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Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School Reviews

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Very diverse school. Teachers really care about your academics and involvement in activities and sports. This college prep high school has prepared me well for college and every other professional aspect on my life; jobs, interviews, networking, etc.
This school really feels more like a family. Everyone knows each other and are connected. People look out for each other. The teachers stay extra time to help a student if they really need it. Staff is very kind and always looks out for the students. This school really made me the person that I am today.
Terrible School. Honestly. The teachers didn't believe in their students. Lack of effort and encouragement. Depressing environment for students.
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Curley was an awesome school. It made newcomers feel like they were at home when they came there. They didn't have the best curriculum but they made sure students got into some of greatest schools in the state of Florida. Curley will forever be one of my favorite schools.
I enjoyed my time and experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed the school years. The teachers were fun and also strict but they were only strict to get you on the right path. They prepared me for college.
Archbishop Curley was a good school, it taught me the true meaning of friends and happiness. I can honestly say I enjoyed my four years of high school there.
Amazing. It Was the best four years that I e been able to experience. I will miss my high school because it also felt my other home.
My personal experience with the school was very good. The students and staff helped me grow as a person and be prepared into adult hood. I liked how the whole school was close together as if everyone was family. There aren't many changes I would make to the school but if I had to change something, it would be how much digital work and paper work ratio is given. If I was able to do it all over again I most defiantly would just because it gave me the full high school experience while preparing me for the future ahead of me.
I love everything about my high school , I wouldn't change a thing about it except for the socks and the lunch .
ACND is a tight knit highschool. Everyone is always involved in any activity even the parents. Even though we don't have the most money or the biggest school, we are a family and you wont find that in many big high schools.
Not many because it is a small school but you can be involved in something
If I could do it all over again I would go to Miami Country Day School
Some of the teachers are interactive with the students and are consistent. On the other hand there are some teachers that you as a student have to go out of your way to contact them and correct your grades.
Strict but nice. they participate in clubs and sports. Gives assignementsto help the student to go and discover the world by himself which really hepled me.
Very save, no bullying. everyone is equally respected.
very disciplined, well organized and compatitives.
Fantastic because everyone is invited and it is totally friendly. No one is excluded and when they are, someone notices and brings them in. These activities are fun and inviting.
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My favorite thing about this school is that because it's so small everyone knows each other and that gives everyone an opportunity to become a family. We may be separated into cliques but at the end of the day we're all one big clique that helps each other. There are many unique personalities and experiences here so I would come to this school again for sure.
The quality of the teachers is fantastic. They care about the students and change their teaching styles depending on the individual. They know exactly as much as they are expected to and more in a subject and they show a strong interest in the well being of the students. Teachers and students can communicate with each other a professionally friendly level and grow together. The grading is fair and consistent.
The students are able to do fit it.
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