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My experience was great. The teachers and counselors help me to achieve my best and encouraged me to my road to college.
I like the community, and the people that's around the school. what needs to change is the classrooms and the bathrooms and the locker room.
I love the atmosphere at Archbishop Carroll. The energy is amazing and the staff make you feel at home. The community at large loves Carroll because of the support we give each other. There is no high school id rather be at. My experience here was great because I developed really close bonds with friends, and made connections in my community.
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I love the family culture at Carroll. We are great community. I would like for the school to be more diverse.
There is a lot of theft at the school, lack of transparency and frequent changes of staff during the school year.
I am going to go senior year at Carroll and have very much enjoyed my time here. Carroll feels like a family, and that is part of what makes Carroll special. We call ourselves a family, and we treat each other as such. We all care about each other and support each other. Carroll can be annoying sometimes though, with silly administrative rules and some of the run down parts of the school. It is an old school but it is undergoing renovations. Overall it is a great place to be and it definitely gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself and work toward success.
Archbishop Carroll High School is a great school to experience challenge and open new doors. The school offers IB classes that will prepare you for the rigorous college courses. The school offers many clubs and activities to keep you active and doing something. Charity is an important part of this school and you will learn that to give and make a positive impact in your community is vital to the growth and successes of the environment.
At Archbishop Carroll, I had an amazing experience that would be hard to replace anywhere else. The teachers genuinely cared and because of the small class sizes, we weren’t just any other students, we actually formed relationships with our teachers. The climate was friendly and we were all a big family. Every school has their ups and downs though.
I think the school has great potential. It's not horrible, but there needs to be more organization in the system and more dedication to the excellence and discipline of the students. There needs to be more interesting and modern opportunities for the students to participate in.
Archbishop Carroll High School focuses on creating a bright and successful future for all of itś students. Archbishop Carroll is a college prepatory school that gets its students ready for the next level of education and also becoming a young adult after they leave here. Archbishop Carroll teaches students to know,love and serve God and that improves the student body to the fullest. The community of Archbishop Carroll is always striving to better itself so the next youth can come and feel the love and belief that Archbishop Carroll has always brung.Family has influenced my life phenomenally and I thank them for everything they've done for me. The vibe that my family gave me since birth has put me in the right path to success. If it wasn't for my family togetherness then I wouldn't be as awesome as I am now. Culture is really what defined me, as a young African-American in the U.S it has been rough because of discrimination throughout history.
Archbishop Carroll High School was a very close knit, personal school that allowed us to build personal relationships with each other through academics and social activities. Because I was involved in many activities, I had opportunities to meet new people constantly. Because I was involved in many social activities, I had an opportunity to meet so many different. While I am happy to be moving forward with my endeavors, I will cherish all of the bonds and relationships I built while at Carroll.
I loved Archbishop Carroll because of the family feel environment the school had. The teachers stayed after school to help you understand a lesson if you were struggling which was great. I definitely recommend Archbishop Carroll.
Excellent Private College Prep High School. Archbishop Carroll High School is a private, Catholic high school located in Washington, D.C. It is owned and operated by the Archdiocese of Washington.

It has the IB Program and is in the Archdiocese of Washington School District
Archbishop Carroll is a great school. The faculty there are dedicated to assisting the students reach their goals.
Great college preparatory school. A diverse population. Great location. The teachers are well educated and willing to provide additional academic support. The courses are rigorous. The school offers team sports and clubs; however, there are very few clubs for the students to participate in.
I feel like Carroll was a good school when I cam however it went downhill from there. The students are pretty supportive of each other and try to make the best out of Carroll. The Administration does not support the students however. They say students have a voice in Student Government but that is not true. Our ideas are muted by admin. Administrators are only worried about how the school looks and materialistic things. They don't focus on academics and they care only about investors opinion of the kids. Also, they often lie to parents about programs such as our International Baccalaureate Program. Overall, the best part are the teachers as they are doing there best but can only do so much because they have to follow ridiculous rules of the faculty. Coming here, you will not get your money worth of education. The kids who do pretty successful are self driven and there success is not because of Carroll. I would not recommend people attending if they do not have to.
My experience at Archbishop Carroll High School has been the best thus far. I am in my senior year of school and I feel that this school has best prepared me for college. Throughout the course of the years, my academics have strengthened. I would like to attribute this to the amazing teachers because they took the time to accurately explain topics I didn't comprehend. All around the school, you will find multiple resources to help you with your academics. From the library to the McGowan center— which I most prefer— it has helped me due to the space provided to study and find books needed for classes. If there was a change to be made, I would like to see a change in the food. Personally, I prefer a variety of cultural cuisine and I feel this is where the school lacks in that department. Overall, I highly recommend this school to future freshmans looking for a place to go to.
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I just finished my junior year at Carroll and have been here since 9th grade. Overall, the school is a safe environment and they attempt to provide a good education for students. However, it seems like the school is really set on pretending to be something that it is not and therefore don't take in to consideration how the students feel. Carroll is not the best school in the district but it has potential if the leadership in the school took better care of the students. Also, they really don't check to find the best teachers for students. Over the past year 3-4 students have quit because of the school and this could be avoided if we hired the best care for students. Some teachers end up teaching subjects they are not at all qualified for.
The school needs to upgrade its facilities but other than that it's a great school.The faculty really cares about the well being and success of the students. The curriculum will have students in the right position to flourish in college and become successful adults
As much as I dreaded going to school when I was a student there, I have learned to love it over time. Carroll will always have a special place in my heart.
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