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It’s a wonderful school, I truly do love it. The teachers teach like human beings and not as if they’re following a curriculum book like a robot. However, there’s tests upon tests upon homework. There’s teachers that aren’t very good but the staff refuses to fire or move their positions down which is putting a lot of kids grades in jeopardy. There’s lots of sports teams to choose from but track and field gets the most attention from the school but not the students themselves. Girls sports teams usually get last licks in anything regarding transportation or even a place to practice. For me personally, the girls softball teams coaches are great. I don’t think I would’ve been taught more about life and the sport if it came from anyone else. There’s little to no bullying. If there is, its off school grounds. If someone is being bullied then the guidance counselors are often able to take care of the problem. So far I’ve really liked my experience.
I have a Senior & a Freshman currently in Molloy. We are thrilled with the level of academics and college readiness provided to students. The college advisors and staff are on top of their game. Also, the new Principal is phenomenal. Highly recommend this school.
My decision to attend Archbishop Molloy High School is a decision that I will never regret. The atmosphere of the school is fully committed to helping us develop not only as students, but as good people, something that reaches above and beyond what just any high school aims for. Excelling both academically and athletically, “Stanner High” as some refer to it, is a prestigious Catholic High School that does not mandate hours of community service, making it unique and teaching students that service should originate from the desire to help others, not just to fulfill any requirements. Despite this, service volunteer spots are in high demand and fill up quickly. Everyone is always willing to help, whether it be a teacher to a student, student to student, or student to a person outside of the high school community. Most teachers stay afterschool, leaving their classrooms open for helping students. I absolutely love it here!
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Molloy is an amazing high school. Teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to help out their students and the community is very caring of one another. Everyone is super nice and friendly. I am so glad I chose Molloy and I’m looking forward to the future.
Archbishop Molloy is very good school. I have joined many clubs in this school and they are very fun and exciting to be in. The is one club that I love called SMILE. We all sit in a room and discuss whatever we want, and it completely confidential. The only problem I have with Molloy is the diversity of staff AND students. There aren't any black teachers in this school, and only this year they offered African American Studies as an elective, but two white teachers were going to teach it. No one signed up for the class anyway. The highlight of my high school life as a Molloy student is definitely the basketball game. It is so much fun and we have one of the best players in the city.
I like it very much and recommend it to anyone. Teachers are great, friendly and safe environment, bully free. They have a lot amazing clubs and a great track team.
I am a graduating student. I have spent the last four years here. I truly enjoyed being a Stanner and would recommend Molloy to any 8th grader deciding on where to go. I played sports all four years and loved the atmosphere amongst my teammates.
The school is great for college readiness in terms of preparing you for academics. There were some teachers that cared about their students while others were not approachable and did not care about outside issues affecting students, and made their progress especially difficult because they created a culture of favoritism and acted according to their prejudices. The counfelling office additionally does not respect a student’s privacy and is completely partial to the incompassiibte culture of Catholicism. The school also lacks diversity. I have more support from my first semester at a community college than I ever had in my four years there.
overall good community, could improve in being able to change certain aspects such as allowing student government
this high school, has made me a better person overall, because of the faculty, students, and all the amazing bonding activities we do here. I can't wait to send my own kids here.
I love how Archbishop Molloy has so many clubs and a lot of opportunities to get involved with the school and community. Everyone in the school knows each other and is friendly with one another. It has a true family feel that everyone loves.
I really liked the whole "family feel" to the school. I consider Archbishop Molloy my second family and I've made friends here that I'm sure I'll keep for the rest of my life as well as having some really amazing teachers who had a huge impact on me. The academics were second to none and I've never felt more prepared for college. The sports here are also very good as well, we have a very high accredited basketball team. I've always felt very safe at this school and there's always somebody to talk to if you need it. It is totally worth every penny you pay for tuition.
There is no other high school like this in the world. It is the perfect place to become a leader, find who you are, and to make a family that you will have forever.
Molloy was a great environment and it really sparked me to change and grow. They have great opportunities for college and helped to prepare me for the future immensely.
I loved meeting all the friends that I’ve made throughout my high school career. Molloy made it feel like everyone in the school was family.
Fun, academically rigorous, service oriented high school. Truly embodies the motto "not for school, but for life."
Archbishop Molloy is fine for students who are academically above average. If a student is struggling or needs a bit of help, this is not the place for you. This school has an administration that expects the students to fly on their own. Their reputation is what it is solely because the students are above average and do not need any assistance/help in their studies.
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My overall experience at Molloy was fantastic. My favorite part was Freshmen Camp and the opportunities beyond the classroom. The teachers and faculty are very approachable and understanding. Most students are friendly and easy to get along with. Sports are taken very seriously and each team has a great new opportunity of using the newly renovated weight room. Another feature that is new in the school is the News and broadcasting room.
I love Molloy. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The teachers are very helpful and really care about their students. I've learned a lot of things that I can use outside of a classroom. There's also a way for everyone to get involved if they're willing to take the chance. And of course, best of all, Esopus.
I enjoy Archbishop Molloy because of all the clubs and sports team they have. No matter who you are you can get involved and the people around become your family. I have made so many good friends just by joining a few different clubs.
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