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Archbishop Hanna High School Reviews

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Archbishop Hanna High School is a great high school. They have a lower student to teacher ratio, which provides a more one on one learning experience. The school spirit here is also very strong, as well as the support and understanding from all the faculty. The follow- on Department here is also a department that is just for helping student graduate and earn scholarships.
Most classes are non-CP. Most classes have a middle school curriculum. Teacher are extremely under-qualified.
I came here when I was a freshman and I do not regret it one bit. It has been the best decision of my life. I came from a gang infested neighborhood in Los Angeles. I moved to Sonoma to seek change and, boy, was it worth it. Since being here I have been in the student body, a church usher at chapel every Sunday, basketball team captain, soccer, worked many community events, as well as completing more than 1700 hours of community service. That's just the start. I went from straight F's at my old school to straight A's. That's just it, I love Hanna because they make their students matter over you being at a huge sized school where you barely see your counselor and you are just a number not a student. Hanna is home. I love it. It gave me the audacity to make me say I matter.
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Most teachers here have had experiences we have had growing up so there is definitely a respect between teacher and student due to us all knowing the struggle and have had gone through it. It's a brotherhood here at Hanna. Classes are about at most 7 students per class which makes learning way better. We actually get one on one time with our professor which is awesome. I love the teaching staff here at hanna due to their consistent grading methods, great communication with the students, and making each class seem easy.
The teachers here are great. Plus the classes are really small, like 10 kids the most in a few classes. This makes it really easy for teaching and for everyone to be on the same page and learn at once.
There are not really after school programs.... i don't know they kinda are, we just do them. We have cross country, agriculture department, culture club, slot cars, table tennis etc...
The schools challenges you from whatever you test on so a lot of kids are seniors and still at an 8th grade level then there's kids that are Jr's or Sophomores and are to advance
The food is good not all that i think our food is healthier than some high schools but a a lot of kids including me think they try to be a 5 star restaurant and ignore the simple meals we request
The school does try it's best to keep us safe and any type of threats are handled seriously.
The campus itself is amazing and there are a few new buildings but the school and the paint and color is kind of dry
The school try's to keep us safe but there are still incidents that happen
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