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Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School Reviews

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It was good, prepared me for college very well. There was a lot of school spirit. I liked the variety of clubs that a person could join to get involved.
It's a great school! My oldest is getting ready to go on an adventure out in the world and she is completely ready thanks to Archbishop McCarthy!
We are so grateful for the experience she has received here. Couldn't ask for anything better ...
I like how archbishop Mccarthy has college counselors who actually sit down and help you. They do not rush you at all. You can be talking to your counselor for two hours straight and they still will not rush you.
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I've been going to Archbishop McCarthy for four years now & going into high school was a scary thing for me but at Archbishop we were automatically family. The welcome committee " Link Crew" welcomes you with opened arms, AMHS gives me the best education to be successful in life and the teachers don't only teach us but they mentor us . Our school offers so many curriculum's , clubs, and sports . We also give back to the community for example; during the MSD tragedy we raised money for them, made posters, and made t-shirts . We also had purple ribbon where we sign to not use the "R" word . Archbishop McCarthy is a diverse community filled with different people, laughing faces & successful students.
Overall I believe my experience at Archbishop McCarthy has been excellent. However I am conscious that no school is perfect McCarthy included. There are always going to be things the school can improve on.
Archbishop McCarthy is a top school providing a superior challenging academic program within a catholic and religious safe and enriching environment designed to work for all type of students and interests within the best technology infrastructure available, the administration and staff is very nice, my classmates are great and the study environment is very pleasing and inviting, there are plenty of extra curricular activities like sports or other
Archbishop prepared me thoroughly for college and life. The surrounding atmosphere challenged me but also uplifted me.
Archbishop McCarthy is an excellent school. They are very focused on academics, making sure to provide some of the best courses and teachers for their students.
I love the academic system and college prep system that Archbishop McCarthy offers. I also feel like it is a very good school with lots of potential. However, I feel like there is too many students on campus and it is pretty crowded.
The School is great and the staff is extremely friendly, the campus also feels extremely safe, and secure.
McCarthy was a fun experience, it could be very rigorous academically for people in the “excelsior” program but it was worth it all the same. The college readiness factor depends on the person. The resources to do well in the application field are there but it takes a lot of will and self-pushing to go through with all the extra work. You’re not pushed as much as you’re supposed to be regarding college readiness, but as I said before, the resources are there. The food is mediocre, they provide Pizza, Nuggets, and Wraps, but they hardly provide one with a good nutrition. All in all, the school is above average in most regards, I recommend it for anyone looking for long lasting friendships and a challenging curriculum.
I truly enjoy the atmosphere of this school and the friendly nature of the teachers and fellow students.
we had a great experience at Archbishop Mccarthy, all my three boys graduated over there with honors, and the last is about to graduate college in computer science, the teachers and other staff were great, the area is safe; this is an outstanding college preparatory school in all aspects.
I loved the education, I definitely learned a lot throughout my years there. The teachers were very helpful and nice. The students are very kind and we help each other out with homework and help each other study for test.
My 4 years at Archbishop were great years. This school has a strong academic and prepares its students for success .
I started high school at Archbishop McCarthy four years ago. I feel that McCarthy has prepared me for my future because it has taught me how to become a hard worker. I have created amazing friendships, played sports and had the opportunity to join several clubs.
Archbishop McCarthy is an academically rigorous school that helps prepare students for college. The school is very technologically advanced as it uses iPads to enhance their students' learning.
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This school is strong in their faith, as well as diverse and friendly. I enjoy going to this school as a student and would agree that it has a lot to offer. Although it has room for some improvement, it is overall a great school to send your children to for a solid education.
Overall an exceptional, well-rounded high school experience that leaves me feeling prepared to face whatever challenges may occur in the next phases of my life.
Great school that prepares you for college and also has a lot of extracurricular activities. Excellent when it comes to school safety!
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