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I really like the variety of classes offered and the many possibilities of clubs to join. I have been enrolled in many AP classes, and the courses are well taught and I feel ready for college. The sports teams are fun and competitive, and I very much have enjoyed playing on them and watching other games.
Arcata High was great because the kids are very involved in sports, activities, and clubs. The teachers seem to really care about the kids and try to make it fun while learning. The classes are very challenging, and the kids learn a lot. The one area of improvement they could make is in the math department. The teachers in the math department could do a better job explaining the math concepts, and simply do not seem to teach well.
Great school. Everyone cares about each other. Teachers are wonderful, classes are great, sports are great.
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I like how small and close knit the school is. There are some teachers and classes that do a good job preparing you for college. However, a lot of teachers that I've had seem like they don't have a background or understanding of what they are teaching.
I love how everything is very simple. This website directs me in the right way without any confusion. The scholarship process is fast and easy!
There is a great diversity of extra curricular activities, such as sports and clubs. There are so many different extracurricular activities to choose from , there is something for everyone.
The parents very much care abut their children's education and how the perforce in and outside of the classroom! Many parents attend sporting events and assemblies!
The teachers are great. They care about each and every one of their students, and would do anything to help them. They grade fairly and are open to help very often.
There are not many prominent safety measures, but the school very rarely feels unsafe.
Teachers at Arcata High School are thoroughly invested in the education and the well being of students. Teachers have a variety of styles and are typically flexible when necessary to meet the specific needs of students. Teachers successfully prepare students for higher-level classes while maintaining balance and minimalizing chaos. Teacher and student relationships are respectful and supportive.
Upon entering Arcata High, I was nervous about making the transition from middle school to high school. I expected everyone to be very intimidating and look down upon the freshmen. But I came to see that many students were very kind and welcoming, understanding that they too were once in the same shoes. What makes AHS so unique is how open and understanding people are, and how willing they are to help others before even thinking about themselves. Those virtues of selflessness, kindness, and involvement are what makes the school so special, distinguishing it greatly from any other school.
Teachers at Arcata High School strive to ensure the best possible education for students so that they can succeed and achieve their goals at higher levels of education beyond high school. I enjoy teaching styles that are more involved with hands-on learning, rather than regurgitating textbook material, as I feel like it helps the students really process and understand what they're learning about. Communication skills of teachers are strong, and they offer opportunities for students to go in outside of class to make up assignments or get help with any questions.
I feel safe here, we don't have a bullying problem, but maybe a gossip problem. There is a lot of illegal activities that happen but not usually during school. Sometimes you can tell when someones been smoking at lunch because of the smell.
There are definitely things to be looked into, like orchestra and the arts institute and lunch clubs. Its hard to do those clubs because it takes up your only free time in the school day.
I'm not really sure what the parents do really, but i'm sure that they help.
Some of the teachers are great, some aren't
It could use some improvement
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Most of the teachers get annoyed when the student doesn't get it or know the answer
The teachers at my school have been more than willing to put in extra time to help me learn as much as I can from their classrooms.
Majority of the students here are very accepting and welcoming.
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