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Archbishop Curley High School Reviews

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My son has had great experience at Archbishop Curley High School. His only complaint is the food is average and not having air conditioning.
My son is having a great experience at ACHS! He is involved in clubs amd sports! He is making new friends and is supported by a great staff! Sure the school could be undated, but it’s the education and experience that really matters!
I like how the environment of Curley is like a brotherly feel. Everyone is constantly looking out for each other and guiding to always do the right things and its a speacial place to be. I love the atmosphere at sporting events and togetherness that is shown through out the entire game. Curley not only prepared me for college but also for life and i recommend sending your child there.
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The school was "okay" when I attended. It definitely a better school than most-tailored teaching, access to various educational resources, intense school spirit, etc. The only downside is that I don't think the school doesn't take into account that times are changing and that you have to prepare students, socially, for the changing world.
Archbishop Curley is everything you want in a Catholic High School. You will make lifelong relationships while learning top-notch academics. I highly suggest!
The things I liked about Curley were the bonds I made throughout my four years here and the endless support everyone has for each other from sporting events to class work.
Excellent school that prepared me for college and my career. Curley features an excellent faculty that engages their students and really cares. Teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to help their students to succeed. The College Counseling Office does a great job to help each student to find a university that best fits their needs. I look forward to my son attending one day!
Archbishop Curley is great school because it has a good curriculum and a variety activities for the young men. Also, most of the teachers will take time with the young men to make sure that get what is needed academically. Yes, all schools have some problems, but none ARE perfect!
You walk in a boy and out a Curley Man ! I loved my time at Curley. The teachers , administration and staff are supportive, the academics are challenging.
Through my four years at Archbishop Curley High School I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a leader, a professional, and be respectful to others. Archbishop Curley is a great place to send your kid to high school, they really teach about brotherhood.
I've been at Archbishop Curley for four years. Today I am a proud senior and product of the school. At Curley, I've had the opportunity to meet different teachers and student that supported me and each other. You'll build strong relationships with fellow student as I did. I believe in the schools' slogan, "Where brotherhood Begins."
I have two sons at Curley and could not be happier with the challenging academics, student body, and administration.
Private School that prepares students for college and/or their future. Archbishop Curley has a well-knitted and loving community. I went coming from a public school in Georgia. At the time I was entering high school I couldn't even write a 3-5 page essay. They had many extra curricular classes and clubs, with their music department being a well known and greatly appreciated. As they have gained some clubs they have also lost, but only for the better of the students' future. By the time I graduated from Curley, I felt prepared and ready with being involved in choir and a few clubs. Now I am an incoming junior at a polytechnical college called Cogswell Polytechnical College studying Digital Audio Technology. Right away graduating from Curley prepared me more than ever especially with being in the choir. If I would have gone to high school in Georgia, I don't think I would have even met the standards for some of the required tasks.
Curley is an amazing school it does naturally have its things that need to be fixed. But, we strive to do the best we can with what wonderful amenities we have.
Attending Archbishop Curely has been a very good experience. I have learned a lot and made friends/brothers for life. The education that was afforded me was exceptional. The one thing that the school should pay more attention to is diversity and to hire more educators that will address the lack of diversity within the staff.
There are a number of school organizations and clubs but I do not participate I'm using playing sports or going to my part time job or socializing with my group of friends.
I had a rough start entering my sophomore year but with the friendly, respectful, and brotherhood community AC offers soon everyone has a sense of belonging and become very proud of being a friar. My favorite experiences I have had at AC involve "my crew", consisting of myself and 6 other boys. The schools environment has fostered close brotherhood relationships that will last a life time. I was "made" to go to this school because I was failing in public school near my house, but since I have been at AC except first semester I have had a 3.6 GPA or above.
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The teachers are devoted to the students and the school. The grading system is in accordance with most colleges and prepares student for college grading systems. Each teacher has their own unique style that works for the students and is appropriate to the subject/content being learned. Most teachers have post-graduate degrees or working toward advanced degrees making the teachers at Archbishop Curley knowledgeable.
I am amazed at the quality of teachers at this school. Every single teacher is approachable. Every single teacher is available at all hours for questions/help whether its in via email, after class, or another time that is convenient for the student. The teachers seem very happy to be there and love what they do. There are many teacher vs. student events from chess and academic tournaments, dodge ball and basketball games. Everyone gets involved and it's hilarious.
The school does well with broadcasting that they want the utmost participation from all students in after school activities.