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The school only truly supports a handful of sports, and if you do anything other than that, you're not gonna get funding and no one will care about you. Its been going downhill since i started, with many traditions being shut down. The food is "good" as in its junk food, and is really expensive. they do little to nothing to stop underage drinking or vaping. The school policy is archaic, especially the dress code. The school has not felt safer in recent year i doubt the security, as its just two or three old citizens wandering up and down the hall. The school seems to be more focused on it's image and ego rather than the student population. Certainly is NOT a place where you get back what you put into it
I absolutely love the tradition surrounding my high school. An education surrounded by a family-like support system is beneficial to students of all levels. However, tradition is starting to be lost among those who seek a financial gain from the school. It is becoming more of an industry atmosphere than education with administration being driven by money and appearance as opposed to the students' education.
Hoban has a family environment where everyone has a voice and teachers truly care about each students success. The school has much to offer each student depending on various interests in clubs, sports, or classroom learning. There are opportunities to provide service throughout the surrounding community or beyond. It is a faith-filled environment with strong focus on academics and making a difference in all you do. The dedication of the teaching staff to bring out the very best in each student is a remarkable gift. There is much potential for personal growth and achievement within the walls of such a valued place. The alumni is a strong voice that has kept many traditions alive for so long and continues to support the school and it’s students. Diversity is valued and integrity is lived inside the walls of Hoban. A Catholic education, rich in the Holy Cross values and traditions, shared by the founders, is why my school is “Hoban Strong”.
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The overall excellence at Hoban has declined since Dr. Beiting, former principal, retired. The level of professionalism in the staff has declined. Some of the school's long time traditions have been done away with. Not sure if I would choose to send another child there now.
At Archbishop Hoban, I had an excellent experience with academics, sports, and extracurriculars. I loved almost every teacher I had and I was certainly well prepared for college, especially in Biology and Chemistry which are the areas that I am studying in college. Additionally, sporting events and also playing sports were both great experiences for me. My coaches and teammates turned into my best friends and going to big sporting events in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. were always a great time. However, the best thing about Hoban is the family atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly which made it a great experience from day one. I would definitely urge everyone I know in the area to checkout Archbishop Hoban high school before making their high school decision.
Amazing school. Some say high school friends aren't life long but I don't have friend from Hoban, I have a family
Hoban is a great school with many opportunities for academic success. The classes are challenging, the teachers are supportive, and there are many resources to assist you in your success. Hoban is like my second family and I would not want to go to school anywhere else.
This school is true to their mission statement and care about their students education. They help prepare for college and the real world.
I am so blessed that both of my children chose to go to Hoban! #1 Academics, #1 Sports, #1 All around!!! My son just received the Academic Knight award for the first grading period. My children continue to receive Highest Honors and High Honors each grading period. They are active in sports and other activities in their school. So proud to call Hoban our school!
Two of my sons (2017 & 2012) and my daughter (2014) graduated from Archbishop Hoban after attending all four years. My oldest two comment on how well prepared they were for college when compared to their college friends. They were well prepared to write papers, which matters across all majors. All three had a great balance of academic and fun experiences at Hoban. My youngest was the most involved (as that's his personality) and found a wide range of opportunities to do so. The requirement for social service is of utmost importance to me as a parent.
Archbishop Hoban has well prepared me for college. I really enjoyed the family attributes Hoban holds along with the friendly atmosphere. The culture and spirit of the students is like no other and I am a proud alumni of archbishop Hoban High School. Go Knights!
I love hoban and all of the friendships I have made there. Through sports teams or in the classroom, the are welcoming environments everywhere at Hoban.
Archbishop Hoban High School has been an amazing experience for me. As a student, I truly feel that the teachers, faculty, and staff do not act superior to me. The relationships I've built with the Hoban community are lifelong relationships. I believe that the second you step foot into Archbishop Hoban, you instantly become part of a family.
This is an excellent Catholic School. Teachers, students and coaches are helpful and have made my experience at this school a life lesson.
Supportive teachers. Love my friends. Great history teachers. Pretty good science teachers. Lacks diversity, but still an amazing school with amazing people.
The inclusiveness at this school made me feel as if I am part of a family that extends for generations. This is the kind of school that I would send my own children to. One of the main themes of hoban is family and that is the true feeling you have while you are in the building. The rigor of the classes allowed me to extendy learning capabilities. True to you is Hoban's motto and I always knew I could be accepted for who I am.
Overall Hoban was a great school that prepared you for college. The hard work truly pays off. All the course are college prep.
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Hoban high for me was a wonderful experience. The school itself is great, the diversity was amazing, and the food great! The academics are wonderful and teachers are determined to make sure every student passes and understands all of the material. If I ever had to do it over, I'd choose Hoban again in a heartbeat. Everyone was amazing and it really felt like a family. The only things I didn't like however is that they really didn't account for the students that weren't catholic. I am still a Christian but we still had to go to the masses which I didn't like, and it seemed like all Hoban wanted to do was nickle and dime you for everything. It was expensive to go there and it seemed like all they were about is money.
Very good fitness center. Most teachers are excellent. Lovely AP classes. It prepares for college quite nicely and helps to teach good writing and learning habits. The lunches and mushi cookies are amazing. There is ice cream, sundaes, salad, soup, sandwiches, wraps, deserts, fruit, a multitude of drinks, pizza, fries, and whatever is on the menu for that day. There is a lack of diversity, I believe around 50/850 are of other ethnicities than white, but those kids always end up being the most popular. There are around five foreign exchange students, one living with my family. It is an awesome learning environment, and it was such an improvement from my former public school.
I loved my experience at Archbishop Hoban High School. I learned valuable lessons from faculty and also furthered my spiritual growth as well.
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