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Archbisphop McCarthy High School is an excellent school, it's an all I-Pad school, no books to lug around, everything is done online and is so effecient and easy to do. You can see your grades at the touch of a key stroke. The teachers and students get along and the classroom size is small, no more than 25 students to a classroom. If you need help, there is usually someone around who can help tutor you or the teachers are available either before or after school. There are a host of activities, sports, clubs, etc. to do. They offer AP classes so you can get some of the core classes done prior to attending college. I think anyone would be happy here.
I loved the location and the safety of the school. I enjoyed the clubs and sports games. I would like to see more tutoring available to help students.
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The majority of the teachers I’ve had have been very passionate about what they teach. 5e academics will push you if you let them which is beneficial in the end. College counselors are very helpful.
This school has a Catholic atmosphere, in which we go to mass once every month. The courses at this school are very rigorous and challenging. If you are looking for a challenge in academics, athletics, or the arts, then I recommend coming to this school.
Archbishop McCarthy was a second home for me. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing teachers who’ve enlightened me on not only my school subjects but life lessons as well. I’ve met friends, good and bad, who’ve made me a better person. The academics is top notch and it’s truly a family atmosphere.
I have had an excellent experience at Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School. Ever since I visited the school as an eighth grader I knew it is where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. This school has helped change me to become a more academic and socially involved student. I have met lifelong friends and been able to work with outstanding teachers. Many say high school are the most unforgettable years of your life and I can confirm that statement based on my experience at McCarthy!
This is a great school with a lot of school spirit. However, they are very strict with their policies and give a lot of work.
Archbishop Edward McCarthy high school is an excellent school that will help prepare any student for the hardships of college. It is a very challenging school that demands students to learn how to be independent and successful.
Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School is great school to expand a student's relationship with God through a Roman Catholic based teaching, but also offer countless amounts of activities, organization, and sports that help a student become involved in the school. A part of Archbishop McCarthy High School that I liked that most was the overwhelming school pride. Through administration and the activities director that plan events such as pep rallies and sport home games they instill tremendous amounts of school pride and support in every student that attends.
I always felt safe at Archbishop, i came from an all public school background and in middle school i never felt safe, i had the worst teachers and the staff overall didnt care about us. Whenever i struggled academically at Archbishop teachers always helped me through. I made some of my closest friends there and im so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Archbishop. I honestly would not make any changes to Archbishop because of what an amazing school it is and what it has done for me.
Archbishop McCarthy is an excellent school, it helped me excel and I am involved in many clubs and activities. Everyone in Archbishop is involved. My school is not just a school, it is a family. Since freshman year, I have felt welcomed.
My experience at Archbishop was amazing. I always felt like I belonged. There is a sense of family with the other students, teachers and staff. There are several things throughout the year that help bring everyone together such as the retreats they offer along with the Maverick games, any of the sports events and pep rallies.
This school shows extreme favoritism to the children involved in basketball, football and most of all, Baseball. Also to the children of families that are contributors to the school.
archbishop McCarthy is a very unique school with a very forward thinking mentality which involves the catholic teachings on its mission statement. The school has multiple clubs and sports that make it easier to feel comfortable and get involved in the community. there are multiple fund raisers than not only help the school but help organizations like those helping the hurricane relief and cancer victims
Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School was very beneficial to my education in many different ways. They offer many different tools in order to ensure you are successful in your high school and college career.
Archbishop McCarthy High is truly the premier choice for college preparatory education. They top all the others hands down.
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This is a great school. Over four years it really provides students with many opportunities to grow. There are many clubs, honors societies, and athletic teams to get involved in.
Great school, amazing teachers, great academics, safe environment. Prepares well for college applications. Work is in ipads, high technology.
I would have never imagined that during the summer time, I long to go to back to school. I am so passionate about everything Archbishop McCarthy has to offer. I feel as though my school is my second home: the teachers are friendly, the students are accepting, and the atmosphere is encouraging and challenging in a good way. One of my favorite things about my school is the retreat program available for all grades. I've been able to grow closer to my faith, get to know more about myself, and establish friendships I've never thought I'd have thanks to the lessons and experiences on these retreats. I also enjoy cheering on my Maverick athletes at football and basketball games. The student sections are so much fun to participate in and "get rowdy." Finally, an organization that is close to my heart is Student Government. As the secretary, I am able to bring fresh and new ideas to only better the school I love so much.
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