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Archbishop Alter High School Reviews

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I love the teachers here! They are all very nice and great teachers. The sports, arts, and extra curriculares are great overall. The food served for lunch was recently updated and is very good with lots of options, and there are always new updates. The school has air conditioning, which is very nice to have during the beginning and end of the school year when it can get pretty hot outside. Academically, Alter challenges their students and makes sure they get a great education and are prepared for college. The school is very safe and everyone there is welcoming and nice. The school is very well rounded in arts and in sports.
My experience here at Alter has been more than great. They have provided me with so much knowledge on the things I will need to know to help me with my future. Honestly, my opinion of Alter is that they are almost like a perfect high-school. They really do care about their students; providing them with many club activities, sports, and many other curriculars. The classes that are offered here give us a chance to get a taste of certain things we will have to know when living our own lives ( with college, and jobs). For example they offer personal finance as a class to take and in that class you learn how to right checks, money/financial terms and more tips on how to manage your money. This is something that should be offered at every school but isn't, this could make an impact on the lives of many. Alter also provides business, marketing, and even tech classes like computer science. The teachers are very helpful and want us to succeed and exceed in anything we do.
It is a very community focused high school. No one is really on their own. Rather, everyone works to collectively build each other up to reach their goals.
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I love the Christian environment, however, the lack of diversity is disappointing. Being a predominately white school, the black, Latino and Asian community is sparse. Many students of color feel isolated due to being one of few black people in a "rich white school". Alter is also a poor working environment for LGBTQ+ teachers. My overall experience with Alter High School is bittersweet. The school as a whole tries to attract more black, Latino, and Asian students, but fails. These students would much rather be surrounded by people that look like them at schools such as Fairmont, Centerville, and Dayton Public High Schools. The Catholic education is outstanding, however, many students find themselves feeling "churched out". The emphasis on God is so strong that it can be overwhelming for for students coming from public schools. These students often transfer to a different high school after 1 year.
I enjoyed my time at Alter and wouldn't change a thing about my personal experience. However, there is always room for improvement, especially in social areas. I did love how Catholic principles were incorporated.
My experience at Alter was a very good one, I was involved in many activities and sports. The educational experience is like no other the time and effort the administration and facility puts in to ensure all the students learn the criteria. The community atmosphere is amazing to be apart of student sections at games are electrifying. Some things that I would like see change is the disciplinary system as well as more course selections to choose from.
Archbishop Alter High School has such a welcoming environment. Many of the teachers and staff are excited and willing to help. Throughout my experience at Alter, I have been pushed to achieve high goals with many AP and honors classes that are offered. Each year, the school also hosts a retreat for each grade level which has helped me to make new friends and stronger bonds with the friends I'd already had.
Alter High School Is one of the best schools in the Kettering Area. They have prepared me to go on in life when my grade school failed and have created a special environment for everyone to learn and interact with one another.
Alter High School is an excellent school that provides their students with a quality education and many opportunities to grow in their faith. The teachers challenge the students, which prepares them very well for college. My experience at Alter has been excellent because the teachers have helped me become a better student and have allowed me to grow in my faith.
Alter High School is such a great school to send your child to. Their motto is sustained by spirit, preserved with pride, and founded by faith. All such amazing attributes in life. Alter teaches us that if we hit a rough path in life, that we always have God with us. This is really nice to know because sometimes we don’t always have people to lean on, especially if we are starting college. Alter has also done an above average effort in preparing us for college. We have a Taylor Center that is all about college, and how to apply. They are always ready for us, and are there to answer any questions we might have. I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to come to Alter, and I know I have the made so many memories here that I will never forget. I hope someone else has the experience like me because they will be so lucky.
I love how Alter is based around our faith. Everyone at Alter is so kind and will always help you. I would like to see a change in how students treat other students. The popular kids think they are better than everyone else and do not include everyone.
At Alter they prepare you very well academically for college. The sports teams are very well known but coaches can be bias and take favoritism to families they know. The more people you know the better off you will be. Especially, if your parents graduated from the school.
I love the community and tradition. Some things that really stood out to me were those to topics. Whenever alums talk about Alter, they always mention the tradition surrounding Alter. It is unmatched. Since 1989, we have done a ceremony called the giving tree ceremony. During this, people all come and pick tags off of a tree. On these tags, there are things to buy for little kids for Christmas. This just shows the great tradition of Alter that I love.
I really enjoyed my experience at Alter High School. As with any school, there were many up and downs of high school. Alter High School provided me with the essentials and assistance to send my classmates and I to the next level. I think something I would change is the overall concept that everyone here is rich, just because it has a tuition fee. Some students do not have the basic necessities at home such as food and water to succeed in school. I think that too often the school turns a blind eye to those in need because the majority here has everything they could ever need. But, when we turn a blind eye we are leaving our classmates to suffer and not allowing that to occur is something that has become very dear to my heart.
Alter is a great place to grow in faith, service, and academics! It has a great sense of spirit and a lot of fun activities for the entire student body.
I enjoyed exploring the resources and opportunities that Alter offered academically and sometimes socially, however throughout my four years, there were some majors issues involving administration and the culture of the school.
Alter is one of the few high schools that can truly stand by their motto. It truly is a place where you will be known, and where you will be loved. Every staff member wants nothing but the absolute best for you, and center their curriculum around making you a better person and student.
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I love my school. I will miss it so much. I have best friends for life. I am ready for college. I have had amazing experiences these last four years. I would recommend Alter to anyone who is considering a catholic education!
I truly love Archbishop Alter High School. I transferred to Alter in the 4th quarter of my freshman year, transferring from rival school Kettering Fairmont High School. I immediately fell in love when I came to Alter. I made so many friends so easily, the education is great, and most of all I strengthened my relationship with God. Alter is where I belong.
I love Alter HS. It’s a close community and very connected. I love being involved and the many opportunities to participate in sports and clubs.
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