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My experience at Archbishop Carroll High School has been the best thus far. I am in my senior year of school and I feel that this school has best prepared me for college. Throughout the course of the years, my academics have strengthened. I would like to attribute this to the amazing teachers because they took the time to accurately explain topics I didn't comprehend. All around the school, you will find multiple resources to help you with your academics. From the library to the McGowan center— which I most prefer— it has helped me due to the space provided to study and find books needed for classes. If there was a change to be made, I would like to see a change in the food. Personally, I prefer a variety of cultural cuisine and I feel this is where the school lacks in that department. Overall, I highly recommend this school to future freshmans looking for a place to go to.
I just finished my junior year at Carroll and have been here since 9th grade. Overall, the school is a safe environment and they attempt to provide a good education for students. However, it seems like the school is really set on pretending to be something that it is not and therefore don't take in to consideration how the students feel. Carroll is not the best school in the district but it has potential if the leadership in the school took better care of the students. Also, they really don't check to find the best teachers for students. Over the past year 3-4 students have quit because of the school and this could be avoided if we hired the best care for students. Some teachers end up teaching subjects they are not at all qualified for.
The school needs to upgrade its facilities but other than that it's a great school.The faculty really cares about the well being and success of the students. The curriculum will have students in the right position to flourish in college and become successful adults
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As much as I dreaded going to school when I was a student there, I have learned to love it over time. Carroll will always have a special place in my heart.
When I first started my 9th grade you I disliked it mainly because if so many new faces and attitudes. Now as a senior I love the school with all my heart. After meeting new people and different perspectives I grew overall as a person. With the many passionate teachers and their interesting way of teaching and instructing made me more open-minded.
My experience at Carroll has been alright. I've had my good and bad days. I've learned a lot of lessons from my peers that I plan to use throughout life and taught people a few things.
The extracurricular activites at my school are great. I feel as tough they bring everyone together as a family. Even though most of our sports teams may not do so well I could say that we always give it our all.
I'm glad I chose this high school to attend. I learned a lot in school and about life. I made friends that I know will be around for along time.
The teachers at my school are very caring. They make sure everyone stay on the right path and they make time after school for students who need it. I really love my teachers, one reason being the way they teach. Most of them do class discussion and group activities which helps out a lot when learning something new.
Our dean made sure students were safe at all times
They kept me busy and help me make great friends
I met people who helped make me who I am today
They definitely prepared me for the next level
The clubs are not real that great but they do try.
It's not the best school but it is full of school spirit and everyone does try there best.
The teachers really do try there hardest in order to help students learn.
This is a Catholic School so they tolerate no bulling or fighting or you will get expelled with no questions. Health wise they are very clean food is all fresh.
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this school has every sport average high school has. It also has a student government , spirit club and a robotic club.
My experience with this school was great, when my mom past away my senior year Carroll teachers were all understanding to my situation and helped me get into plenty of colleges, I was very depressed and they kept me going.
The teachers at this school are very kind, and willing to take time from their personal life to help a student in need.
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