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Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School Reviews

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I truly enjoy the atmosphere of this school and the friendly nature of the teachers and fellow students.
we had a great experience at Archbishop Mccarthy, all my three boys graduated over there with honors, and the last is about to graduate college in computer science, the teachers and other staff were great, the area is safe; this is an outstanding college preparatory school in all aspects.
I loved the education, I definitely learned a lot throughout my years there. The teachers were very helpful and nice. The students are very kind and we help each other out with homework and help each other study for test.
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My 4 years at Archbishop were great years. This school has a strong academic and prepares its students for success .
I started high school at Archbishop McCarthy four years ago. I feel that McCarthy has prepared me for my future because it has taught me how to become a hard worker. I have created amazing friendships, played sports and had the opportunity to join several clubs.
Archbishop McCarthy is an academically rigorous school that helps prepare students for college. The school is very technologically advanced as it uses iPads to enhance their students' learning.
This school is strong in their faith, as well as diverse and friendly. I enjoy going to this school as a student and would agree that it has a lot to offer. Although it has room for some improvement, it is overall a great school to send your children to for a solid education.
Overall an exceptional, well-rounded high school experience that leaves me feeling prepared to face whatever challenges may occur in the next phases of my life.
Great school that prepares you for college and also has a lot of extracurricular activities. Excellent when it comes to school safety!
Archbishop McCarthy High School is an incredible school, however it lacks some classes that one may be interested in (especially AP and higher level classes). It also limits some of your class selection which is taken up by a theology course for the four years. Although Archbishop lacks in these aspects, it still does an incredible job in college preparation. Teachers are varied in quality here. Teachers for AP and Honors level classes are usually very capable and qualified. Although there are many faults to McCarthy, it truly encapsulates the meaning of being a Maverick.
My over all experience at the school was rather well. They did their best to prepare physically and mentally for the next step in life. The staff did their best to support myself and other students and I hope to take what I’ve gain from the school and apply it to the rest of my life
It’s really nice, 10/10. I genuinely enjoy the school. The academics are good, and there are less people per class, which makes it easier for teachers to pay more attention to you.
Archbishop McCarthy was home to me for 4 years and the learning environment and mission statement which would be recited everyday during morning prayer.
It is a great environment, filled with great staff and administrators who truly want you to succeed.
Archbishop McCarthy is a very challenging, yet constructive,high school. It has helped me decide on what I want to focus on in college, it really gives you an insight of life after college and high school;"real life". The variety of people also helps create a culturally forward mindset. I would like to see McCarthy become more open minded and teach about current life and all of its distinct events. It is overall an amazing school that I know has prepared me for the future.
Very rigorous academics, clean but competitive atmosphere, many planned school events, security guards always on duty and ID scanners used to open doors and ensure safety.
McCarthy did not prepare me for college as expected/promised considering its a college preparatory school, I have had great memories from the school but also some awful ones whether it was the deans punishing our graduating class and taking privileges away from our student body or usual favoritism of the snotty rich kids/clicks. Overall I wish I was better prepared for what college had in store for me and I wish the teachers cared more about the academics instead of busy work to keep us quiet only to complain that the work is sloppy. They only worry about money and looking like such a great school when its not all its wrapped up to be... Sad but true...
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I liked how technologically advanced the environment was, and how much attention was given to each individual student.
I am a senior at Archbishop and I personally say that the education is very good. The facilities are excellent and the use of iPads make learning very easy. I would recommend any student to come to Archbishop.
Archbisphop McCarthy High School is an excellent school, it's an all I-Pad school, no books to lug around, everything is done online and is so effecient and easy to do. You can see your grades at the touch of a key stroke. The teachers and students get along and the classroom size is small, no more than 25 students to a classroom. If you need help, there is usually someone around who can help tutor you or the teachers are available either before or after school. There are a host of activities, sports, clubs, etc. to do. They offer AP classes so you can get some of the core classes done prior to attending college. I think anyone would be happy here.
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