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Archbishop Moeller High School Reviews

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My experience at Moeller has been amazing! I'm in my junior year now and they've prepared me excellently for the next level. I've had countless service opportunities and chances to learn outside of the classroom. In the classroom they challenge you, but not so much where you go over the edge. Moeller also just has a feeling that can't really be described. The brotherhood at Moeller is amazing. It really is an elite fraternity to be apart of the Moeller Crusader FAMILY.
My experience at Moeller was bitter sweet. It was a difficult school to navigate in many ways, but at the same time connected me with brothers that I'll share a bond with for life.
Moeller high school has been a great experience for me. Not only did they help me find life long friends but they also strengthen my education and knowledge. Moeller pushed me to be the very best me that I could be. It will always be the number one school in the world to me.
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My favorite part about Moeller is the House system. It allows the different class levels to mix and get to know each other better. It also allows for upper classman to help lower classman that are having trouble making friends or even with grades.
They teach the students how to be a significant part of an even bigger picture. They teach individuals to make a difference and that every single person matters no matter who or where they are.
Moeller is a wonderful community where faculty, administrators, parents, alums, and students all interact to create a safe and supportive environment for young men to develop and grow.
Moeller High School provided an excellent environment for me to develop and grow into a man. The teachers are excellent and do a great job of connecting with the students. The overall atmosphere cannot be matched anywhere else and revolves around an idea of brotherhood.
Moeller High School was by far the best decision of my life that I have made so far. Perceived as the typical "jock school", Moeller has proved to be much more than that. The academics are rigorous and you can truly choose how tough the workload can be throughout all four years. The teachers all care about the students and strive to get to know them on a more personal level. Most teachers will give you extra help if you ask, and they will do a nice job of getting you back up to speed, or ahead of the curb. While Moeller could seem intimidating at first, it is really a welcoming school. There is a place for everyone, and the house system really aims to be inclusive of every student. The brotherhood here is quite amazing too and I have many lifelong friends from this school. I love Moeller High School with all of my heart and highly recommend that any student comes here, to the best high school in all of the land.
Having recently graduated from Moeller, I can attest to the fact that it is one of the best high schools in all of Ohio and the nation, providing an education like none other. A Moeller education is well-balanced as it builds the mind through some of the most devoted and well-qualified teachers as well as the spirit through passionate faith-building and rich tradition. The curriculum is certainly rigorous and the faculty and staff are there the entire way to promote your success. The only complaint I would have is the aged building and facilities, however projects are already underway to renovate the building and improve facilities.
Moeller High School has changed my life; the brotherhood mentality all the way to the unconditional acceptance of every student is what makes Moeller a phenomenal school. Moeller is a small school that allows for its teachers, administration to often focus one on one with many of its students. This school changes the lives of all young boys and molds them into fine, remarkable, young men!
Moeller was an amazing experience all around! Moeller certainly has great academics, extracurricular activities, and athletics, but what really makes the school special is its cultivation of brotherhood.
Coming to Moeller has easily been the best decision of my life. The multitude of challenging AP level courses prepared me well for college and resulted in many students being offered admission to selective universities. Equally as important, Moeller excels in developing young men with a passion for building the family spirit, faith, and service to others. I will always be a Man of Moeller and can't thank the community enough for the experiences and opportunities I had.
For as much as the administration preached about how there shouldn't be an us vs them mentality there is a lot of it. My family and I were also very disappointed in the handling of the top 10. I had worked extremely hard to finish in the top 10 and I did (#9) and up until my senior year the top ten was celebrated but my senior year nothing was done for me or my fellow students who finished in the top 10. It was a very big slap in the face to all of the hard work that I had put into my studies. I really enjoyed the teachers and the friendships that I had made over these past 4 years and I know that I have friends for life now. Moeller did a great job at allowing students to find something that made them passionate. For me that was baseball. I wasn't good enough to be on the team as a player but I was able to assist the team by being a manager and I became a part of the team as if I was a player.
Moeller High school has a great family atmosphere and culture amongst the faculty and students. Moeller provides students of all backgrounds the opportunity grow as an individual through a faith and relationship based education
Moeller is one of if not the most influential places that I have ever stepped foot in. The academics, athletics, pastoral ministry, and extra curricular activities are all great and provide many ways for students to get involved, however the one thing about Moeller that is truly special is the atmosphere and the relationships that are created. The student to student, teacher to student, and administration to student relationships are what is truly special and it really makes the whole place have a feeling of a family, which it truly is. This atmosphere allows all the other facets of Moeller to flourish and grow and make it so that Moeller helps create men who are able to go out into the community and world to do good in the world and succeed.
Moeller High School offers the whole package. Top-tier academics, amazing art/theater program, nationally-recognized athletics, not to mention the focus on our faith formation. Moeller also teaches students to give back to the community through service trips and projects around Cincinnati and the World.
Moeller is an awesome school. The academics have prepared me for college and the teachers have been fantastic.
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Moeller will always be my alma mater. Every year I had kind, engaging, and passionate teachers who I could talk to about my own life and goals. In college I am lucky to connect with one teacher every year. Moeller spoiled me by surrounding me with the best people I know and giving me reason to wake up excited every morning for school. Not many teenagers can say that. I work hard in college in the hope I can afford to send my own son to Moeller. Go Moe!
The teachers truly care about the students. It really feels like you're at home and part of the Moeller family while you're there and long after.
In my personal opinion, teachers at my high school are of high quality because they: always actively engage in classroom discussions, help to make sure the students in the classroom are understanding the material and not being left behind, and try to get to know their students on a personal level like a friend, rather than an instructor.
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