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Archbishop McNicholas High School Reviews

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I love McNick! It excellently prepares students for college and the faculty + staff are all amazing, caring, honest and hard-working people.
It has alot of good teachers that care about the students getting a higher education and preparing them for college or whatever path they choose.
I really appreciated the openness I felt at McNick since my Freshman year. It can be hard when you start high school, but McNick isn't a big school and everyone starts to become family. I made some great friends and created some of the best memories. I know that I can always look back and appreciate my experience and friends I made. I specifically enjoyed playing football at McNick because of my coaches and teammates. We definitely aren't the biggest or the best, but everyone plays for each other and that's because of the opportunity our coaches showed us. McNick has been a great experience and has more than enough to offer. From retreats to academics to sporting events, this is a very good school. Obviously there is always something that can be improved, but McNick is in a great spot and is always moving forward.
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I came to McNicholas from a public middle school. I cannot explain how welcomed and at home I felt when stepping in the door the first day. I went into this school knowing no one and 2 years in I already feel like I have a family.

It still amazes me how caring the faculty and staff are. They are always willing to give extra help if you don’t understand something. They almost all always have an open door and only want you to succeed.

I cannot imagine where I would be if I didn’t discover the loving and most caring community of McNicholas High School.
Wonderful community that laid the foundation for my faith, career, and academic curiosity. Teachers are so invested in the well-being and development of their students, and the student body spirit is full of warm, dedicated, open-hearted people. I am grateful for my McNicholas experience every day, particularly with regards to basic competence in writing.
My child has a learning disability and the administration were concerned about his success if he attended their school. I insisted that he be admitted and he did wonderfully. His guidance counselor and most of his teachers were great. He graduated with second honors and will be attending college in the fall. The principal was not welcoming or approachable to parents or students.
McNicholas is a great school for all types of students. The gifted, athletic, and average student will thrive here. It is a small community where the students get along and the academics are strong. The SAIL program helps identified students who struggle academically thrive. I highly recommend this school.
I don't know where to even start, it was just a terrible experience. Our child just graduated, and even that was a terrible experience. They had it on the football field on Sunday evening which meant family from out of town had to take off work/school on Monday. It was blazing hot then it started to rain so they corralled people into their gym. The teacher chosen to speak was poor and mainly talked about football players which is who the school really cares about, oh and if your parents went there or how involved they were or how much money your fam gave. Academics are poor, with test results on par with the local high schools. I begged my child to leave all four years but he liked the kids. On his graduation day he wore navy slacks with a navy tie, he said he looked like he went to such and such school, the school he should have gone to instead, I felt so bad for him. He's a smart kid and would've done so much better somewhere else, he finally acknowledged it on graduation day.
Most of the teachers are nice/care about students, but they can't actually teach. Quite a few teachers can't control their classrooms. A lot of the teachers have very poor organization. The sad thing is, school has destroyed my love of learning. I mean it could happen anywhere probably, but there is so much pointless and busy work that I just don't care about most of my classes now. I'm not sure if it really is better anywhere else, it's just the state of education at this point. The only thing I look forward to at school is friends, and I was naive until very recently and believed that everyone is nice too each other. I was mistaken though. I now know personally of two girls being bullied by groups of other girls. There's bullying a lot of places, and McNick is not free from it. Another problem at McNick is that if you do have a problem, it is unlikely that something will be done about it. A lot of problems that students have get ignored or swept under the rug. I am out of space.
The staff and teachers go above and beyond to ensure your child's success. There is a niche for everyone in a small family like setting
Simply put, McNick is a special place. There are countless examples that illustrate the special nature of the McNick experience. From the school-wide celebratory mass introducing the freshman class, to the challenging yet rewarding academics, to Friday night games, to ultimately being a part of an inclusive, caring community – the experience at McNick is special. After his first “Boom Chicka Boom” celebration, where all players, coaches, cheerleaders, and fans of Rocket football gather post-game to sing in victorious celebration, our son came up to us and said, “Mom and Dad, I made the best decision I could have made in coming to school at McNick.”

A person's 4 years in high school are forever etched into their memory. The 4 years of high school are so important and formative - academically, socially, athletically, and spiritually. McNick provides the right environment and culture to help kids springboard from adolescence into adulthood.
Choosing to attend McNicholas High School is one of the best decisions I have ever made. At McNick, the faculty and staff work so hard to make every student enjoy their time at McNick and make their experience the best it can be. Along with that, the academics at McNick are wonderful. The teachers strive to make sure that every student is learning what they need to in a way that suits them.
I've had a lovely time at this school so far. I can't say for sure that I have spent enough time here yet to be entirely comfortable, but the teachers and upperclassmen have all been very welcoming. The school offers a variety of very enjoyable extracurricular activities, and students are almost certain to find something that interests them.
Another aspect of the school that I think very highly of is the religious aspect. The courses on religion have taught me a lot this year, and despite my not being Catholic, I still felt very welcome.
Overall, I think McNick is a great school with a lot to offer students and rigorous academics.
I have two kids with very different interests that are both at McNick. One is an athlete and the other is artistic and creative. One is quiet and doesn't like a lot of attention. One loves to be in front of a crowd and is very proud of his faith. I can honestly say they both love their McNick experiences. Our experience with the entire McNick community -teachers, students, parents, families has been wonderful. Our senior got into the college he wanted with an excellent scholarship. He has developed his faith beyond expectation. He teaches us things all the time. Kairos was an experience that will stay with him forever. Our freshmen has bonded with his fellow athletes and surprises us everyday with things he learns at school both socially and academically. I would highly recommend McNicholas for any child. A community of families, students, and teachers that want to help others and happy in others achievements.
I couldn't be happier at any other school. Being at McNick, making life long friends, and feeling so welcomed by all the teachers has helped the quieter freshman-me become a confident "accidental extrovert." I don't want to leave, but my four years here have prepared me to take on college and the world. I've been challenged to learn and to lead. The teachers truly care about the students and the school, and there are tons of opportunities in and outside the classroom for those willing to put in the effort. I've walked down the theology hallway and felt entirely at home. I've gone hallway surfing with friends after school only to be joined by fascinated-yet-clumsy teachers who wanted to try. Sure, it's not Hogwarts, but Hogwarts doesn't have Friday morning masses, activities in the library, or the feeling of being surrounded by a family. McNick has nurtured my faith, my heart, and my mind, and so far, nobody's been petrified by a Basilisk.
So I am a junior and I genuinely believe that everyone at Mcnick cares about one another. There are countless examples of compassion and generosity here, and I feel really lucky that I go here. McNick really doesn't get the attention that it deserves. At least in Cincinnati, its seen as the worst, but that is so wrong.
Everyone at McNick is so passionate about the school and while it does have problems, as no school is perfect, I truly believe that I couldn't have chosen a better school. On the outside it doesn't look like much, but it is so much more inside. I think our sports fields are some of the best in the city. I also think the cafe and student union is great, along with the library. I always felt welcome at McNick and even though its not perfect, all the good things completely out weigh the bad for me.
Choosing McNicholas over other Cincinnati-area high schools was the best decision of my life so far. When I was younger, I was convinced that I would go to St. Xavier; however, when I first stepped onto the McNick campus, I knew something was different. The largest aspect of McNick that sets it apart from other schools is its awesome community. I have made countless friends and relationships that I don't believe I could have made anywhere else. This isn't to mention the new Paradise facilities, impactful teachers, and obvious Catholic identity. I would definitely suggest taking a look at McNick to any prospective student; you'll be glad you did.
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I spent most of my early childhood at this school, so to come full circle and spend my last four years under my parents roof here was incredible. This place taught me about community and it truly is a special place. I am glad I went to McNick. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
McNick is a small close community that prepares you well for life after high school. There is an emphasis on service. I would like to see more cultural diversity however this may be just an effect of the area in which the school is located.
As a senior I look back and I realize McNick was not the picture I had in mind when I imagined high school, but instead it surpassed all of those. It provided me with not only an outstanding education, but it brought me into a tightnit community I know will always be there. The smaller class size allowed for me to get to know all of the individuals in it which created that bigger community bond. All in all I wouldn't go back and change anything. I love this high school and I am sad to be having to say my goodbyes in the next couple of months.