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Archbishop Mitty has a very welcoming and friendly environment. Everyone is treated equally and each student possesses a unique quality. The school’s various activities allow students to reach out and learn new things. The immersion trips and retreats available provide new experiences and opportunities to grow. The teachers and counselors work hard to instill discipline and good values in each student.
Archbishop Mitty High School is a private, Catholic high school and represents itself as such—ensuring that students uphold a culture of respect, unity, and community. Mitty prides itself in outstanding academic achievement alongside the position of top competitor throughout the athletics department; there is a balance between both academics and athletics that is accommodating to a wide range of students and allows them to excel.
Archbishop Mitty has an amazing supportive community. The teachers are not only helpful and supportive, but also inspire creativity and compassion from their students.
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I enjoy the diversity and wide array of opportunities. However, the administration does not take into account student ideas and proposals for change and improvement.
Their application process is unjust; if you don't take the placement test there, automatically you have fewer chances to get in. If you are applying to several schools is difficult to fit your schedule with theirs.
Archbishop Mitty carries with it a spirit of family. Becoming a part of this institution is an all in commitment in terms of academics, extracurriculars, and school spirit. Archbishop Mitty provided me with an opportunity to pursue passions both new and old in my life and gave me the space and tools I needed to grow both mentally and spiritually. "Community" does not give this school the descriptive justice it deserves but it's a starting point: the community fostered here is unrivalled compared to any other private institution. Mitty has been nothing but a positive experience to me.
First and foremost, the education I received was top-notch and the counselors were very helpful in the college process. That being said, I always felt out of place within this school. The student population is dominated by white and wealthy students, as can be expected at a private, Catholic school. However, I feel that this demographic served to further perpetuate racial and cultural micro-aggressions. In addition, I have come across many situations concerning students where the administration wanted to save face and keep their wallets full. Many students were aware of the administration's value of money over student education, though there were thankfully not many situations where they both came into conflict.
It needs to be more diverse, as well as accept more people with different financial backgrounds. There also should be more help financially for those who cannot afford full tuition.
This school is very welcome and inviting to new students. The staff and student section go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.
The women’s athletic programs are incredible. The teachers will go out of their way to meet with you if you ask. Overall, it is a very welcoming school community.
I loved my 4 years at Archbishop Mitty High School. Everyone from the staff to my peers made everyday more enjoyable than the last.
If I were to describe Archbishop Mitty High School in one word, it would be "competitive". Both athletically and academically across the board, Mitty students always push themselves to become the best they can be. With that being said, Archbishop Mitty prides itself on being a place where everyone can find their place, and it does exactly that. All students at Mitty can focus on any combination of athletics, academics, and extracurriculars. The teachers and faculty members are always willing to help you with your studies. However, the administration and the front office seem to lack consistency with their rules and guidelines. The dress code has yet to really update to the current fashion and is not enforced universally. In my three years at Mitty, I can tell you that I've thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to everyone I meet.
I will forever be grateful for the time I spent at Mitty. Not only did I receive a great education supported by teachers who genuinely care about each of their students' successes, but I also was able to participate in extracurricular activities that I was interested in. Whether you're interested in sports, theater, music, debate, robotics, the list goes on, you will be in some of the best company. The school strives to be the best at everything it does and everyone celebrates each other's successes. It is a great place to learn and great community to be a part of.
Mitty was an awesome experience because of all the friends I made and the memories that will last with it. The sports are absolutely phenomenal especially the women’s sports (#1 volleyball and basketball team in the nation, socccer was #6 in the nation, men’s baseball is top 50). It definetly prepares you for the next level of college with all the classes we take, resources we have and teachers there.
My experience at this school was very pleasurable. I made some friends and lost some through out my four years here, but I made some that I know would last a very long time. One thing I would change about this school are some of the teachers, most of the teachers that I have had were exceptional and I learned a lot from them, but there were just a hand few that did not make me feel educated.
My experience at Archbishop Mitty was definitely eye opening. Being around peers that come from a very privileged background taught me that the only way I will make a difference in this world is through hard work. I found myself questioning my worth a lot when comparing myself to my peers whose parents could pay the school enough to want their student. While money can buy many things, it doesn’t define your character one bit. To attend Mitty can be humbling when around others who work hard no matter what their background is. Additionally, there is something for everyone at Mitty (clubs, sports, etc) and joining these extra curricular activities is a perfect way to make friends who value the same interests as you.
Not worried about the transition to college because I feel as if this school prepared me well. I do feel as if I got my money's worth. The one disadvantage is the strict dress code as we enter into the hotter months of the year.
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Overall, Mitty has been an incredible school and has brought me many opportunities I would not have otherwise had. However, I do have some issues with the values they instill in students in such an academically competitive environment.
There is not much diversity, or reperesentation for people of color. The school’s main virtue is community, but it seems as if some people are left out and forced to change in order to “fit in” with the school’s values.
They community is great and everyone supports eachother! The food is extraordinary which helps. The competition is not for everyone, but it prepares us well for college. The classes are unique and fun and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the community! The school spirit is exceptional and when everyone gets together it is always a fun time.
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