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Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School Reviews

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At Archbishop Coleman Carroll there is something for anyone. Football? Yes
Cheerleading? Yes Drama club? Yes
Although some have called the school lackluster the experince is tailored for a private school setting and if you don't like private schools than you will not like ACC. Safety and such concerns are big in this age and this school delviers. When ti comes to teachers you can expect to miss any teacher here as compared to public schools. Campus is an otherwise beautfiul but somewhat old and in need of an update. I will not regret coming here but i can see where the schools lacks in academics and college readiness some work can be done to go beyond typical private schools. Otherwise i highly recommend this schoool
its a very good school mostly a sports school for basketball and baseball great teachers ver great study area and great environment to be at faculty is very helpful and parents always involved during school activities which are a amazing experience.
The beginning of the year you start out fresh with the warm hearts of faculty and staff, though its rough to survive all 4 years with sudden changes it has been worth the time to finally get to college. There is a new principles whose a Sister, a new Father came to the school and it has been great having him as our theology teacher.
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Excellent school with true Catholic Identity. Great school environment of respect, great teachers who care for their students.
Great school!! I loved the science department it was my favorite thing about the school. OH....The school lunches are delicious and nutritious!!! Our school spirit and drumline is one of a kind.. Go Bulldogs !!!!
My experience at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School was average. We had our good days and our bad days. Our sports were pretty good, but the administration wasn’t always great. Some teachers gave hard time to students, but others were great to students. I’ve somewhat felt like I’m ready for college. Overall, had a great experiences here in ACC, but also times where there was no satisfaction for the students.
It is a small school. Everyone knows each other and there are no "cliques". Teachers work one on one with students.
my experience at archbishop coleman carroll was definitely one to remember. The school eliminated all kinds of highschool steriotypes of bullying, mean teachers, and scary hallways. the school has a welcoming staff, a comfortable aroma, and inviting people. overall best part are the small classes which allow any student the personal attention they deserve.
I am current student of Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School. I would consider this school, honestly as my second home because there is so much love that is given and yes it's a small school;however, this school makes me feel safe which is what a home should feel like. I hope this schools keeps on growing and the only change that I would make it to use the land that they have to create either a track and field section, a pool to have a swim team, or just something that will be put into use.
Archbishop Coleman Carroll is a very good high school that teaches students to make new friendships, memories and to become contributing members of the society and community
Archbishop Carroll has come a long way since I entered my Freshmen year. Yet it has all been for greater good of the school. My teachers have always been fantastic and very up front with their desire to help me excel in every way possible. I'm currently taking advanced placement classes, feeling prepared to tackle my next step in life when I graduate next year. If anyone where to ask for high school recommendations, Archbishop Carroll will always be my first answer.
As a parent, I can't be happier with ACC. My son has blossomed in high school because of the individualized attention he receives from teachers. Since ACC has small classroom sizes, students are able to get the individual attention they need. His English teacher was able to identify a subtle issue he was having and asked to meet with me. Because of her, he was able to overcome a small obstacle and his grades went up! And, he now loves Chemistry! All because he has GREAT teachers who really do challenge kids. ACC also cares about helping students grow outside the classroom. In less than 2 years at the school, my son has joined an honors society, taken a trip to two colleges with the school, gone to 2 college fairs with his teammates, started a community service project with a mentor, fed the homeless, gone to a leadership conference, and the list goes on and on. ACC has been a huge blessing to him!
My experience of ACC as a teacher has been amazing. The teachers are dedicated, hard-working and truly care about the well-being of each student. We're working as a team with enthusiasm to make ACC better and better. The administrative team is on fire to continue with planned, substantial advancements for the school which are well underway. I love the diversity of the student body and the safe, family-like environment. I've taught in many different schools, but it's at ACC that I've encountered some of the most amazing students in my career. We've no doubt been through some obstacles and weak points in the past which have affected us as a school, but even that has played a part in the movement towards greatness now. In my book, ACC is the best kept secret in town, and I feel richly blessed to be a part of it.
This high school helped me grow academically and mentally. The school brings a fair game on what is best for each student and all are met to their needs. Each student has a fair chance on trying out for any sports, being invited to many of their honor societies, run for Student Body, and over all, each student may voice their opinions or concerns and they will be heard and responded to. ACC surely was the place to be, and still is!
If you know what the words school spirit mean, then you know that this school does not have any. The teachers do not listen to the students and the school tends to get rid of the only teachers that make their students feel like they have a voice. Also, the school does not fix things that need fixing like the fact that some of the double doors get stuck or they lock when the first bell rings and causes students to be late to class. The sports and after school activities are practically nonexistent. They treat the arts like a little kid who doesn't know what he is talking about. Sports on the other hand are highly praised.
While the school would seem to be an upgrade from the traditional public schools that I'm used to, I just don't seem to find that much of any differences. While hem teaching more about God and Jesus (including Mass and a chapel to pray) I simply don't find anything else that seems to be different. Maybe this is from my lack of doing "stuff" in the school, but I just don't seem to find any difference in it.
This highschool is highly unprofessional. Not only so that my child has been at loss of a program and feels completely unsatisfied with the school
My kid is going to Ferguson and I suggest all of you do the same.
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I like how it's a small school and teachers could communicate more with the students in each class. However there is no school spirit. Also there are barely any sports teams left and no arts. I have built my relationship with Christ since I came too Acc last year and I feel like the teachers do help us not only academically but spiritually.
It's a small, family oriented school that focuses on faith and how to include it in our lives. If you're looking for a chist centered school, then this is the school for you. The education and administration are good.
My experience at Archbishop Coleman Carroll has been average. Many of the teachers spend more time assigning work than teaching the material. Also, there is a great lack in school spirit as they emphasize too much on certain aspects of the school and forget to put more time into the activities and pep rallies for the students. There is a lot of miscommunication between the students and school administration.
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