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Archbishop John Carroll High School Reviews

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I have enjoyed the classroom environment, working with amazing teachers, the sports, and the all around experience.
What I like is how easy it is to go through the year. You can make plenty of friends, not to mention the school's spirit aesthetic is there to keep you moving. If I had to choose a downside it would be that I feel the staff and progression in a teaching enviorment to heko the student needs imprviement overall.
I am a transfer student, I enjoy the vibe of this school. Most people are very friendly and open to conversation always. I have found I made multiple friends and life long companions. Classes can be and have been made interesting. Teachers are understanding under most conditions.
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The school is an incredible experience, great teachers, amazing education. However, the building itself is in disarray, half working bathrooms from the 1960's, classrooms with outlets that do not work and overall maintenance required
I had a wonderful time in my four years at Archbishop Carroll. I especially enjoyed the music and ACTS programs where I truly found a good family. I also am so grateful for being apart of such a beautiful community with a strong and growing faith life. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities this school has given me and I will be glad to give back after I graduate.
Best school ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are always happy and the teachers are amazing. Great sports and art programs with an option everyone would love. #CARROLL50 One word, No spaces!:)
My daughter attended ACHS. The bathrooms are from 1960 and the social functions are NOT geared towards other cultures. Education was ok but I realize they focus and motivate the honors students. I would like them to push more of the basic students in the future.
My experiences at Archbishop John Carroll High School were very positive. The academics were excellent and I was ready for college. I enjoyed playing sports, mainly football. I always felt safe and received a lot of support from my teachers, staff and parents. I attended this high school because it is Catholic High School and I wanted to extend learning about my religion. I do wish they would offer my clubs and activities, they are limited in that area. The facilities still need additional upgrades and the tuition needs to be capped off, getting too expensive.
I transferred to Archbishop John Carroll in my sophomore year of high school and have loved it ever since. Most teachers are great at their jobs and make the learning experience interactive and fun, the teachers at Carroll begin to prepare students for their future from the moment they start their high school careers. The faculty at Carroll is very caring for all of the students and ensure their safety every day. Carroll is known for their excellence in the sports department and for the amazing shows, the theater program performs every year but the best thing about Carroll is the students and faculty that make you feel comfortable, safe and loved. Carroll isn't just a high school, its a second home for all the students.
Carroll has great faculty and environment for students. it changed my family. my family met their life time friend also school will allow kids to reach their full potential. and discover new talents with guidance. Catholic education from carroll is surely very satisfied.
I will recommend Carroll to any one who wants to study in PA or Philly
And many of my kids friends went to prestige University or Colleges! Overall . Grear schools
Radnor is one of the best area in PA. and Philly's best disctrict. My family went there, AJC is giving students all kinds of opportunity to discover their potential, Thumbs up!
My four years at Archbishop John Carroll have been amazing. Every staff member genuinely cares about the students. I can go to college feeling prepared. I have met so many friends at Carroll. You can always find a group or activity to get involved in. It's my home away from home.
I love how I felt welcome and at home as soon as I stepped foot on the campus four years ago. I've had countless opportunities to find my passion and be involved in a variety of different clubs that have enhanced not only my overall experience at Carroll, but my values in general. Archbishop Carroll is a place where you can find a second home in and be able to express yourself in any way you choose, whether that be sports, arts, or music and still be able to attain a great education.
Archbishop Carroll is definitely the finest school in the nation. it is very diverse and they welcome all types of people from all walks of life. we learn and have fun as well. I would recommend this school to many people if they want to have a memorable high school career.
Carroll is a great school very nice people, nice teachers. they really care about you here. The bathrooms can use some help but overall my experience here was nice. You have to make sure you dont get lost in the crowd and make sure you really focus on your studies
My experience at Archbishop Carroll was very good. I came from a school in Upper Darby called St. Laurence. My freshmen year at Carroll was interesting because of very thing was fascinating and new to me. I have joined 6 clubs overall while being at Archbishop Carroll High School. This is my senior year and I want this to be my best and last year.
Carroll wasn't my first choice school, but after visiting and joining the soccer team, I fell in love. The people are all very open and I can't see myself at any other high school.
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Excellent school the staff is great and knowledgeable. They prepare you for college. Love the culture student's are great school is diverse. Great sport's teams.
Archbishop Carroll offers a combination of excellent academics, competitive athletics and a diverse student body that you can not find at another school.
Carroll is a great high school. My teachers are great and always available if I ever had a question or needed extra help. I've made great friends along the way, I love the activities that I've joined of which I've been a part of since Freshman year. At Carroll it's not hard to fit in and find your niche! High school is going to be an adjustment no matter where you choose to attend but some places make the transition easier and that's Archbishop Carroll! Each year there are always adding new equipment, resources, added activities, building improvements, and specialized trained staff all to make a better place for the students. I truly feel ready for college and taking that next step.
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