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I will forever be grateful for the time I spent at Mitty. Not only did I receive a great education supported by teachers who genuinely care about each of their students' successes, but I also was able to participate in extracurricular activities that I was interested in. Whether you're interested in sports, theater, music, debate, robotics, the list goes on, you will be in some of the best company. The school strives to be the best at everything it does and everyone celebrates each other's successes. It is a great place to learn and great community to be a part of.
Mitty was an awesome experience because of all the friends I made and the memories that will last with it. The sports are absolutely phenomenal especially the women’s sports (#1 volleyball and basketball team in the nation, socccer was #6 in the nation, men’s baseball is top 50). It definetly prepares you for the next level of college with all the classes we take, resources we have and teachers there.
My experience at this school was very pleasurable. I made some friends and lost some through out my four years here, but I made some that I know would last a very long time. One thing I would change about this school are some of the teachers, most of the teachers that I have had were exceptional and I learned a lot from them, but there were just a hand few that did not make me feel educated.
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My experience at Archbishop Mitty was definitely eye opening. Being around peers that come from a very privileged background taught me that the only way I will make a difference in this world is through hard work. I found myself questioning my worth a lot when comparing myself to my peers whose parents could pay the school enough to want their student. While money can buy many things, it doesn’t define your character one bit. To attend Mitty can be humbling when around others who work hard no matter what their background is. Additionally, there is something for everyone at Mitty (clubs, sports, etc) and joining these extra curricular activities is a perfect way to make friends who value the same interests as you.
Not worried about the transition to college because I feel as if this school prepared me well. I do feel as if I got my money's worth. The one disadvantage is the strict dress code as we enter into the hotter months of the year.
Overall, Mitty has been an incredible school and has brought me many opportunities I would not have otherwise had. However, I do have some issues with the values they instill in students in such an academically competitive environment.
There is not much diversity, or reperesentation for people of color. The school’s main virtue is community, but it seems as if some people are left out and forced to change in order to “fit in” with the school’s values.
They community is great and everyone supports eachother! The food is extraordinary which helps. The competition is not for everyone, but it prepares us well for college. The classes are unique and fun and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the community! The school spirit is exceptional and when everyone gets together it is always a fun time.
archbishop mitty high school is a very reputable high school that has prepared me very well for college. As a second semester senior, i feel that i am very prepared to go off and live on my own in college
Overall, the last 4 years at Mitty have been very positive. The majority of teachers are committed to their job & do it well. Like most schools, not all the teachers are the best & you have to work through those when you run into them. Sports programs are excellent for the majority of sports. New STEM building is excellent. Campus is somewhat confined so they'll need to be creative about how they upgrade/replace further. Parents are involved & a good group of people. Wide diversity typical of Silicon Valley. College admissions are generally top notch across the country from Ivy League to the UC campuses. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
The Mitty community is very welcoming and kind. Teachers are very helpful and eager to meet with you.
Archbishop Mitty High School is a great place for any student who wishes to be part of a community-based high school education. The school places a great emphasis on having a good community above all else. Events such as Monarch Madness, a school competition, generate a lot of school pride and fun. Mitty is very proud of its athletics programs, and spirituality is important as well, though being Catholic is not at all required. The teachers and general education is at a really high level.
If I could sum up what Archbishop Mitty High School means in one word I would choose community. I came in as a transfer student my senior year. Coming from out of state in my last year of high school, I thought it would be difficult to transition and feel like home. The faculty and student body welcomed me with opened arms and helped me learn the ropes of the new school while pushing me to be the best in all aspects of my academic and social career. This school made transferring a breeze and it ended up being my best year yet. My only regret is that I did not have more time at such a great institution.
The sense of community at AMHS was unlike any other school I've ever seen. Of course there were little things that challenged me, but I grew tremendously through my participation in Speech and Debate, Sketch Comedy, Musical Theater, AP Classes, clubs, and more.
I really like my Archbishop Mitty High School. The students, faculty, and campus are all extremely nice. We have the Sobrato Learning Center, a building funded by the Sobrato family that provides a café-like setting for students to hang out and do homework with friends. We also have a state-of-the-art library and chemistry wing, in addition to the other wonderful buildings we have on campus. The teachers are very helpful, and most of them are lovely.
Mitty was a wonderful experience for me. There is a very strong sense of community at Mitty between students from class to class as well as with the faculty and staff. Though the school is Catholic, the faculty make it very clear that all religions, cultures, and sexualities are welcome and accepted. The one downfall I find with the school is that the dress code seems to cater to males. I think a more lenient dress code for female students would help create a better environment for them as far as positive body image is concerned. Teaching females to be ashamed of their bodies for the sake of a male should not be condoned.
While Archbishop Mitty was a great school academically, it was very competitive. It was hard for me to get into any sports and competitive teams which required a try-out or audition. Freshmen received low priority. Because the school limited me in extracurricular activities, my parents were mad at me for wasting their money.
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We were unhappy with the administration. The teachers deans and principal scared our daughter by threatening to take her graduation ceremony away, her Mass and her diploma if she didn’t tell them who was involved in the senior prank. She never told them who did the prank because ‘he’ was a hugely important student figure in her class and had a lot to loose. Ultimately, our daughter could not participate in the graduation ceremony, could NOT attend Mass with us, and the school did NOT let her have her diploma. Almost ten years have past and they still will not give her her diploma, but she is a great lawyer!
I like Archbishop Mitty High School because it provides a great environment for learning and providing teamwork with others. However, it can improve by providing more advanced classes.
Archbishop Mitty is a private Catholic school with a diverse student body that focuses on sports, speech and debate, drama, and advocacy. While it has an excellent sports and speech&debate program, science and engineering seems to be lacking in comparison to nearby schools; due to the relatively low number of students focusing on STEM activities, it appears to lack a substantial computer science and engineering oriented subculture nearby public schools tend to have. Overall, the teachers are excellent, and after sophomore year, students are more welcoming.
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