Each of our students is completely different and has completely different needs both academic, and social. AMHS has taken the time to know them as individuals and support each of them in the most proactive way possible. It's expensive, but sending our kids through AMHS is the best money we'll ever spend. You can't have a do over of those high school years and I can't imagine a more supportive, caring environment for our kids.
The students are driven, compassionate, and excited about their aspirations and goals. The teachers are more than understanding of all the craziness and tough things that their students deal with and accommodate for each individuals needs, which honestly I have never heard of teachers being so caring and understanding at any other school. The administration make it very clear to all the students that they are open to anything you want to tell them, whether it is good or bad they are there for you. Some of the issues I have personally with the school are that often students have little to no say in certain things. For example if you have an issue with a certain grade or a question for a teacher, often times you have to get your parents involved, because otherwise teachers can ignore your opinion and be condescending. Overall Archbishop Murphy as a great place to go to high school. You will find friends for life, discover what inspires you, and most importantly, find you.
My time at Murphy was life changing. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and be welcomed by some of the most rigorous, kind teachers and staff. One thing I would change is to have lunch off campus and to be able to have different kinds of food every once in a while.
Murphy is a school for those students who are willing to strive for academic excellence but also develop in a close-knit community. Class sizes are on the smaller size with the maximum being around 25. The teachers are high quality and are willing to work with you and your schedule. The students are predominantly white, but the growing diversity is promising. Murphy has truly shaped me and prepped my ability to excel in college - I've never felt more at home.
I love this school! It is filled with teachers that truly care about your future and your experience at Murphy. We have excellent sport teams and the school is filled with spirit. Academics are of the highest priority, as they should be. The rigiours work prepared me for college and taught me life lessons. The only thing that needs work at Murphy is the administrative staff. Some of the staff get away with too much without procedures in place. Overall it is a great school with a strong community but like any institution it could always use improvement.
An overall good school. However, some teachers can get quite difficult, even going to the extent of not even teaching anything at all.
Murphy is a really small school of about 500 students. It has a great community and there's not a whole lot of drama that goes on. One thing that I wish was different was the variety of courses we can take. There's really not a whole lot of choices we have especially in the science department
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Excellent school. Excellent academics. My daughter ad a wonderful education and was prepared for college after attending AMHS
This school is very nurturing to all students. It's an awesome transition from the public school life! It is also an amazing place to prepare for life after high school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. The academics are great as well as the various sports. Everyone here is kind and courteous and willing to help at any cause. I love attending this school!
Horrible, never meet, community is a lie.
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