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Fun, academically rigorous, service oriented high school. Truly embodies the motto "not for school, but for life."
Archbishop Molloy is fine for students who are academically above average. If a student is struggling or needs a bit of help, this is not the place for you. This school has an administration that expects the students to fly on their own. Their reputation is what it is solely because the students are above average and do not need any assistance/help in their studies.
My overall experience at Molloy was fantastic. My favorite part was Freshmen Camp and the opportunities beyond the classroom. The teachers and faculty are very approachable and understanding. Most students are friendly and easy to get along with. Sports are taken very seriously and each team has a great new opportunity of using the newly renovated weight room. Another feature that is new in the school is the News and broadcasting room.
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I love Molloy. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The teachers are very helpful and really care about their students. I've learned a lot of things that I can use outside of a classroom. There's also a way for everyone to get involved if they're willing to take the chance. And of course, best of all, Esopus.
I enjoy Archbishop Molloy because of all the clubs and sports team they have. No matter who you are you can get involved and the people around become your family. I have made so many good friends just by joining a few different clubs.
Molloy is best for students that want to excel. Honor students will be prepared the most for college and future.
I have definitely grown as not only a student, but also as a young adult. Molloy has given me the opportunity to take a variety of challenging courses that I believe will help me be well prepared for my future in college.
I love this school. It’s my first time actually looking forward to go to school. The teachers are hands on and the children are respectful.
Molloy is a lot of work. I am up until 1am every night doing homework , which is excessive in my opinion. It's been difficult to take time to study for college admission tests. However, the teachers and staff are extremely supportive and know the students personally. I look forward to my classes. I feel safe, there is diversity and it's still fun.
The student body is referred to by the term "stanners" from the original school location it originated from, St. Ann's. Now, being a stanner is a permanent part of my identity. Molloy is such an open environment full of oppurtunities, from retreats to trips to Europe and community service in Jamaica to peer groups in sophomore year. If you're willing to put in some effort, AMHS is a great school with a place for everyone.
Great high school experience overall. Getting involved in clubs and volunteering for service really made my Molloy experience unforgettable, and made my time in school worthwhile. Most teachers are extremely passionate about what they teach, and often will go out of their way to help you understand a topic better. The kids at Molloy are incomparable to those at most schools in Queens, NY. They express much more than just smarts and athleticism. They display acts of friendliness, acceptance, professionalism, sportsmanship, and maturity. Although the rules of the school can be a little overwhelming at first, every disciplined graduate walks out with a good head on their shoulders.
Archbishop Molloy is filled with friendly people and makes me feel at home. The teachers are very helpful and the school sets you up for success, but it's up to the student to make this happen.
Many good teachers that care about their students. Great education. Many clubs and great sports teams.
Exceptional high school with academically motivated students and a very helpful and dedicated faculty. I very much appreciate the tight-knit community at Molloy. The athletics here are second to none. Additionally, it is very easy to get involved in the Molloy spirit through Freshman Camp as well as through the myriad of extracurricular activities offered here. Truly a one of a kind place.
Archbishop Molloy offered a full person experience. The teachers were energetic and loved to teach. The clubs and sports teams got students excited and during the summer months the opportunity to work at special needs camps were an amazing experience.
It's a good school with many awesome teachers that will stay with you for life. Not for school but for life!
Excellent education. All high achievers which keeps competition and motivation high to succeed. Good guidance on college searches and choices. Excellent and fun drama program.
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I love it at Molloy. All the teachers look out for the students and is like a family. If students ever need help, they can easily approach a teacher or faculty member for help. The events bring the whole school closer with volunteer trips and service opportunities.
Great school! Just graduated. Great teachers and faculty. The school has become more diverse over the years. Very great community and school spirit. A very open and loving community that has notable alumni.
Everything about this school is so fake. The teachers put on a real show during the open house and during parent teacher conference night. Some teachers are ok, but the majority of them are not, especially if you're not in the AP classes.
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