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I liked the sense of community that Alter embodies so well. The students truly get a chance to grow together in a faith centered environment.
Alter is a very good school for academics. Offers a AP class for almost every subject. The teachers challenge you to do better.
I like that Alter prepared me well for college, not only academically but as a person as well. The teachers there are more than willing to help you at anytime if you are having trouble with anything. They have many clubs and acitivities you can get involved with during your time there. The sports teams are amazing and teach you how to preservere to reach your goals. When I went there I felt very safe going anywhere on campus at any point in time.
The only thing I would change about Alter would be facilities. They're not always as clean as I would like them to be. We are also not a very diverse school, which is something I would love to see!
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I really like attending Alter. The school is very challenging and prepares you for college. I'd like to see a little bit more effort from teachers in regards of caring about students and helping them though. I wish there was more diversity at the school as well and the sports programs are fantastic, but I'd like to see different sports as well.
Archbishop Alter High School is good school that lived up to my personal expectations. The class sizes are small and that creates a great teacher student bond. While it isn't the best school on the planet, it is pretty good for what it needs to be.
It is a great school. 10/10 would recommend. Prepared me well for the next level. Teachers were mostly good.
Archbishop Alter High School does well with college placement. The majority of students go on to some form of further education. This is especially true for the accelerated students, however, there is room for improvement regarding the development of the baseline students and those who are below par. The same can be said for the faculty, there are some outstanding teachers, however there are a lot of mediocre and some below par educators and staff members.
Alter High School is an institution built on tradition. It is a private Catholic high school and the Alter community couldn't be more welcoming and loving. Alter has provided me with an excellent education and the ability to participate on the prestigious football team and the lacrosse team as well. If i were to change anything about the school it would just be that the school be updated physically. The community of the school and what it stands for is unchangeable and for a good reason. The only modifications to be made would be to update the facilities.
I just graduated from Alter in the spring of 2016. This school is amazing. The community is extremely supportive of everyone and everything. After being in college for a semester I realized that Alter distilled in the readiness for school. The classes there challenged me in the book work and helped me broaden my ideas and critical thinking skills. The teachers were so helpful with everything getting ready for school and the sports are what the school is founded on. I loved every aspect of this school and always will.
School does good job with the the A students. But but struggles with the C-D student unless the parents have money
We are sorry that Tyler only has one more year at Alter. It is family for students and parents alike.
All the teachers take their time to help each student who needs and asks for help. There is no reason for any child to fail at Alter.
a lot of focus on athletics
Alter's clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities are renowned within the area.
I love Alter High School. It welcomes its students into an amazing community, and that's the best aspect of it.
The teachers at Alter are engaging and instructive. They provide many real-world examples to their students, and offer numerous projects for team-building.
Our school is incredibly safe. We have student IDs that give us access into the school. We are only allowed out of certain doors or alarms go off. Our school nurse is always available to help us with any problems we may be having. We have tornado drills, fire drills, and lock-down drills throughout the year. We have different talks about texting and driving, over consumption, and sex by different professionals. Our school is very safe and provides many health and safety options.
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I participate in over 10 clubs at Alter and I am part of the soccer team. I participate in Key Club, Peer Ministry, Student Ambassadors, Knights for Life, National Honors Society, Chef Club, Creative Arts, Muse Machine, Dare to Care, World Awareness Movement, and the Model Rocketry Club. One of the most popular clubs at Alter is Key Club. This is a community service club. Our Key Club is one of the biggest and most active in the area. The commitment for club involvement is very high. There is a club for everyone to join at Alter HS. We are a very diverse school.
My overall experience at Alter high school is great. I have the ability to attend one of the best high schools in the area. The curriculum is very challenging which pushes me to be a better student. I have to think outside the box in almost all of my classes. Alter is one of the first schools that taught me time management. I am involved in over 10 different clubs at my school and I am part of the soccer team. There is no greater feeling than to put on my soccer jersey and go play a game with the student section cheering us on. This school is preparing for my college life and I don't believe any other HS could do it as well as Alter is.
The teachers at Archbishop Alter are overall very good teachers. They put in a lot of work to make sure the students are learning. They make the curriculum hard so that we are well prepared for college. They give adequate amounts of homework and they do their job very well. They are there to answer questions and to give you the extra help if needed. They have an organized way of teaching and they incorporate humor to get the students actively involved and engaged. They are some of the best teachers I have ever had.
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