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There are some really good teachers, more really bad teachers, and most are in-between. Overall decent school.
I loved this school from the first time I visited. Through my time here, I've come to see its issues, but I still have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of the school. The thing that really sets it apart is the sense of community you feel whenever you're on campus. It's easy to make friends and get involved, and there is a strong commitment to community service- Service Club, three annual service retreats, and countless initiatives to help members of the community. In general, the students are not petty or obsessed with superficial things. One shortcoming is that the student body is very homogeneous.
The staff is very involved and caring. The curriculum is challenging with many different options for a variety of interests. The classes prepare students well for college. There are also a wide array of extracurricular activities. Community involvement is very important to the students and staff.
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I went into Archbishop McNicholas High School for a video shooting session. The students there were friendly, outgoing, and welcoming. It made me wish I had gone there for high school!
If you're looking for a Catholic experience and hope to find other students who have a strong faith, this isn't the place for you. There is a large sum of teachers who lack passion for their jobs and often decide to simply not teach at all. Then come the teachers who have no respect for people and frequently treat the students and parents with little to no respect. Our administration lacks tact and has, on multiple occasions, handled situations with distasteful and immature behavior.
McNick, as we call it, is a private Catholic High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. I absolutely love it, and I think it is a great place to get an education. One thing we really emphasize here is community, and that really shines through in our students, teachers, and families. We come together to support each other, and we center our education around our faith. I wouldn't go anywhere else for high school if I could.
I really enjoyed my time at mcnick. Teachers treated every student with respect and care. Half the teachers were very good at their job and the other half the absolute opposite. I sat in many classes where teachers had very little class involvement or made class so easy to where students didn't have to next to anything. With saying that I also learned a lot in many classes, especially in the English, math, and history departments. Aside from that you will get out what you put in. If you want to learn that is up to you. The teachers also do a great job of offering one on one time if you need help. Lastly, the mcnick community is beyond perfect. I was friends with more than half of my graduating class! Everyone is really nice and genuine. It is not hard to make friends. If I could go to mcnick again, no doubt I would. Mcnick is unique and you will not find a more student friendly school to go to .
Great school. Great community. It is a school where if help is needed you can always get it from one of the many hard working faculty members.
I love McNick. I struggled a lot in the first 3 years, but once i got some help i really started to love it here. The teachers are always there to help you and joke around with you. It's like a family here. Everyone is there for each other. One thing i would like to change is we don't have football lights, so games are harder to go to on Saturdays b/c i am busy. They have prepared me for college starting freshman year and have always been there to support me.
They don't always focus on what's important. Also, they disrespect student's views and opinions.
The school is lacking in activities that seek out diversity. In fact, clubs that are deemed to be too liberal are not permitted.
The teachers are under qualified and disrespectful. The leadership is even worse.
A few teachers are knowledgeable. The majority are under qualified and lazy.
The younger teachers are the most open minded.
There have been a few incidents the parents were made aware of
There seem to be a fair amount with a wide variety
My two children have had different experiences. My oldest has had depression issues and the teachers have helped but only after I have reached out. I would have liked it if the teachers noticed his struggles more.
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There are a lot of clubs- some relating to Catholicism and promoting service and leadership-others are just for fun like cooking club and ski club.
I love most aspects of the school (teachers, hard curriculum, students, etc.) however, I wish that there were more clubs that I was interested in joining.
The teachers are all very knowledgeable about their topics and find ways to keep what they are teaching interesting and relevant for us.
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