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I'm an alum of Archbishop Chapelle High School. I attened the school for 5 years. In this time, the faculty and staff are very dedicated to cultivating student's spiritual, academic, and social life. After graduating, I feel as if I was very prepared for college.
The school started out great but we received a new principal who fired everyone and got new staff. That ruined it for me because the previous teachers were better and I had a connection with them. The administration didn’t really care if you were bullied, or failing it was pretty much your problem. If your parent didn’t graduate or you weren’t on the cheer or dance team you weren’t cared for. Favoritism is high. Academics went down the drain, I wasn’t prepared for college. Most likely could’ve received a better education at a public school.
My experience with Chapelle is very good! I have gone there since I was a freshman and I am currently a senior. There are many things I like about Chapelle. One thing I love is the college readiness that Chapelle has. They offer many advanced placement and duel enrollment classes. Another reason I like Chapelle is because of how friendly the faculty and staff are. They always have smiles on their faces and always ask how you are doing. Overall, my past four years at Chapelle have been amazing and I will definitely miss it.
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This is the best school I have attended, and I want to create a legacy and send my daughters here as well.
I can honestly say that going to this school has greatly prepared me for college. Also, the people are mostly very welcoming and encourage you to do your best and try your hardest at the activities and academics that you re involved in.
I would recommend Archbishop Chapelle High School. I felt I was prepared for college and made great connections. I am still in contact with fellow alum, faculty, and staff years after graduation. I also attend school events at least once a year.
Chapelle has taught me a lot. The teachers care and make sure you have he best education. The people around you are very positive. There are many clubs and activities that you can easily get involved in.
Coming from a public school, I didn't know what to expect when I was enrolled into a private all girl school. On my first day I was very excited and nervous about the day ahead, but overall it was amazing. The students were nice, the teachers were very helpful, and the overall environment was fun and enjoyable! Going into my senior year I realize how much I am going to miss Chapelle and the people who make it fun. I don't think I would change anything about Chapelle, it is just too perfect in its own way for me to find anything to change.
Chapelle is a very small, friendly school with lots of spunk and personality. The diversity of this school is very slim, however, and while that is something outside of the school's control, the student population is made up of girls who are nearly all from the same background: sheltered and provided for. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to tolerance and sympathy, the girls can fall a little short. They have very little experience with people who are different and therefore come across as indifferent or ignorant.
Incredible 5 years there. As an Alum of the Class of 2017, I was around for 3 principals and many changes during my time at Chapelle. While many of us felt the growing pains of change over the years, the current principal and faculty is spectacular and have built a solid foundation for the students to grow and learn and become incredible women. Truly an authentically Catholic school. Diverse group of students. A hidden gem amongst the High Schools in the area. Check it out for yourself! I love being in the chipmunk family. Deus Providebit -Alum c/o 2017
I have been attending Chapelle since the 2014-2015 school year, which was my 8th grade year. Chapelle is a great All Girl Private Catholic school!
Archbishop Chapelle was a great high school! I loved it because I was able to join and enjoy my love for the sport of volleyball all while being able to excel in my academics! If I could change one thing, it would be the reputation everyone has for this school!
Chapelle is a nice environment for a high school student. My experience here is that it is a great school for those that are there to learn. The honors classes are amazing and I have learned so much throughout my time at Chapelle. It has a very family-like environment, and there is always something to do at or for the school.
It is a good school. It is fun and exciting , full of love and sisterhood. It is all girls so if you were looking for boys not here hun. There is so many activites and the academics are pretty fun as well.
At Archbishop Chapelle high school, I like the connections you can make with your teachers. Each seems to truly care about you as a person.

Unfortunately it seems as if the disciplinary actions for minor offenses such as short socks, etc. sometimes go too far. I would like to see a revamped warning system for such offenses.
I love Archbishop Chapelle high school. It is a great school with tons of great teachers. The students are so nice and welcoming. It such a spirited school with many activities throughout the year. You would very much enjoy your 4-5 years there. I'm a senior right now and I don't want to say goodbye, hopefully we'll have a future chipmunk in my family!
In an attempt to remain a college prepatory school, Chapelle focuses more on what was required of them to remain a credible college prep school than what their students require to receive a personal and effective education.
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Teachers truly care about the students and are very involved in extra curricular activities and sports. Athletic director is very good at scheduling a student's after school extra curricular schedule so they may join multiple sports and clubs. Janitors are also nice and willing to lend a hand. Administrators know most students on a first name basic and what they do outside of school. Counselor's are very young.
Chapelle is a place to call home. The food is the bomb, especially on Taco Tuesday! The only thing that holds me back from 5 stars is the amount of change in tradition with the crest and certain events. The principal before the current one did a lot of change for the better and worse. The current principal is making change for the better. However, it does put some type of stress on the students. - Alum of the Class of 2016
In New Orleans, high school begins in 8th grade which gave me one extra year to bond with my graduating class and fall in love with my school. Just like everything else in life, there were ups and downs of high school: changes in academics and administration made it difficult to find where I belonged on campus. Luckily, the people around me helped mold me into who I am today. Chapelle is and always will be my 2nd home and I am so great full to have gotten my Catholic education here. I am writing this a senior now and it makes me sad that I have to leave, but ready for the challenges life throws at me that Chapelle has prepared me for.
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