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Archbishop Carroll is definitely the finest school in the nation. it is very diverse and they welcome all types of people from all walks of life. we learn and have fun as well. I would recommend this school to many people if they want to have a memorable high school career.
Carroll is a great school very nice people, nice teachers. they really care about you here. The bathrooms can use some help but overall my experience here was nice. You have to make sure you dont get lost in the crowd and make sure you really focus on your studies
My experience at Archbishop Carroll was very good. I came from a school in Upper Darby called St. Laurence. My freshmen year at Carroll was interesting because of very thing was fascinating and new to me. I have joined 6 clubs overall while being at Archbishop Carroll High School. This is my senior year and I want this to be my best and last year.
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Carroll wasn't my first choice school, but after visiting and joining the soccer team, I fell in love. The people are all very open and I can't see myself at any other high school.
Excellent school the staff is great and knowledgeable. They prepare you for college. Love the culture student's are great school is diverse. Great sport's teams.
Archbishop Carroll offers a combination of excellent academics, competitive athletics and a diverse student body that you can not find at another school.
Carroll is a great high school. My teachers are great and always available if I ever had a question or needed extra help. I've made great friends along the way, I love the activities that I've joined of which I've been a part of since Freshman year. At Carroll it's not hard to fit in and find your niche! High school is going to be an adjustment no matter where you choose to attend but some places make the transition easier and that's Archbishop Carroll! Each year there are always adding new equipment, resources, added activities, building improvements, and specialized trained staff all to make a better place for the students. I truly feel ready for college and taking that next step.
I think that Carroll could be a lot better than they say it is. They could do what they say their gonna do with the school instead of antipacting about what they say.
my experience has been okay being a junior at this school. think we should have college prep as a junior but nothing my mom is doing all the work.
Although I think the building of Archbishop Carroll could use some updating, I love my school. We have lots of school spirit and so many opportunities to create memories while also building an impressive academic experience.
Archbishop Carroll made for an enjoyable four years of high school, however the academics are not outstanding and the teachers aren't all eager to help and/or educate students, or have the knowledge on how to do so. The school is more run like a business, than an environment to develop young minds.
Carroll was a very good experience for me where I could branch out and find new people who were similar to me.
Archbishop John Carroll was a good school for academics and sports when I went there. I also had fun with the group of classmates that I went to school there with. I am now about a few years graduated from college and I can say that I still keep in touch with some of the people that I went there with. I enjoyed the time I was there but I wish the AP courses were a little more challenging to prepare me more diligently for college. The sports and club activities were good while I was there.
I liked my experience at archbishop john carroll a lot. there is a lot of activities to do inside and outside of school. most of the teachers are great and will help you when you need it. the school is very realistic and reasonable. my only complaints are how the bathrooms are terrible and how the school only makes the sports kids feel like they're important. the only recognition the art kids got in my experience was one assembly on art and putting the students art work in the hallway. ive been in the art classes and the teacher was amazing, I just wish she and the other students felt more important. a lot of the assembly's are bad but mr patriot is always fun. the students are very clique-y but everyone knows eachother and has a general respect for one another. not too much homework and the dances were fun. id recommend going here, carroll has a lot of things that make it unique but I just wish they would put more effort into making the art kids feel more accepted.
Archbishop Carroll is an outstanding high school in Radnor Pennsylvania. It is coming up on 50 years of being open. I attended there for all four years of high school. The academic possibilities are endless and the competition in the PCL for the sports teams is outstanding as well.
Archbishop Carroll makes you a part of a large family. The teachers at ABC truly care about you & your achievements.
They totally prepared me for my college journey.
I would recommend ABC to all .
I love Archbishop John Carroll High School. Attending this school was one of the best decisions I ever made.
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Great community, the teachers really care. The school is improving but the building needs to be updated more.
Carroll is a wonderful place with a great teaching staff and a wonder president who loves the school and everyone in it. The school has great academics and after school activities.
Some of my favorite experiences were the dances, sporting events, and best buddies. I think best buddies makes Carroll unique. I would choose this school again because it felt like a second home. I overall had a good experience going to Carroll.
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