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Archbishop Hannan High School Reviews

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My experience at Archbishop Hannan High School has been absolutely wonderful. It has been such a great environment to grow up in and has provided me with so many opportunities to discover my identity.
The school at the beginning had a family feeling, but towards at times I felt a few students got lost in the cracks. The school I felt only cared about the stars in the class and forgot about the other students.
I love how the school is remodeling and is adding more designs to show visitors our school pride. They added sticker designs on the school gym windows.
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Archbishop Hannan is one of the best high schools on the North Shore. The academics are extremely rigorous and Hannan has amazing teachers!!
Archbishop Hannan is truly a remarkable school that allows students to engage in not only academics but sports, clubs, and many more as well.
I love Hannan High. It is the perfect size and once you start there you will feel so welcomed and at home. Hannan for me, is my home away from home. I enjoy going to school and watching my friends grow into adults. The one thing I wish would change is how the students have no say so. Our principal says he wants it to be about us, but he only asks a few of us for our opinion. You cannot run a school based off what a couple kids think. Overall, Hannan is the place to be whether its forming us closer to God or forming us Into the adults we need to be.
Coming from a public school, this is a breath of fresh air. I haven't been enrolled long and this will be my first year, but every student, teacher, and administrator I have met was wonderful! Despite the tuition and fees, the education is great and the people are even greater!
I am currently a Junior at Archbishop Hannan and the past three years have been amazing, and I know I will miss it when I graduate.
Archbishop Hannan High School is an amazing academic environment. It is definitely the best high school in the area. It is a comfortable (but competitive) learning environment with most teachers as experts in their fields. Teachers are very supportive (both during class and tutoring hours). It is also very strict in terms of odd rules (especially in terms of uniform). The campus is extremely safe.
I loved everything about Archbishop Hannan! It became my home away from home. The teachers there are tremendous and I couldn’t ask for a better class! I love all my classmates and I will never forget the memories we made together at Hannan
Archbishop Hannan has a great sense of community not only between students but between students, teachers, and faculty.
The school is a small yet well organized environment. The teachers are truly dedicated to helping the students of Archbishop Hannan High School. This school really provides a challenging and rigorous academic program which forces students to strive to meet their academic goals. Although, this does prove that the classes here are so rigorous, it can provide a struggling experience for any student, especially when becoming a junior or senior.
Overall I enjoyed this high school. There are a few things I'd like to change, such as the environment of being a part of the student body. This school is very grade based and if you fall behind you don't really recieve any help.
I've meet so many great friends at this school that I know will last a life time. All the classes were pretty east if you studied.
Archbishop Hannan is an excellent high school. I have had a great high school experience at Hannan. Teachers and staff are very helpful and I believe I am fully prepared to start college. Hannan's motto, charity leads to perfection, is always stressed and encouraged to be lived out in everything that we do.
I really enjoy the family aspect of the school. It is a great learning environment for everyone to feel comfortable in and not overwhelmed. The faculty is always there and ready to help all students to pass.
Hannan is a very home like school, small but not too small. You can get very involved at school very easily. Hannan really is a home away from home. The teachers are very good about preparing you for college and getting to know you.
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I love the overall environment of the school, whether it be the student involvement or the academic rigor. I wouldn't change much about the school except for the declining pride in the school and the lack of a Christian lifestyle reflected by a majority of the student body.
Enjoyed it. I had a sense of binding with the students and teachers. I would recommend it to middle school students.
Archbishop Hanna Highschool, Has greatly improved my ability to grow as a young women and help prepare me for college in multiple ways.
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